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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cox 1032 & 1033

1032. Lt. Col. Richard Cocke & 1033. Temperance Bailey [Eng, VA]

9/5/1602 Richard baptized in Stottesdon, Shropshire, England s/o 2064. John Cocke and 2065. Elizabeth Wallfurlong.
1617, Temperance Bailey, born in VA, d/o 2066. Thomas Bailey and 2067. Cicely Reynolds
9/20/1620, “toddler” Temperance inherited 100 acres upon her father’s death. (S) W&M Qrtly, V22, N3, P308.
1624, Temperance listed with her remarried mother. (S) 1624 Muster. [She did inherit land from her father.]
12/24/1627, Ricard the arrived in VA.
Temperance 1st married John Browne. [They had at least 2 children.]
1630, Temperance held 200 acres in the Territory of Great Weyanoke. [That a girl of 13 could hold land shows she was orphaned and likely under the guardianship of her mother, Cicely Jordan.]
By 1632 Richard 1st married widow Temperance Bailey [Browne]. He adopted her son John.
6/5/1632, The General Court acknowledged that Richard Cocke, having married the widow of John Browne, had disbursed 6397 pounds of tobacco to pay Browne’s debts. The court further allowed Cocke to keep two calves for the benefit of the “children of the sayd Browns”.
1632, Richard a member of the Burgess from Weyanoke.
3/6/1636, Richard Cocke patented 3000 acres for “the trans. of 3 score pers:” (S) C&P, 1934, PB1, P54.
1/6/1639, Richard a viewer of tobacco for Curles, Bremo, and Turkey Island. (S) W&M Hist. Mag., S-II, V4, P20.
3/10/1639, Richard Cocke, Gent., patented 2000 acres in Henrico Co., “lying at Bremo … upon Turkey Island…”. Part of this patent was for the transportation of 40 persons. (S) C&P, 1934, PB2, P120.
1644, Richard a member of the Burgess from Henrico Co. (S) Hening’s Statutes at Large, V1, P283.
Bef. 1646 Temperance died.
~1646 Richard 2nd married Mary Ashton.
10/10/1652, Mr. Richard Cocke, patented 2482 acres in Henrico Co. on the north side of the James River, “near head of Turkey Is. Cr. … called by the name Bremo …”. 100 acres was due Richard by patent to Temperance Bailey. (S) C&P, 1934, PB3, P266.
1654, Richard a member of the Burgess from Henrico Co.
1657, Richard a Lt. Col. & Justice of Henrico Co.
6/21/1664, Mr. Richard Cocke Sr & John Beachamp, patented 2994 acres in Henrico Co. partly for the transportation of 60 persons. (S) C&P, 1934, PB5, P513.
8/24/1664, Richard Cocke patented 180 acres “at the mouth of the S.E. branch of Chickacone Riv.” For the transportation of 4 persons. (S) C&P, 1934, PB5, P441.
10/4/1665 Richard wrote his will. (S) Family notes. [Note: he asked to be buried in the orchard next to Temperance.]
Mary remarried to Lt. Col. Daniel Clarke.

