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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cox 1038 & 1039

1038. Joseph Royall & 1039. Katherine Banks [Eng, VA]

1602 Joseph born in England; s/o 2076. Joseph Royall Sr & 2077. Angeline ?.
Joseph in England was in the service of Luke Boise.
7/1622 Joseph, age 20, arrived in VA aboard the ship Charitie.
1623, Joseph in the muster of Neck of Land, Charles City. He was in the service of Luke Boyse.
Joseph and Luke apparently returned to England to get Luke’s family.
2/25/1625, Joseph made a covenant with Luke, binding him to certain duties. (S) 1626 Lawsuit.
6/1625, Luke Boise outfitted a ship for transporting people to the colonies.
7/1/1625, the ship left England with Mrs. Boise and four daughters as passengers for the trip over. On the trip, Captain Royall, “thru neglecte” caused sea water to ruin the clothing of the passengers.
1/11/1626, the widow Mrs. Alice Boise petitioned the Court to continue enforcement of the convenant between Joseph and Luke, in which Joseph would make for Alice, her children, and servants “apparel as they shall wear or use”. This covenant would continue until Joseph left the land, or as long as Alice or her child survived.
1627, Katherine born in Northamptonshire, England, d/o 2078. Christopher Banks. (S) MCA, P459.
Joseph married 1st Thomasin ?. (S) 1635 patent.
Bef. 1635 Joseph married 2nd Ann ?. (S) 1635 patent.
8/26/1635, Joseph granted 50 acres for his “personal adventure” – 50 for his 1st wife Thomasin [who apparently died], and 50 for his new wife Ann.
8/15/1637, Joseph patented 300 acres of land land in an area later known as “Doghams”, on the N. side of the James River above “Shirley”. Joseph named it after the French river D’Augham. It remained in the Royall family for 200 years. Joseph “due 50 acres for his own personal adventure, 50 acres for the transportation of his first wife Thomasin, 50 acres for the transportation of Ann, his now wife, 50 for the transportation of his brother Henry, & 100 for the transportation of two persons, Robt Warrell and Jon Wells.”
5/4/1638, Joseph added to his land holdings 200 acres on the S. side of the James River. (S) W&M Qrtly, V9, N4, P231.
1642, Joseph patented 600 acres “above Shirley Hundred, N. by E. upon the Riv.” Katherine Banks, his future wife, was one of the 12 persons transported for this land.
Joseph married 3rd Katherine.
By 3/10/1655 Joseph was deceased at Doghams, Charles City, VA.
Katherine married 2nd Capt. Henry Isham, s/o William Isham & Mary Brett. [The Royall lands in Henrico Co.adjoined the Isham lands in Charles City Co.] (S) A Gen. of the Wives of the Am. Presidents, P136. [Henry Isham’s lineage traces back to Baron Robert de Roos married to Isabel of Scotland – MCA, P458.]
Bef. 1678, Henry died – his son Henry succeeded him as owner of their plantation in 1678.
11/13/1678, Katherine named in the will of her son Capt. Henry Isham.
6/1679, “At Mrs. Isham’s” – 6 tithables in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co.
10/10/1686 in Henrico Co., Katherine wrote her will, proved 12/1/1686. (S) See Family Notes.
Bef. 12/1/1686, Katherine died. (S) Will probated. When she died, Katherine was likely the wealthest woman in America.
(S) AP&P, 1956, PP283-7.

