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Monday, April 5, 2010

William Hatcher & Marion Newport

1030. William Hatcher & 1031. Marion Newport [Eng, VA]

1613, William born in Careby, England, s/o 2060. John Hatcher & 2061. Catherine Heneage.
~1616, Marion born in England, d/o 2062. Christopher Newport & 2063. Elizabeth Glaufield.
12/27/1632 in Ogburn, St. George, Wiltshire, England, William married Marion. [She did not travel with him to VA. Evidence indicates she arrived later bringing the children. Many of these families educated their children in England prior to their coming to America, or sent them to England if they were born in America.]
1635, William immigrated to VA aboard the ship Abigail. He paid passage for 3 others, [Often assumed to be his wife and 2 sons. In June 1999 the Jamestown Society accepted the thesis of Jerry Proudfit of Atlanta, GA, that William was not married when he arrived in this country. His argument was based on the fact that had William arrived with a wife and child, Edward, who some believed to have been born in England c1633; William would have claimed an additional 100 acres for importing his wife and child. He did not do this; and no wife relinquished her dowry for these early land grants.]
6/1/1636, William patented 200 acres “upon Appomattuck River”. (S) C&P, 1934, PB1, P41.
7/10/1637, William patented 850 acres “upon Appamattock Riv.”. (S) C&P, 1934, PB1, P59. [Part of patent was for the transportation of 7 persons to the colony.]
~1637, Marion arrived in VA with son Edward. [If the birth order of the children and their dates are correct.]
5/29/1638, William patented 150 acres “Apamattuck River Nly. Upon the first Cr. By the wading place”. (S) C&P, 1934, PB1, P89. [The patent was for the transportation of 3 persons to the colony. By 1650 William had deserted this patent.]
1644-1646, William a member of the House of Burgesses. (S) Hening’s Statutes at Large, V1, P283.
1646, Marion died in Varina, Henrico Co., VA.
1649-1652, William a member of the House of Burgesses.
11/1654, William censured by the House for speaking disrespectfully of the Speaker, Col. Edward Hill, calling him a devil. “… the said William Hatcher, upon his knees, make an humble acknowledgment of his offence.” (S) Hening’s Statutes at Large, V1, P387.
1654–1659: William a member of the House of Burgesses.
1658, at Newport on Rhode Island Mr. Robt. Potter acted for Mr William Breuton, merchant and Mathew Burne of Boston to sell a ship or Barq for 300 pounds lawful money of England to George Potter, Wm. Hatcher and Henry Randolph all right in the vessel Blackbird. The ship was apparently used by his grandson Thomas Burton Jr for merchant trade with Boston. (S) Mrs. Glenn M Turnell in a letter to “The Stovall Journal”, 1993. Thomas, according to a letter by his wife, probably died on the ship at sea. William leaves Thomas Burton Jr items in his will.
10/30/1673, William Hatcher in a land settlement with the orphans of William Hutchenson. (S) Journals of VA, P357.
1674, William, 227 acres, Henrico Co. (S) B6, P529.
2/22/1676, William’s will written in Henrico Co., VA. (S) Family notes.
3/15/1676, William fined 10,000 pounds of tabacco [after considering his age it was reduced to 8000 pounds of dressed pork] by the House of Burgesses for participation in Bacon’s Rebellion and “uttering divers mutinous words”. (S) Chesterfield, An Old VA Co., by Lutz, PP54-5.
8/1/1676, William gives his age as 63. (S) Henrico Co. Records, P27.
1677, William bought land from Daniel Price. (S) AP&P, 1956, P273.
1677, in a deposition William gives his age as 63.
6/1679, “Mr. William Hatcher” – 5 tithables in Henrico Co.
3/1680 William died in Henrico Co., VA.
4/1/1680 William’s will probated.
4/1/1680, Edward Hatcher, son of William Hatcher, of Varina Parish, Henrico Co., dec’d, to Benjamin Hatcher, son of said William Hatcher, for sake of quiet and peaceable settlement of estate left by their father and to avoid future suits and quarrels, confer each to the other 1/2 of personal estate left by their father. Edward grants to Benjamin 200 acres of land at Varina, lately in occupation of said William, and one tract called “Pigg in the Bole” in same county, near land of Thomas Holmes, 100 acres; also one tract called “Turkey Island”, 150 acres. Benjamin confirms to Edward a tract known as “Necke of Land”, 400 acres; also one plantation between Gilbert Elam and Henry Lound, 250 acres, lately in occupation of Thomas Wood.
(S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, V1, Publ. 1915.

