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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bond 1060 Hanby-Williams

1060. Richard Hanby/Hamby & 1061. Susannah Williams. [England, VA]

9/3/1626, Richard christened at St. Margaret’s Church, adjoining Westminster Abbey, London, England, s/o 2120. Richard Hamby & 2121. Margery ?.
Richard grew up in a large household of at least 9 children.
~1629, Elizabeth Gethings born; d/o Matthew Gethings & Ellenor.
~1630, Mary born in VA; d/o Thomas? Chilcott & Alice Hookings.
~1640, Susannah born in VA, d/o 2122. ? Williams.
7/4/1640, Lady Elizabeth Dale, widow of Sir Thomas Dale, bequeathed to young Richard land in Shirley Hundred in the colony of VA [on the Eastern shore].
~1640, Richard Hanby and Sarah Hanby arrived in the Virginia colony, transported by Stephen Gill. [Sarah was likely a sister.]
7/1648, Richard’s mother Margery in England directed Charles Franklin to deliver 35 head of cattle to Richard. [Note Richard was now 21.]
2/1649, Richard acknowledged that he had received the cattle from his mother.
Bef. 2/28/1649, Richard married Elizabeth. (S) Court records, Richard and Elizabeth were granted a certificate for 150 acres.
1650–1656, Elizabeth died in VA. [Likely in the birth of their only child.]
2/1651, Richard made an agreement with Andrew Jacob who gave “a good feather bed, a good cow and calf, one bolster, valance and a bed stand” as security for the loan of 1500 pounds of tobacco. Jacob promised to deliver to Hanby “one sufficient able man servant of the age of 17 years the youngest and 30 the oldest for the term of 5 years.”
3/25/1651, Richard signed an oath of loyalty to the king.
By 4/1651, Richard received 32 head of cattle and 14 calves bought from persons in town fields, at Magattey Bay, and in the old plantation neck.
7/1651, Richard appeared in court to state that Hungal Baker deceased owed him 280 pounds of tobacco.
9/1654, Thomas Benthall stated to the Court that he had offered 4000 pounds of tobacco for a year’s work as a shoemaker to Richard Hanby but that Hanby had refused to work for less than 5000 pounds.
1655, Richard was an appraiser of the estate of Peter Walker.
8/1655, Richard’s 5-year-old son William was given a cow by Matthew Gethings, probably William’s grandfather.
8/26/1656 in Northampton Co., VA, Richard married Mary [divorced, her 2nd marriage]. Richard signed an agreement which acknowledged that Mary owned her own property which was to remain hers for her life. Richard’s son William was also named in the document.
9/1657, Richard and Mary gave a cow to an Elizabeth Selve, daughter of Tobias Selve.
12/1657, Richard and Mary moved to MD. Richard “of ye province of Maryland” gave power of attorney to Mary’s half-brother Thomas Stratton to collect any debts owed to Richard in Northampton Co. Richard and Mary filed a claim in MD for a land patent which stated that they had immigrated to Maryland. Son William was included in the claim.
1/1658, the Hanbys and Richard Buckland [Mary’s divorced husband] signed an agreement stating that there would be no future legal actions between them and that the Hanbys were to keep all of her property.
11/2/1658 in MD, Richard “Demands lands for transporting his family”. Richard Hamby then deeded all his land to Thomas Letchworth in Baltimore Co. to finance moving his family back ot VA.
1659–1664, Francis Payne (a free Negro) was contracted to build a house for Richard for 800 pounds of tobacco. Payne appeared before the Court stating that he had only received 400 pounds of tobacco. The Court ordered Richard to post security and Payne to finish the house as soon as Richard could get nails.
~1660, Mary died.
Richard married Susanna ?.
1662–1677, Richard appears on the Northampton tithable lists. [Some intervening years missing.]
5/1667, Richard bought 200 acres from John & Esther Robins. Richard identified as a shoemaker. This tract is on the ocean side of the county and includes the present village of Oyster.
11/1667, Richard had his cattlemark registered with the court, “cropt and slit and a hole on the left ear and a slit in the right ear.”
1671, both Richard and his son William appear on the Northampton tithable list.
1676, Richard “Lamby” a member of the Committee of Ten which drew up a list of grievances to be presented by their Burgesses to the Assembly.
2/1678, Richard witnessed the will of John Margetts.
8/1682, Richard wrote his will. (S) See Family notes.
Bef. 3/28/1683, Richard died in Northampton Co., VA. (S) Will probated.
8/1683, widow Susannah and William Scott, husband of her step-daughter, petitioned the court for a judgement against the estate of Simon Thomas, deceased (husband of the other step-daughter). Susannah was granted 650 pounds of tobacco and cask.
By 1697, Susanna died – her land was distributed to her sons.
(S) Research of Ann Blomquist.