Family notes:
• Richard is an ancestor of Pres. Harry S. Truman.
• Will of Richard: “In the name of God Amen I Richard Cocke Sen’r being at present in perfect health & memorie for which I render hearty thanks to Almighty God my Creator Yet Considering the uncertainty of this transitory life have therefore for the peaceable settling the little Estate God in his Goodness hath given me made and ordained this my last will and testament hereby reversing all former wills at any time made by me. Imprimis I bequeath my Soule to God that gave it trusting in the merits of my Redeemer to obtain a joyfull Ressurection & my bodie to the grave to be Interred in my Orchard near my first Wife decently according to the Usual solumnities of the Church of England & my estate I dispose as followeth. It. After my debts are paid I give & bequeath the one third of all my estate whether in land or Chattels to my loving wife Mary Cocke. The sd third of the land to be held by her for her natural life & no longer & it is hereby declared that my will is that she lay no Claime to any part of that land formerly given by me to my sons Thomas & Richard Cocke but that they enjoy the same entirely to them and their heirs according to a deed of gift thereof recorded in the Henrico Court. It. I give & bequeath to my sons William & John the residue of that dividend of land not disposed of by the aforesaid deed of gift & the will always excepting in the gift the 640 a. called Bremo to be held to them & their heirs forever to be equally divided between them when the come of age. I give and bequeath the afore excepted 640 a. of land to my Eldest Son Richard Cocke, the heir males of his body lawfully begotten, for want of such I give to my son Thomas Cocke & the Heir males of his body lawfully begotton, for want of such issue to my son William Cocke & the heir males of his body lawfully begotten, & for want of such heir males, to the heir males of John Cocke, & for want of such to the heir males of Richard Cocke, My Youngest Son, provided always that my first named son Richard if Live to inherit it or any other of my sons or their heirs, that after my decease first possess the sd land, shall pay to my daughter Elizabeth Cocke for her portion one hundred pounds sterling & if he & they shall resist payment or fail of making good payment of the said Sum to the sd. Elizabeth when she attained the age of Seaventeen years or at the day of her Marriage, which shall first happen, then the sd land to be extended to the use of the sd Eliz: until the said Sum by the Annuall value of the land shall be accomplished in the Case the sd Elizabeth should die before either of the sd terms of 17 years of age or Marriage, then my will is that the sd hundred pounds be paid to my other children by my now wife, equal portion as they shall attain lawful age. It. I give & bequeath to my now youngest son Richard Cocke & his heirs seaven hundred and fifty acres of Land out of the pattent of land taken up jointly between Mr. John Beauchamp & my self of which seaventeen hundred and fifty acres belong to me, the residue of which seaventeen hundred & fifty I have already given & hereby Confirm to my sons Thomas Cocke & Richard Cocke the older & their heirs. And for my personall Estate I do hereby acknowledge that all the Cattle of my older Son Richard & the hogs being of a distinct rank & all known by my Cozen Daniell & confirm they being never by me refuted as any part of my proper Estate. As for the rest of my Estate my wifes third being deducted I give to be equally divided between my Children by my present wife Mary Cocke, willing that the Mares & Stock of Cattle & Sheep run in Common for their joint benefit & as any of my said Children come of Age, that they receive their equall portion of the female Stock then in being & all the males ? to the Guardian of my children. It. I give & bequeath to my Couzen Daniell Jordan as much manored land as he & his hands shall be able & well manned & with a Hoame during his life or abode in this Country provided he accept the same upon these ? Vizt. to employ himself & one Hand more my Son finding home & Seede & all houseing & taccling belonging to it & one hand more & to have my said Cozen the third part of this ? of all ? labours. Item. My will is that in Case my Son Thomas Cocke will looke to the Mill for the use of my other Children until they come of Age, that then he shall have for his paines & care the grinding of his Corn to be free & three thousand p’dd of Tobacco & C to come out of the profits my wife’s Children’s estate. It. I make my loving Wife Mary Cocke & my Sons Thomas & Richard Cocke to be my Executors of this my will, appointing my wife the Guardian for all my Young Children born of her until they come of age & in Case of her decease then my said Sons Thomas & Richard. It. I desire & request the justices of the County of Henrico in whose fatherly Care & integrity towards the Widow and fatherless ? much Confidence to bee my Overseers of this my last will & Testament & to take Care that it be performed according to the true Intent & meaning thereof. Dated under my hand and Seale this fourth day of October 1665.” /s/ Rich’d Cocke Senr.

Children of John and Temperance:

i. John Browne, born ?.

Children of Richard and Temperance:

ii. Thomas Cocke ( 516), born 1639.

iii. Richard Cocke “the Elder”, born 12/10/1639.
Richard married Elizabeth ?.
12/1678 Richard testified that he was 38 years old.
6/1679, “Mr. Richard Cocke” – 5 tithables in Turkey Island, Henrico Co.
1691, Richard patented 270 acres. (S) PB8, P157.
12/10/1691, Richard mentioned in the will of his brother Thomas.
1704, Richard paid Quit Rents on 2180 acres.
11/20/1706 Richard died. (S) Gravestone at Bremo.
John Cocke, born ~1661 in VA.
11/24/1696, he married Obediance Branch, d/o John515vi. (S) St. John’s Church Record.
Col. Bowler Cocke.
Martha Cocke.
Tabitha Cocke.
Richard Cocke.
Benjamin Cocke.
Anne Cocke.

iv. Elizabeth Cocke, born ?.

Children of Richard and Mary:

v. John Cocke, born ~1647.

vi. Richard Cocke “the Younger”, born ~?.

vii. Edward Cocke, born ~?.

viii. William Cocke, born ~1657.

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