Family notes:
• “IN THE NAME OF GOD Amen, I William Hatcher being in perfect memory but now stricken in years do make my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. In primus I give and bequeath my spirit to Almighty God who gave it to me whensoever it shall please him to call me out of this sinful world and my body to the ground. Item: I give unto Thomas Burton, Jr. the plantation between the land of Mr. Henry Lound and the land of Gilbert Elam to wit: two hundred and twenty-six acres, his choice of all my horses or mares, one heifer called blackchops, a young ewe, and a years schooling and clothes, till he reaches the age of seventeen years, to the confirmation of which I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this two and twentieth day of February, 1676/7. Signed and sealed in the presence of John Pleasants, Henry Gee. Memorandum before the signing and sealing hereof, I do bequeath unto the above mentioned Thomas Burton Jr. the second choice of all my furniture thereunto belonging.” /s/ Will Hatcher. [This will was probably a codicil to a prior will since the memorandum gives Thomas Burton second choice and named none of his children. Presumably the will identified who got first choice. Because William did not name his children in this document, his land would have fallen to Edward only. Later deeds make it clear that Benjamin and Edward understood that Benjamin was to inherit half the land.]

Children of William and Marion:

i. Edward Hatcher, born 1633 in VA.
Edward 1st married Mary Ward [possibly Bacon], born ~1740 in England.
1658 in Henrico Co, Edward 2nd married ?.
12/30/1663 Edward and John Brown granted 550 acres formerly owned by James Place.
6/1672, Edward & Thomas Shippey & John Davis entered into an agreement to go on a trading expedition with the Indians. (S) AP&P, 1956, P300.
1675, Edward obtained a patent for 1300 acres in Henrico Co. on Cornelius Creek on the N. side of the James River. (S) PB6, P570.
12/2/1678, Edward gives his age as 46 in a deposition.
12/18/1678, Edward Hatcher, then claiming to be about 46 years of age, told the Henrico County Court that Maj. William Ligon told him to steal a cow from a Mr. Tibbald and butcher it. Edward could not find the cow but heard later that Thomas Perrin and some others had butchered it, although he did not see it happen.
6/2/1679, “Edward Hatcher” – 3 tithables in Henrico Co., age 46.
4/1/1680, Edward owned a Varina plantation of 1300 acres known as Neckaland, on the south side of the James River, part as his inheritance. Edward and brother Benjamin confer to the children of deceased brother Henry multiple items, probably from their father’s estate.
10/10/1681, Edward gives his age as 46. (S) Henrico Co. Records, P184.
1682, Edward gave a quit-claim deed to John Pleasants. (S) AP&P, 1956, P273.
8/1682, Edward gave an Indian Kate to his daughter Sarah and Indian Ben to son William. (S) Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills, 1677-92, PP222,224.
10/1683, The court heard testimony about a horse race between Edward Hatcher and Andrew Martin in which the winner was to have the other’s horse. The jury that heard the case returned a verdict in favor of Edward. (S) VA Gen. Mag., V30, P123&126.
1/1685, Edward deeded 300 acres from 1680 patent to carpenter John Field. (S) Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills, 1677-92, P363.
4/1/1685, Edward “did Apprehend & bring before ye Court of ye sd County two prsons on Suspicion of their being Runaways”. (S) VA Gen. Mag., V30, P276.
1686, two of Edward’s Indian servants ran away, but Richard Embry caught them about ten miles away and returned them. (S) VA Gen. Mag., V31, P113.
10/1688, Edward deeded 300 acres to brothers Richard Cox512iv and William Cox512ii. (S) Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills, 1688-97, P28.
5/16/1692, Edward delivered a letter from Thomas Burton Jr’s wife in Boston proving his death.; allowing him to gain some of Thomas’ property.
1692, Edward sued John Adkins for trespassing on his property, hunting and shooting. Edward paid his brother William 40 pounds of tobacco for attending court and testifying.
11/1694, Edward deeded land to his sons William, John, Edward, & Seth. (S) Henrico Co. Deeds & Wills, 1688-97, PP530-1.
1704, Edward paid Quit Rents on 150 acres.
5/1704, A deed mentioned 150 acres Mr. Woodson conveyed to Edward for £28.15 in store accounts.
By 1711, Edward died. (S) 2/2/1711, accounts of the estate of Edward presented in court by Capt. John Worsham.
9/28/1711, and inventory of Edward’s estate given in court by Mary Hatcher and Seth Hatcher. Recorded 11/5/1711.
William Hatcher, born 1658.
1679, William in Henrico Co., VA.
2/2/1686, he gives his age as 27 in a deposition.
3/29/1736 William wrote his will.
Martin Hatcher, born ~1663.
Mary Hatcher, born ~1666.
She married Gilbert Elam Jr.
Sarah Hatcher, born ~1668.
1686, she married 1st Matthew Turpin. (S) Annals & Hist. of Henrico Parish, Moore, 1904.
Bef. 12/2/1689 she married 2nd Joseph Tanner.
By 8/1699 she married Samuel Oulton.
Edward Hatcher Jr., born ~1671.
Bef. 1739 he died.
John Hatcher, born ~1673.
He married Mary Hancock.
1679, Jno in Henrico Co., VA.
John & Mary moved to Edgecomb Prct., NC.
Seth Hatcher.