Family notes:
• Richard’s will: In the name of God Amen, I Richard Hanby of the County of Northampton in Virginia, being sick and weak of body but of sound and perfect sence and memory (blessed be almighty God) do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following (following) I commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God my Creator hopeing and trusting to obtain pardon and remission of all my sins through the only merits of Jesus Christ my alone Savior and blessed Redeemer with a joyfull resuraction at the last day my body I commit to the earth to be decently intered at the discretion of my loving wife and exec’rx here after named and as for what worldly estate it hath pleased God to endow me with all I give and bequeath as followeth. Imprimus - I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Susanna Hanby one hundred and fifty acres of land being my plantation whereon I now dwell called by the name of, " Mountneys Creek" with all houses and edifices there upon during her natural life provided she doth remain so long a widow, but if she marrys then the said land and plantation to be equally divided between my three sons Daniel, Richard and John Hanby, when they shall attain to the age of sixteen years and if my said loving wife do remain a widow as aforesaid then my said three sons to be at age at one and twenty years and then to enjoy the said land hereby given as above said and to be equally divided between them and to the heirs male of each of them forever, but if either of my said three sons shall die without issue male lawfully begotten then his part so dying, to Robert unto his other two sons and to the heirs male of them only, and no heir female to enjoy any part or proportion of my said land hereby give. Item - My will and desire is that if my said loving wife shall remain and be a widow during her natural life as aforesaid then she for to enjoy the said one hundred and fifty acres of land and the same to dispose of as she shall think fit amoungst her and my three sons Daniel, Richard and John Hanby. Item - I give and bequeath unto my loving son William Hanby fifty acres of law at the head line of my land joined upon the land of Henry Masman during his natural life and after his decease to the heir male of my said son lawfully begotten of his body and if in case my said son William Hanby shall dispose of the said fifty acres as aforesaid and sell the same to any person or persons whatsoever unless it be to one of my three sons Daniel, Richard and John Hanby or die without issue male as aforesaid, then the said fifty acres of land to Robert, unto my said three sons and to be divided as aforesaid. Item - I give unto my loving daughter Rebecca the wife of Simon Thomas one cow called by the name of, “Cherry” with all her future increase and to be delivered immediately after my decease. Item - My will and desire is and I do hereby give and bequeath unto my loving daughter Elizabeth now the wife of William Scott one feather bed and furniture there unto belonging. Item - My will and desire is that my said land hereby given unto my said three sons as aforesaid shall be and remain unto them and their heirs forever (that is to say) Daniel, Richard and John Hanby. Item - My will and desire is that if in case my said son William Hanby will leave the said fifty acres of land unto his heirs male, lawfully begotten, then his said heirs to enjoy the same, but upon default of issue male as aforesaid then the said land to fall unto the heirs of my said three sons forever. Item - All the rest of my estate I leave unto my loving wife Susanna Hanby, and she to dispose of the same amoungst the rest of my children that have no land, as she shall think fit. and I do hereby nominate and appoint my said loving wife whole and sole executrix of this my last will and testament, requesting my loving friends John Margetts and John Loyd to overlook and see the division made here in my will expressed and if in case either or each of my said friends shall die then my request is that the worshipfull court will be pleased to appoint two other for to see the same performed and I do hereby revoke and make void all former wills, testaments and bequests whatsoever by me made or done and this only stand and be in full power without any contradiction. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this two and twenteth day of August in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred eighty and two. Richard Hanby. Signed, sealed, published and declared in the presence of us; John Margetts, Roger Groves, Owen Marsh. Item - The cow named, Cherry which I have given to my daughter Rebecca the wife of Simon Thomas, my will is that she shall have and enjoy the said cow and all her future increase after my decease and delivery by my wife and exec’rx of this my last will and testament but all increase now alive and in being I give unto my said wife and three sons above Daniel, Richard and John Hanby after my decease forever. /s/ Richard Hanby. Witness - James Walker, Wm. Kendall.
• The 28th day of March anno 1683, the last will and testament of Richard Hanby deceased was proved in open court by the corporal oaths of Owen Marsh and John Margetts and also probation made in open court by the oath of Col. Wm. Kendall to the appendix or coddecell of the said will both which approved of and ordered to be recorded.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth:

i. William Hanby, born 1650 in VA.
[See his father for info up to 1671.]
William married Jean ?.
8/1682, William named in the will of his father.
10/1682, William was given Simon Thomas' estate if Thomas' son, who was in England, did not claim it within 12 years. [In 1720, this bequest went to this William's nephew, William, s/o John and Mary Mulls.]
6/3/1685: “To all whom it may concern, These are to give notice that William Hanby of this county is forthwith intended (by God’s permission) to go for Pennsilvania if any person can justly claim anything of him, let them repair to the house of Charles Parkes.” [He apparently did not go.]
10/1685, William was included by Elizabeth Harman when she presented a list of expenses to the court associated with retrieving John Welsh who ran away. Elizabeth paid William 100 pounds of tobacco.
8/18/1692, William moved to 211 acres in Salem Co., NJ; the home plantation on Penn’s Neck, a Quaker community.
11/1694, William was a witness and an executor for the will of John Scoggin.
1702, William died, age 52.
Children: [sons named in will.]
Daniel Hanby, born ?.
William Hanby, born ?.
1733, he died.
Richard Hanby, born ?.

