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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bell 976

976. James Alexander {Cecil Co. MD}

~1654, James born in VA; s/o 1952. William Alexander.
~1660, James moved with his family to Somerset Co., MD.
James was a weaver. (S) DB 2 J.D. #2, PP280-83 Cecil Co., MD.
8/15/1718, 8 deeds were recorded at Cecil Co. in DB–3, in which 903 additional acres were granted in the New Munster tract to Joseph Alexander and his son James; James Alexander and his son Moses; Davis Alexander, Arthur Alexander, Elias or Elijah Alexander, and Mary Alexander, widow of James Alexander, the farmer who had died in 1717.
James Alexander settled on what was known as Milford Hundred, in the New Munster tract. There he plied his trade as a weaver, with his two sons, the first, Moses and the 2nd, James Jr.
4/1/1735, a deed transferred the land from a Thomas Stevenson to the Alexanders mentioned, and to James Alexander and his son Moses.
4/8/1735, Deed from James Alexander of Cecil Co. MD, weaver with Moses Alexander his son, with Mary his wife of the one part to William Sample of Chester Co. Pensilvania, weaver of the other part - for the sum of 23 pounds a tract of land being part of 92 acres & three Quarters purchased from Thomas Stevenson of Bucks County Pennsylvania part of 903 acres purchased from Robert Roberts of Queen Anns County Recourse being had to a Deed bearing date 15 Aug 1718 ... beginning at a marked Spanish Oak in the East Side of Christiana Runn and in the Easternmost line of New Munster Tract and is the Corner tree of James Alexander’s land and running from the s’d spanish oak west 56 perches to a marked spanish oak thence South 116 perches to a marked poplar thence East 56 perches to a corner maple tree standing at the mouth of a Runn entring into Christiana Creek thence north one 116 perches to the beginning containing 40 acres. signed: James Alexander, Moses Alexander, Mary Alexander. Wits: David Alexander and John McCallmont. Recorded 29 Apr 1735. (S) Cecil Co., DB5, P97.
“James Alexander, gentleman, of Milford Hundred, New Munster, releases to his son, Moses the remainder of the tract jointly purchased by them from Thomas Stevenson.” (S) Cecil Co., DB5, P235.

Family notes:
• 1683 George Talbot issued a certificate that stated; “Surveyed for Edwin O’Dwire and fifteen other Scotch-Irishmen by virtue of a warrant from his Lordship August 7, 1683. A certain tract of land called Munster lying and being in the county of Cecil, on the main fresh of Elk River, on both sides of the fresh beginning at a marked poplar on a high bank over the west side of the fresh, and about a pistol shot to the mouth of the rivelette, called the Shure, and running west … Containing and now laid out for six thousand acres, more or less, to be held of the Manor of Cecil, which is hereby humbly certified to your Lordship.
• From Edwin O’Dwire the land passed to Daniel Toas, from him to his son John Toas. John Toas then sold it to Robert Roberts, who in turn sold it to a Thomas Stephenson of Bucks Co., PA. Stephenson and his wife Sarah sold 110 acres, called New Munster, to Matthew Wallace and his wife Elizabeth (Alexander), James Alexander, a farmer, Arthur Alexander, David Alexander, weaver, Joseph Alexander and son James both tanners, and James Alexander, a weaver and his son Moses. The deed speaks of Matthew Wallace as the leader of the group settled on the land, and that he led the group from Somerset County to Cecil County. James the farmer located south, toward Elk, Arthur settled on land east of the James River, and David, James the Weaver, and his son Moses settled north of David.

Children of James and ?:

i. Moses Alexander ( 488), born ~1690 in Ireland.

ii. James Alexander, born ?.
1714, James settled on a tract of land in New Munster, MD.
James married Margaret McNitt, a sister of John McNitt, an early emigrant to Cecil Co.
5/31/1742, land warrant - James Alexander - Lancaster Co. PA.
James married Abigail ?. [5 children by her.]
2/20/1750, James named in his daughter Keziah’s will.
Theo Alexander, born 3/13/1714 in Cecil Co., MD.
He married Catherine Wallace.
1768, he died in Cecil Co.; buried at Head of Christiana Pres Church Cem., New Castle Co., DE.
1775 she died, buried in Hopewell Pres. Church Cem., Huntersville, NC.
Francis Alexander, born 1717 in MD.
He married Eleanor Simonton.
Keziah Alexander, born 5/9/1720 in MD.
She married ? Sharp.
2/20/1750, she wrote her will: Names her only dau. Keziah who was still under the age of 18. Mentions sister Jemima Sharp. Mentions Joseph Alexander and Kezia Alexander (children of her brother) Amos Alexander. Names sister-in-law Hanah Sharp and brothers Hexekiah Alexander and John McKnitt Alexander; names her “honored father” James Alexander, her mother-in-law Isabel Sharp. Exors: brother Theo Alexander and brother-in-law Thomas Sharp. Wits: James Agnew, John (X) White and Ester (X) Garison. Will dated proven 20 Feb 1750. (S) York Co., PA, WB–A P25.
Jemimah Alexander, born 1/9/1727 in MD.
She married Maj. Thomas Sharp of MD.
1754, they migrated to Mecklenburg Co., NC.
9/1/1797 she died in NC.
Amos Alexander, born 1/13/1729 in MD.
He married Sarah Sharp.
1780, he died in Cecil Co.; buried at Head of Christiana Pres Church Cem., New Castle Co., DE.
James McNitt Alexander, born 6/6/1733, Cecil Co., MD.
1754, he migrated to Mecklenburg Co., NC.
John McNitt Alexander, born 1734.
1754, he migrated to Mecklenburg Co., NC.
1759 in PA, he married Jane Bain.
5/20/1775, he was the 2nd signer and Secretary for the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.
7/10/1817, he died; buried in the Hopewell Church Cem.
Hezekiah Alexander, born 1/13/1722 in MD.
6/12/1752 in PA he married Mary Sample.
1754, he migrated to Mecklenburg Co., NC.
1/10/1801, he died in Mecklenburg Co., NC.

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