ii. Henry Hatcher Sr, born 1638 in VA.
~1655 Henry married Ann Lound, d/o Henry Lound, a neighbor planter of his father.
2/1676, Henry died intestate in Henrico Co.
8/20/1678, Henry Lound deeded livestock to his Hatcher grandchildren: Anne, Henry, Mary, William, and Martha Hatcher.
Ann Hatcher.
1681, she married Capt. Seth Ward, born 1661, s/o Richard Ward.
Henry Hatcher Jr.
Mary Hatcher, born ~1665.
~1685 in Henrico Co. she married Edward Tanner.
William Hatcher.
Martha Hatcher.
4/30/1699, she married John Edloe of James City. (S) Annals & Hist. of Henrico Parish, Moore, 1904.

iii. William Hatcher Jr, born ~1639 in VA.
1692, William paid 40 pounds of tobacco for attending court and testifying for his brother Edward.
1705, William Hatcher Sr, 540 acres, Henrico Co., VA. (S) B9, P661.

iv. Jane Hatcher ( 515), born ~1640 in VA.

v. Sussanna Hatcher, born ~1642 in VA.
She married Thomas Burton Sr.
Both [probably] died bef. 1676. (S) Will of her father and various land records.
Thomas Burton Jr., born bef. ~1662. (S) Named in his grandfather’s will.
~1691 he died [probably at sea.]

vi. Benjamin Hatcher Sr, born 1644 in VA.
1667 in Henrico Co., Benjamin married Elizabeth Greenhaugh.
4/1/1679, Benjamin, 350 acres, Henrico Co., VA; age 35. (S) B6, P687.
4/1/1680, Benjamin, age 36, and brother Edward confer to the children of deceased brother Henry multiple items, probably from their father’s estate. Benjamin inherited 450 acres including Varina, Pigg in the Bole, and Turkey Island Point.
1681, Benjamin sold the land his father bought in 1677. (S) AP&P, 1956, P273.
10/1728, Benjamin died Henrico Co., VA.
Henry Hatcher, born ? in Henrico Co., VA.
1720 he married Susannah Williamson, d/o Thomas and Susannah Carter.
William Hatcher Sr, born ~1667 in Henrico Co., VA.
He married Katherine Garrett.
Martha Hatcher, born 1684 in Henrico Co., VA.
1708 she married Joseph Hobson.

vii. ? Hatcher, born ~1646 in VA.
12/7/1709, Unknown, identified as “my sister Hatcher” in her sister Jane’s will.