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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cox 1068 & 1069

1068. Peter Montague I & 1069. Eleanor Allen [Eng]

1573, Peter born in County of Buckingham, Parish of Burnham, England, s/o 2136. William Montague and 2137. Margaret Malthaus.
2/7/1579, Ellen born in Burnham, England, d/o 2138. William Allen and 2139. Ellen ?.
Bef. 3/16/1638, Peter died – estate administrated on this date in Berkshire.
1658, Eleanor died.
(S) 1634 Visitation of Buckingham County.

Family notes:
• Dorney is 2.5 miles west of Eton, and was an adjoining manor to Boveney. The parish of Burnham was divided into five districts called “liberties”, namely Brightwell, Chippenham, Boveney, Wood and East Burnham. After the dissolution of Monasteries by Henry VIII, Boveney was united to the Paules of Braywick. It appears to have been well wooded with trees as it is recorded that much of the timber for building Eton College, mostly Elm, was obtained there. Lipscombe: “The woods of Boveney were sufficient for 60 hogs, there was land for one team which was kept there, with one Villein (farmer) and a caracate of pasture which was estimated always at 10 shillings.”

Children of Peter and Eleanor:

i. William Montague, baptized 3/6/1597 in Dorney, Buckingham, England.
George Montague, born ? in England.
William Montague, born ? in England.
Robert Montague, born ? in England.

ii. Margaret Montague, born ~1600 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.

iii. Peter Montague ( 534), born 1/21/1602 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.

iv. Elizabeth Montague, born ~1606 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.

v. Ann Montague, born ~1609 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.
Ann married John Wheatley.

vi. Robert Montague, born ~1612 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.
William Montague, born ? in England.
Henry Montague, born ? in England.

vii. Richard Montague, born ~1615 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.
Richard married Abigail Downing, d/o Rev. Joseph Dowing and Jane Rose.
1640–1646, they lived at Wells, York Co. Maine.
1646, they moved to Boston, MA. Robert was a miller and baker.
1651, they moved to Whethersfield, CT; taking with him a letter from Emanuel Dowining, his wife’s cousin to Gov. Winthrop.
4/18/1659, Richard one of 59 that signed who signed an agreement at Goodman Ward’s house in Hartford to go to Hadley, Massachusetts. This move was caused by a division in the church at Hartford and Wethersfield.
1661, Richard was granted land in at Hadley, MA. “The grant was for “that parcell of land in the greate medowe judged about four acres more or less (bounded on the south by Mr. Goodwins moeing lott on the North by Nathaniell Ward ffronting uppon the highway which runneth by the side of Samuell Smith his land) for and in consideration of his allottments in Amphonsett meddowes.”
1661–1681, Richard a miller and baker in Hadley.
1671 & 1677, Richard elected a Selectman.
3/1681, Richard a “Clerk of the Writs”.
7/8/1681 at Hadley, Richard wrote his will; naming his wife Abigail, and son John, as executors.
12/14/1681, Richard died. The inventory of his estate was taken on 1/3/1682 at Hadley. The total value of the estate was £277 17 00, “Debts due from ye estate 22 13 05” and “Debts due to ye estate 11 02 02”.
Mary Montague, born ~1643 at Wells, York Co., ME.
11/25/1668, she married Joseph Warriner.
Sarah Montague, born 6/15/1646 at Wells, York Co., ME. [Died as an infant.]
Martha Montague, born 6/16/1647 at Boston, MA.
12/1/1671, she married Issac Harrison.
Peter Montague, born 7/8/1651 at Wethersfield, CT.
9/1679, he married Mary Partridge.
4/22/1721 in MA, he married Mary Smith, born 8/16/1681, d/o Chileab & Hannah Hitchcock.
3/27/1725, he died at Wethersfield, CT.
John Montague, born ~1654.
3/23/1680 in MA, he married Hannah Smith, d/o Chileab & Hannah Hitchcock.
1697, John a Selectman.
~1732 he died at the family home in Hadley.
Abigail Montague, born ~1656 at Wethersfield, CT.
12/8/1671, she married Mark Warner.

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