Children of Richard and Mary:

ii. Rebecca Hanby, born ~1657.
Rebecca married Simon Thomas, a carpenter and builder.
7/1679, Thomas contracted with the churchwardens of Hungars Parish to build a church for 10,000 pounds of tobacco.
7/1681, Simon reported to Northampton County Court on raising the frame of the church and brought suit for payment. [The church was not finished until 1686.]
9/1682, Rebecca died; named in her father’s will, but not named in her husbands.
10/4/1682, Thomas wrote his will.
Bef. 10/30/1682, Thomas died; Simon left his estate to his son “Simon Thomas if he be living in England or elsewhere”.
Simon Thomas, born ?.

iii. Elizabeth Hanby, born ?.
Elizabeth married William Scott.
8/1682, Elizabeth named in her father’s will.
Aft. 11/1709, they moved to Isle of Wight Co. VA.

Children of Richard and Susannah:

iv. Daniel Hanby ( 530), born ~1660 in VA.

v. Richard Hanby, born ?.
Richard married Sarah ?.
1697, after the death of their mother, brothers Daniel, Richard, and John each received 50 acres.
3/26/1696, Richard mentioned in the will of Thomas Harmanson, his uncle by marriage to his aunt Elizabeth Williams.
1709, Richard wrote his will: wife Sarah, daughter Sarah, and brothers Daniel and Charles. He also stated that “if Sarah [daughter] should die under 14, then her legacies to “Pale Fabin’s three children.”
1710, Richard died. Widow Sarah appeared in court and declared that she “does deliver up all her right and title of the lands in question to John Hanby except her thirds or right of dower of the said lands...”.
1720, Sarah was a witness to the will of William Jacob, a kinsman.
1727, Sarah Hanby was mentioned in the estate of William Hallett.
Aft. 1729, Sarah died.
Sarah Hanby, born ?.

vi. John Hanby, born ?.
5/1678, John’s cattlemark was registered with the court, “the right ear cropt and one slit and underbitten, the left ear cropt and two slits.”
10/4/1682, John named in the will of his sister Rebecca’s husband, Simon Thomas.
1697, after the death of their mother, brothers Daniel, Richard, and John each received 50 acres.
John married widow Mary Mulls ( 1067).
Deposition of John Hanby aged 23 years or thereabouts, being examined and sworn, saith that this deponant did see Thomas Pettitt help to make a ware on his mother’s land and set a ware in a gut or branch on the land of Captain William Kendall. [See Mary previous marriage for more on Kendall.]
5/1699, John a juror.
12/1701, John won a judgement against Michael Cormick for 400 pounds of tobacco.
3/1702, John summoned to court for failing to appear as a juror.
1/1704, John proved the will of Mary Pettit.
1704 Quit Rent rolls, John has 150 acres.
8/14/1704, John named in Paul Fabin’s will to assist his widow in administering his estate.
7/1705, John was named with William Harmanson to advise the widow of Paul Fabin, [John’s step-daughter. The Harmanson’s were related through Susannah’s sister Elizabeth.]
1710, John received the right to his deceased brother Richard’s land. [Daniel had also died in 1709.]
1719, John “Hamby” wrote his will and died in Northampton Co., VA.
William Hanby, born ?.
1720 he died unmarried, his sister Elleanor named in his will.
Ann Hanby, born ?.
She married George Holt.
Elleanor Hanby, born ?.
She married ? Jacob.
She married John Ellegood.
1736, they deeded 100 acres formerly belonging to Richard & John to their son John.

vii. Charles Hanby, born ?.
1678, Charles had his cattlemark registered, “the right ear cropt and one slit, cropt on the left ear, two slits and one overbitten.”
Charles married Elizabeth ?.
10/4/1682, Charles named in the will of his sister Rebecca’s husband, Simon Thomas.
1704 Northampton Co. Quit Rent rolls: Charles had 25 acres.
1/4/1709, Charles name in his brother Daniel’s will.
1710, Charles an appraiser of the estate of his brother Joseph.
1719, Charles named in his brother John’s will.
1720, Charles died. Charles left a nuncupative will leaving his entire estate “to my wife to bring up my children.” Witnesses: William Hanby, Andrew John Fabin, and Barbara Batson. Widow Elizabeth presented the “will” to the probate court.
1720, Elizabeth named in the will of her nephew William Hanby, s/o John.
1724–1726, Elizabeth appeared on the tithe lists.
Richard Hanby, born ~1703 in VA.

viii. Joseph Hanby, born ?.
10/4/1682, Joseph named in the will of his sister Rebecca’s husband, Simon Thomas.
1686, Joseph was a legatee in the will of Henry Marshman and received a lamb.
Joseph married Mary ?.
4/1703, Joseph registered his mother’s [previously his father’s] cattle mark.
1710, Joseph died; Mary granted administration of his estate.