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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bond 1218 & 1219

1218. John Cary & 1219. Elizabeth Hereford [England]

4/10/1583, John baptized at St. Nicholas Parish, Bristol, England, s/o 2436. William Cary & 2437. Elizabeth Goodale.
John was educated in France.
5/29/1609, John married Elizabeth in Bristol, England. (S) Herald’s College Pedigree of 1701, filed by John Carry, 1644–1701.
John and Elizabeth lived on Temple Street in Bristol. (S) UK National Archives.
John was a draper of Bristol. (S) Father-in-law Henry Hobson’s 1637 funeral certificate; and in his graddaughter Alice Cary’s will of 1660.
Elizabeth died [likely in childbirth of Elizabeth.]
Aft. 1617, John married 2nd Alice Hobson, d/o Henry Hobson, Innkeeper of Bristol. [Since John was at least 34 years old, this is circumstantial evidence for this being the same John as the one that married Elizabeth. The other primary evidence is a lack of another “John Cary” that could possibly have married Alice.]
1625, John and his family lived in Bristol and were named in the will of Henry Hobson.
[With others of his family and time, John’s family suffered in the Civil wars; Bristol alternately in the possession of Round Heads and Cavaliers.]
2/13/1661, John died, buried at Church of All Saints, England, with his 2nd wife.
(S) The Virginia Carys, 1919, Harrison, P20. (S) The Cary Family in America, Cary & Cary, 1907.

Family notes:
• 1625, Charles I became King of England. 1629–1640, Charles ruled without Parliament, an absolute King. During this period over 20,000 Puritans emigrated to New England. 1642–1649 England was in a civil war; ending with Charles being beheaded 1/30/1649.
• “Trade of Ireland and Scotland as they stand in competition with the Trade of England, being taken out of an Essay on Trade by Mr. John Cary, Merchant in Bristol. Printed at Bristol 1695, reprinted at London 1696.”

• At least 4 of the siblings, and possibly 5, emigrated to the American colonies.

Children of John and Elizabeth:

[As enumerated in the Pedigree of 1701 by John Cary, s/o Thomas.]

i. John Cary, born 1610 in Bristol, England.
1634 John immigrated to America to the Plymouth colony, Duxbury.
6/1644, John married Elizabeth Godfrey, d/o Frances and Elizabeth.
1649, John, Miles Standish, … purchased the land from the native Indians that would become the town of Bridgewater.
1656, Bridgewater incorporated, John the 1st Town Clerk.
1680, Elizabeth died.
11/2/1681, John died in Bridgewater, MA colony.

ii. Thomas Cary, baptized 12/27/1613 in Bristol, England.
Thomas married Susanna Limberry, d/o Philip of Darthmouth, co. Devon.
John Carry, born 1644 in England.
He lived in Surrey Co., VA.
He returned to live in London, England.
John, a director of the English Company trading to the East Indies, filed the Pedigree of 1701.

iii. Philip Cary, born ~1615 in Bristol, England.
~1675, Philip died in England.

iv. Prudence Cary, born ~1616 in Bristol, England.

v. Elizabeth Cary ( 609), born ~1617 in England.

Children of John and Alice: [7 children]

vii. Miles Cary, baptized 7/29/1621 at All Saints, Bristol, England.
~1645, “Mylles” emigrated to VA and worked for Capt. Thomas Taylor.
Miles married Anne Taylor, d/o Capt. Thomas Taylor of Elizabeth City.
1652, Miles on the bench of the Warwick Co. Court.
Miles was a merchant and operated a mill.
6/10/1667, Miles died in Warwick, VA while defending Fort Comfort from a raid by the Dutch Navy. He owned 2000 acres, a mill, and a store.
[9/1851, the original tombstone of Miles Cary was discovered in 5 fragments and reassembled. It names his father and mother, place of birth, maternal grandfather, and all his 7 children. In his will he mentioned 2 houses in Bristol, one on Belame St., the other on St. Nicholas St., to be sold for the benefit of his daughters.]
Children: [7]
Thomas Cary, born 1647 in VA.
As a teenager he helped build Fort Comfort.
1669, he married Anne Milner.
1676, he was 3rd in command of the Militia for defense against Indians.
1708, he died at the Magpie Swamp plantation, VA.
Bridget Cary, born 1652 in VA.
1670, she married Capt. William Bassett.
[Their ggd Elizabeth Bassett married Benjamin Harrison, signer of the Declaration of Independence. Their son, William Henry Harrison, was 9th President of the U.S.]
Elizabeth Cary, born 1653 in VA.

viii. Richard Cary, baptized 7/29/1621 at All Saints, Bristol, England.
6/10/1667, Richard [and his brother Miles] died in Warwick, VA while defending Fort Comfort during a Dutch Navy raid.

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