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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cox 1074 & 1075

1074. Rev. Charles Grymes & 1075. Katherine Dedman [Eng, VA]

~1612 Charles born in Igtham, Kent, England.
~1612 Katherine born in England the daughter of 2150. Henry Dedman & 2151. Mary ?. (S) See 1692 deed of John Taliaferro536vi.
1631, Rev. Charles Grymes matriculated at Cambridge.
1645, Charles the minister of Hampton parish, York Co., VA.
10/18/1653, Charles patented 1000 acres in Lancaster Co. on the south side of the Rappahonnack River.
12/26/1653, Charles Grymes, Clerk, patented 960 acres in Lancaster Co. on the north side of the Rappahonnack River.
9/4/1654, Mr. Charles Grymes, Cl. patented 600 acres in Lancaster Co. on the south side of the Rappahonnack River. (S) Refer to King George Co. DB1721-1729, PP360-2 – Charles left some of this land to his daughter-in-law Ann Cobham in his will.
12/3/1656, Mr. Charles Grymes, Clerk, renewed his patent of 10/18/1653.
10/8/1657, Charles granted the 1656 patent, but later abandoned the land. See patent of George Bryer.
11/22/1661 Charles died; leaving a will in which Katherine was named Executrix, and she was left 600 acres. (S) See No. 268, 8/11/1717 & (S) 1692 deed of grandson John Taliaferro536vi.
8/26/1678, Katherine as Executrix of Charles’ will was sued by Thomas Godlington of London.
(S) C&P, 1934, PP: 254, 296, 340, 472, 485.

Family notes:
• See No. 268, Robert Taliaferro, 8/11/1717, for documentation of Charles Grymes and Katherine Dedman as grandparents of Robert. It is possible that Charles was Katherine’s 2nd husband and the stepfather of her children.

Child of Charles and Katherine:

i. Sarah Grymes ( 537), born ~1630.

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