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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cox 1034

1034. Col. James Powell [Eng, VA]

1623 James born in England.
1635, James arrived in VA at age 12. (S) The Complete Book of Emigrants, Coldham, P148.
1664–1665, James in VA. (S) Certificates and Rights, Accomack Co., VA, 1663-1709, P16.
1666, James in VA. (S) C&P, V1, P555.
4/9/1675, James a witness to the probate record of Thomas Greenwood, Isle of Wight. (S) B1, P572.
4/19/1675, “Maj James Powell”, overseer of estate of Nicholas Hill. (S) Isle of Wight, B2, P133.
1676, in a recantation of their actions, several members of Bacon’s rebellion swore that “We further find that Colonel James Powell, while serving in the army of Berkeley, was wounded in the knee.”
10/24/1677, “William Taylor of London, Merchant. Nuncupative, proven by George Hardy, Elizabeth Smith and Ralph Hill, at a court held at the house of Major James Powell.” (S) Isle of Wight, B2, P153.
[At some time James married Ann ?, probably not his first marriage and not the mother of Agnes. She had previously married Robert Watson, and Capt. Henry Pitt (See “Bond” book).]
3/30/1678, “Maj James Powell”, “guardian” in the will of Richard Briggs. (S) Isle of Wight, B2, P195.
4/18/1678, “Maj James Powell”, administrator of the estate of Phillip Pardoe, presented his report. (S) Isle of Wight, B2, P162.
8/2/1678, “Maj James Powell”, overseer of estate of John George. (S) Isle of Wight, B2, P170.
4/29/1679, James named an “heir” in the will of John Snellock. (S) Isle of Wight, B2, P193.
9/19/1679, “Richard Corsey. Estate settled by Thomas Alley, John Gutridge and John Collins; paid Capt. Applewhaite, attorney of Capt. Thomas Groves; paid Major James Powell, to be accountable to the orphan when he becomes of age; …”. James also named executor. (S) Isle of Wight, B2, P47,204.
7/9/1680, “… to rebuild a certain bridge and keep it in repair. Lt. Col. James Powell and Lt. George Moore are appointed by Isle of Wight Court, 9 July, to meet the said gentlemen of Surry and agree on plans etc., …”
11/10/1682, “Coll James Powell” a burgess from Isle of Wight at the Gen. Assembly at James Citty. (S) Leg. Journals of the Council of Col. VA, Waine, PP19,25,29,30,48.
2/8/1685, Isaac George of Upper Parish of Isle of Wight and Hester, his wife sold land to Lt. Colonel James Powell, a plantation where Isaac & Hester formerly lived, given him in the will of his father John George. (S) DB1, P626.
6/28/1686, James an appraiser of the estate of Col. Joseph Bridger. (S) Isle of Wight, B2, P255. [See “Bond” book, No. 2482.]
6/17/1689, Col. James Powell “overseer” of will of Richard Poole, Isle of Wight. (S) B2, P297.
Bef. 1693 James died.
Widow Ann married 2nd Robert Randall.
3/27/1693, “Capt. Henry Applewhite, Pray be pleased to pay Mrs. Anne Randall…” 2300 pounds of tobacco. (S) Isle of Wight, DB1.
4/9/1696, “Robert Randall and Ann his wife assigns any claims to William Smith, administrator.” Robert Randall was married to Ann, the widow of Col. James Powell to whom the original deed of 1685 was made.
7/23/1696, Ann died; buried next to Col. Joseph Bridger; her remains moved to St. Luke Church when his were moved. [She was the great aunt, in-law, of Joseph Bridger’s children.]

Children of James and ?:

i. Agnes Powell ( 517), born ~1640.
[Based on a grandson named James Powell Cocke.]

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