Family notes:
• Katherine Banks, through a child of her 2nd husband, was a great-great-grandmother to Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States.
• In the name of God amen. I Katherine Isham being sick & weak of body but of sound & pfect mind & memory (praise be therefore given to almighty god to make and ordain this my last will & testament in manner & form following - First, I principally commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping through the merits of my Savior Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and my body I commit to the earth to be decently burried at ye descretion of my Extr, hereafter named. And as the disposition of all such temporall as it hath plesed Almight God to bestow up on me I give and dispose of as follows: First Item, I will all my debts and funeral charges be paid and discharged. I give to my grandson William Randolph 20 pound sterling money of England such is ot in the custody of my son-in-law Willilam Randolph to be disposed of after my decease for the proper use & benefit of my grandson above named, but in case of his mortality before he comes to age, then I give & bequeath unto my grandson Henry Randolph the 20 pound sterling money about to be disposed as above sd for his proper use and further I give to my grandson Henry Randolph five pds. sterling money of England and to my Granddaughters Mary Randolph & Elisa Randolph five pounds a piece of like sterling money all such money above specified is now in the custody of my son-in-law William Randolph. And further I give the residue of my mony such is in custody of my son-in-law William Randolph to my tow daughters, Mary Randolph and Ann Epps to be equally divided. I also will that my claw trunk with all that is in it be equally divided between my two daughters Mary Randolph and Ann Epes and I give to each of them two silver saltcellars. And to Mary Randolph I give my wedding ring and best feather bed and furniture to it and my ‘least silver tankard but one and fifteen shillings to buy a mourning ring and desire the said Mary Randolph may be exempt from bearing any part of paying my debts or funeral charges. And this is all my legacy to my loveing daughter, Mary Randolph. Item, I give to my grandson Joseph Royall one servant named John Johns all the time he hath to serve and my small silver tankard. And further I give to my child of my son Royall’s two silver spoons. And to my loveing son, Joseph Ryall the last tankard. Item, I give to my grandson Richard Dennis one of my best cows and two silver spoons. Item, I give to my grandson, Isham Epes, my Negro Dick and to my Grandson Francis Epes, my biggest silver tankard but one. I also give to the child my daughter Ann Epes now goes with my largest silver Porringer and great silver cupp. My sealed ring and great hoop ring with a pair of silver clasps and silver bodkin I give to my daughter, Anne Epes. Item, I give to my Grandson Richard Perrin, one feather bed and furniture to it. Item, I give to my granddaughter Sarah Royall one yearling heifer. Item, I give to my granddaughters Katherine Farrar, Mary, Sarah & Anne Perrin to each of them two silver spoons. And to Katherine Farrar one Guiney and to Anne Perrin one silver porringer. Item, I give to my granddaughter, Sarah Dennis two silver spoons and one pair of dowlass sheets. And to my two daughters Sarah Wilkinson and Katherine Perrin all my wearing cloths woolen and linnen. Item, I give to my loveing friend Mary Parker six Ells of my best dowless and as much of my finest serge as will make her a gown and petticoat. Item, I give to my grandson Maiden Marshall one heifer two years old. Item, I will and bequeath all my land to my son, Joseph Royall to him and to his heirs forever. Item, I give my whold crop of corn and tobacco to my executors hereafternamed except for much as will buy two gravestones, one to cover me and the other my departed dear husband. All the rest and residue of my estate and estate goods and chattels, Sarah Wilkinson, Joseph Royall, Katherine Perrin and Anne Epes and to each of them fifteen shillings to buy a mourning ring. And I do hereby constitute and appoint my loving son, Joseph Royall and my loving son-in-law , Frances Epes full and sole Exers of this my last will and testament. And I desire my body may be buryed near my dear husband on my own plantation. And I do hereby revoke, disannul and make void all former wills and testaments by me heretofore made and to this my last will and testament do sett my hand and seal this tenth day of Oct Ao Dm 1686.

Children of Joseph and Katherine:

i. Joseph Royall Jr, born 1645 in VA.
Joseph married Mary Archer.
1678, Joseph acknowledged before the Court that he had played cards on the Sabbath. (S) Henrico Co. Recds.
11/13/1678 Joseph named in the will of his half-brother Henry.
6/1679, Joseph – 3 tithables in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co.
4/20/1680, Joseph and husbands of his half sisters patented 580 acres known as “Martin’s Swamp”.
2/20/1681, Joseph made a deposition in Henrico Co. that he was about 36.
Joseph served as Sheriff of Henrico Co. and as Vestryman of Curles Episcopal Church in Bristol Parish.
1691, Joseph, Francis Epes, George Archer, Richard Kennon patent 2827 acres in Henrico Co. (S) B8, P153.
10/1698, Joseph deeded his son Joseph all lands in the Bermuda Hundred.
1699–1723, Capt. Joseph Royal a justice of Henrico Co.
9/1713, Joseph deeded land to his son Henry.
10/14/1714 Joseph deeded 250 acres in Henrico Co., Bristol Parish, called “Fleets”, to his son Henry.
1732, Joseph died.
(S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, 1915, P518.
Joseph Royall.
12/1698 he married Elizabeth Kennon, d/o Richard.(S) Annals & Hist. of Henrico Parish, Moore, 1904.
1698, Joseph patented 235 acres in Henrico Co. (S) B9, P159.
1748 he died in Henrico Co. (S) Will & Estate records.
Henry Royall.
6/11/1693, Henry witnessed the will of Henry Copeland of Elizabeth City Co.
1697, Henry, 586 acres, Elizabeth City Co. (S) B9, P121.
10/14/1714, Henry deeded land by his father.
William Royall.
He married Sarah Povall.
Sarah Royall.
1686, she is given a yearling heifer in her grandmother’s will.

ii. Sarah Royall, born ~1648 in VA.
Sarah married John Wilkinson.

iii. Katherine Royall ( 519), born ~1650 in VA.

Children of Henry and Katherine:

iv. Henry Isham II, born ~1657 in VA.
11/13/1678 Capt. Henry wrote his will naming his mother, sisters and half-brother Joseph to whom he left his plantation in Charles City Co. called “Doggams”.
Henry is believed to have died at sea.

v. Mary Isham, born ~1657 in VA.
1678, Mary married Capt. William Randolph, s/o Richard Randolph and Elizabeth Ryland.
1696–1697, William the Attorney General of VA.
1698, William the Speaker of the House of Burgesses.
4/1711, William died at Turkey Island, VA.
12/29/1735, Mary died at Turkey Island, VA.
Col. Isham Randolph, born 2/24/1685 in VA.
He married Jane Rogers.
11/2/1742 he died.
     Child: Jane Randolph married Peter Jefferson.
     Child: 3rd President Thomas Jefferson.

vi. Anne Isham, born ~1657 in VA.
6/1679, “Mr. Francis Epes” – 9 tithables in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co.
1685, Anne married Francis Epes.
1691, Joseph Royall, Francis Epes, George Archer, Richard Kennon patent 2827 acres in Henrico Co. (S) B8, P153.

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