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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bond 1066 Mulls

1066. John Mulls & 1067. Mary ? [VA] 

~1645, John born.
~1655, Mary born.
8/11/1666, cattle mark: “John Mulls his mark, cropt on both ears, and two slits in the left ear, and one slit in the right and a hole in it and underbitten.” (11/17/1698, recorded for his grandson Mulls Cormerick, the son of Michael Cormerick and Frances his wife, daughter of the said John Mulls.)
1/12/1668, “Frances the daughter of John Mulls her mark, two slits on the right ear and cropt, slit and a hole and underbitten on the left ear.
10/29/1685, will of William Kendall: “I give and bequeath to the eldest daughter of John Mulls one young cow of about three years old to be delivered within three months after my decease.”
1686, in Northampton Co., VA, John received a gift of 100 acres of Tract No. 44, for a term of 99 years; “to John Mulls and his wife Mary.” This was in gratitude for the help of Mary to Wm. Kendall during an illness. [Wm. Kindal also had dealings with the Satchel ( 1058) family.]
1688, Wm Kendall II added 240 acres to his original gift to John and Mary. The land had originally been patented by a Mrs. Andrews, and escheated.
4/7/1688, John mentioned in the will of John Andrews, as was Thomas Harmanson.
1697, John gave 100 acres to his daughter, “Sarah, the wife of Paul Fabin”.
12/11/1697, John wrote his will in Northampton Co., VA. (S) Family notes.
Bef. 1/28/1697, John died. (S) Will proved.
Mary married 2nd John Hanby, s/o Richard ( 1060) [For more info. see John.]
5/1710, Mary Hanby called to court over a land dispute.

Bef. 1719, Mary died.

Family notes:
• John’s will: In the name of God Amen, I John Mulls of the County of Northampton in Virginia being very sick and weak in body but (thanks be to God) of sound and perfect memory and appretending with myself that my time is drawing nigh and my stay in this world to be short do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament, denying and revolking all other wills by me made either by word or deed and own this to be my last will and testament and no other. First - I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God who gave it me. hopeing through the merits of my blessed Savoiur Jesus Christ to enjoy everlasting salvation and my body to its original mother the earth after a decent and Christian burial at the discretion of my executrix hereafter named. Item - I do hereby will, give and bequeath to my loving daughter Sarah the now wife of Paulo Fabian and to her lawfull begotten heirs of her body forever part of the plantation whereon I now live being sixty acres to wit the houses, orchards, pastures, fences, etc. the said plantation containing one hundred acres and the other forty acres I do hereby give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Mulls and to her heirs lawfully begotten of her body and for want of such heirs then to fall to my daughter Sarah as aforesaid. The forty acres lying in the woods at the head of my plantation Easterly and joining on the land of Thomas Harmanson Jun'r. Item - I give and bequeath to my grandson Mulls Cormick my gun and sword, to have them at my decease. Item - I give to my grandson Andrew John Fabian my long table to have it at my decease. Item - I give to my grandaughter Ellenor Hanby one two year old heifer to have her at my decease. Item - As to my handmill I give and bequeath to my two daughters Frances Cormick and Sarah Fabian and for their own proper use each of them jointly to have the use of her for their families, but not to be removed from my plantation where she now is. Item - I give one iron gallon pot to my grandaughter Ellenor Hanby to have at my wifes decease. Item - I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth one young cow to have it at my wifes decease. Item - As to all the rest of my estate within doors and without as cattle, sheep, hogs and etc. (not before given and bequeathed) I do hereby give and bequeath to my two daughters Frances and Sarah and to their heirs for ever, to be equally divided between them at my wifes decease and not before by such persons as they shall choose. And my desire is that Major John Custis would be pleased to be aiding and assisting as he well knows to see this my last will and testament performed. And I do appoint my dear and loving wife Mary Mulls to be executrix of this my last will and testament as witness my hand and seal this eleventh day of December anno 1697. /s/ John Mulls.

Children of John and Mary:

i. Sarah Mulls ( 533), born 1671 in VA.

ii. Elizabeth Mulls, born ? in VA.

iii. Frances Mulls, born ? in VA.
Frances married Michael Cormick.
8/26/1698, Frances recorded her cattle mark for “Michael Cormick, husband of the said Frances Mulls.”
11/17/1698, “Mulls Cormerick the son of Michael Cormerick and Frances his wife, daughter of John Mulls dec’d his mark of cattle and hogs which was his said grandfather’s recorded for his at the request of his said father (vizt) the right ear holed, one slit and underbitten, the left ear cropt and two slits.”
Mulls Cormick, born bef 11/17/1698 in VA.