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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cox 1076 & 1077

1076. John Catlett & 1077. Sarah Hawkins [Eng]

1599 John born in, Kent Co., England; s/o 2152. John Catlett Jr & 2153. Elizabeth Frauncis.
1604, Sarah born in Cantebury, Kent, England d/o 2154. Ralph Hawkins & 2155. Martha Baldwin.
2/28/1622, John left 10s in the will of his father.
4/10/1623 in Preston, near Faversham, co. Kent, , Sarah and John applied to marry.
1623 in Preston, near Faversham, Kent Co., England, 24-year-old John “of Sittingbourne, yoem. ba.” married 19-year-old Sarah. (S) Canterbury Marriage Licences, 1906, P183.
7/19/1625 in Sittingbourne, Kent Co., England; John made his will. (S) Ref. PRC32/46 Folio 273d: Canterbury.
1625, John died at Berhersden before his son was born.
10/13/1625 in Sittingbourne, Kent Co., England; John’s will probated to widow and relict of deceased, Sara Catlett who was sworn in common form. (S) Avant, PP53-54.
9/19/1626, Ludwick Rouzee of Ashford, Doctor of Physic, bachelor about 36 and Sarah “Catlit” of St. Peters Canterbury widow about 24, relict of “John Catlett late of Sittingbourne Gent. Deceased at Berhersden” issued a license to marry. (S) Canterbury Diocese Marriage Licenses.
They lived in Ashford, Co. Kent.
3/4/1630, Louis Rouzee, Dr. of Medicine, bourne beyound the seas, naturalized in England. (S) Hugenot Library, England.
1632, Lodwick Rowzee published a book in London, The Queens Wells, on the benefits of clean water. (S) Notes and Queries : Saturday, May 11, 1850. [The Tunbridge Wells waters were claimed to be an effective cure for all manner of ailments, and a succession of medical treatises were written to describe their properties and to give instruction on how they should be used. Lodwick’s was the first.]
10/14/1639, Louis died in the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene, Cantebury, England, buried 3 days later.
Aft. 1640, Sarah died.
(S) VA Gen., V43, #3, 1999, PP163-172. (S) Southern Colonial Families, David Avant, V3. (S) Kent Archaeological Society, England – all Rowzee birth/death dates.

Family notes:
• 19 July 1625, I - John Catlett of Sittingbourne, Kent, gentleman. sick. Soul to God and to be buried at Sittingbourne. Bequests: Poore of Sittingbourne œ3 within 3 months after my decease. Elizabeth Gibbs and Mary Gibbs daughters of Samuel Gibbs œ5 each at the age of 21 years or marriage. Remainder to survivor. Ann Chambers and Deborra Wills and John Wills the son of John Wills and to Walter Wills his son œ3 each at the age of 21 yrs or marriage. Alice Wills my sister œ5 in 1 year after my decease. Elizabeth Dence of Canterbury 30s to make her a ring, within 3 months after my decease. Two brethern Thomas Catlett and George Catlett 40s each for a ring to be given within 3 months after my decease. Residue to Sara my wife she to be sold executrix of this present testament and will. Last Will of the above John Catlett, Sara my wife to have two cherry gardens in Sittingbourne containing 4 acres for her natural life. If my wife is with child at the time of my decease then the two cherry gardens to child for ever after the decease of my wife. If not with child the two cherry gardents unto my brother Thomas Catlett and his heirs. Sara my wife to have the benefit and profit of the house and and appurtenances wherein I now dwell, as long as she remain a widow. If she marry my two bretheren Thomas and George Catlett the elder shall have and enjoy the lease equally. Provided that if my wife is with child then I give the lease unto my said wife and child. To Sara my wife all lands and tenements in the parish of Swanscombe and Sittingbourne for her natural life. If with child on death of wife to child. But if not with child; after death of wife land and tenements in Swanscombe to my brother George Catlett and his heirs and all lands and tenements in Sittingbourne (except messuage occupied by Richard Murfild) unto my brother Thomas Catlett. The messuage in Sittingborne occupied by Richard Murfild to my wife for her natural life, and then child for ever. If not with child then after wife’s death to sister Allice Wills wife of John Wills and her heirs. (No witnesses named.)

Children of John and Sarah:

i. Ralph Catlett, born bef. 3/31/1624 in Sittingbourne, Co. Kent, England.
6/10/1625, Ralph buried as a child.

ii. John Catlett ( 538), born 1626 in Sittingbourne, Co. Kent, England.

Children of Ludowich and Sarah:

iii. Ralph Rowzee, born 1/6/1627 in Ashford, Kent Co., England.
[See No. 543 for more info.]

iv. Ludowich Rowzee Jr, born 1/3/1629 in Ashford, Kent Co., England.

v. Katherine Rowzee, born 7/15/1633 in Ashford, Kent Co., England.

vi. Sarah Rowzee, born 6/23/1535 in Ashford, Kent Co., England.
Sarah traveled to VA with her siblings Edward & Ralph, and half-brother John.

vii. Edward Rowzee, born 3/18/1637 in Ashford, Kent Co., England.
Edward traveled to VA with his siblings Ralph & Sarah, and half-brother John.
Edward married the widow of Thomas Whitlock, Mary Pierce, d/o Sarah Underwood, Elizabeth’s sister.

viii. Martha Rowzee, born 6/21/1640 in Ashford, Kent Co., England.

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