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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cox 1072 & 1073

1072. Francis Taliaferro & 1073. Bennett Haie [Eng]

1/7/1589-90 Francis born in England, s/o 2144. Bartholomew Taliaferro & 2145. Joane Lane.
1/15/1589-90 Francis baptized at St. Olave’s, Hart Street, London, England.
2/3/1613-14 by liscense Francis married Bennett at St. Savior’s, Southwark, County Surrey.
Francis was a “yoeman”. Ancient definitions: 1. a man possessed of small estate in land; a gentleman farmer; a freeholder of a class below the gentry, who worked his own land; 2. an attendant or manservant in a royal or noble household; 3. An assistant or subordinant, as to a sheriff; 4. one not advanced to the rank of gentleman.
11/19/1626 son Robert baptized in Stepney Parish, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England.
Bennett died.
Francis married 2nd Miriam ?. [She died 3 days before Francis and is buried with him.]
1647, Francis died, naming his 2 children by his first wife in his will.
8/19/1647 Francis buried at Stepney, County Middlesex, England.

Family notes:
• Important points in favour of the identification as this family as the family of Robert “The Immigrant” were: 1) this particular family of Taliaferro was the only one found mentioned in the probate records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and of London, 2) after 1647 the name entirely disappeared from these probate records, 3) letters of administration of the estate of Francis Talafero were granted on the 20th of August 1647 to his daughter Anne, not to his son Robert, who was then 20 years and 9 months old, 4) “The Immigrant”called one of his sons Francis.

Children of Francis and Bennett:

i. Anne Taliaferro, born ~1620 in England.
1647, Anne, not married, was named administrator of her father’s estate [probably because Robert had already planned to leave for VA – he left 2 days after the burial; and because he was not yet 21.].

ii. Robert Taliaferro Sr ( 536), born 1626 in England.

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