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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

? Underwood & Margaret ?

1078. ? Underwood & 1079. Margaret ? [Eng, VA]

~1608–1613, Margaret [likely] born in England.
Margaret 1st married ? Underwood.
Margaret 2nd married Col John Upton, born ~1590, in England. He came to VA on the Bona Nova in 1622.
1639, Col John Upton and wife in Isle of Wight. She cannot sign her name. (S) Institutional History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century, by Bruce, 1910.
9/13/1644, Captain John Upton and Margaret his wife sold to John Mason, land patented by Upton. (S) Isle of Wight, V1, P420.
11/20/1645, John a member of the Burgesses of the Assembly from Isle of Wight. (S) Virginia Carolorum: The Colony Under the Rule of Charles the First and Second, A.D. 1625-1685, by Neill, 1886.
11/18/1651, Lieutenant John Upton, with wife, Margaret, sold 400 acres to William Underwood. The original patent was granted 11/10/1638, and contained 1600 acres. (S) Book A, 1636-1767, P32.
12/16/1652 John wrote his will. Will of John Upton. Leg. – eldest son John Upton, [350] tract in tenure of John King, James Bagnall and Nicholas Morris, if he dies before he becomes 21, to William, Elizabeth, Sarah and Margaret Underwood; land at Rappahannock [1500 acres] to daughters-in-law Elizabeth, Sarah a … (S) Isle of Wight, B–A, P38. Margaret is named his wife and executrix.
1653, Margaret patented 700 acres in Lancaster Co. (S) B3, P18.
4/10/1657, Margaret married 3rd Thomas Lucas. “Marriage agreement between Capt. Thomas Lucas the Elder of Rappahannock in Virginia, Gentleman, Coll. Moore Fauntleroy and Captain William Underwood, all of the county aforesaid - in consideration of a marriage (God willing) shortly to be solemnized between Thomas Lucas and Margaret Upton, late wife of Capt. John Upton deceased.” (S) Rappa. Records, Vol. 1656-64, P33.
1658, Margaret left 10s and a pair of gloves in the will of her son-in-law Francis Slaughter, husband of Elizabeth.
6/5/1663, Mrs. Margaret Upton als Lucas to Francis Slaughter, Junr., Son and heir unto my Son in Law Francis Slaughter, deceased, one cow & increase… if Francis Slaughter, Junr. dies bef 21 years, then to be disposed by my Daughter Elizabeth Catlett his lawful Mother… (S) Rappa. Co VA Records 1656-64, P326.
9/16/1663, Margaret made a deed of gift to her granddaughters: Grace Booth and Catherine Booth – one cow to each, and appointed Mr. John Catlett to acknowledge the deed to the children of “my son Booth.” Witnesses Thomas Lucas, Jr. and Edward Lucas. (S) Rappa. Rcds. 1656-64, P327.
Margaret died.
10/14/1669, Thomas Lucas made out his will. There is no mention of a wife, but includes bequests to his son-in-law John Catlett, son-in-law Capt. Thomas Hawkins, grandchild Mary Hawkins, son Thomas Lucas, sister-in-law Mrs. Margaret Plainier and friend Daniel Gaines.
(S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, V1, Publ. 1915, P347.

Children of ? and Margaret:

i. Col. William Underwood, born ~1628.
William married Mary Butler, s/o Amory Butler, last husband of Elizabeth539. (S) Mary named in William’s 1650 patent; will of Amory Butler.
1632, William a member of the VA House of Burgesses.
5/22/1650, William Underwood, Gent., patented 1400 acres on the north side of the Rappahannock Riv. for the transportation of 28 persons. He also patented 600 acres near the same location “at a point nigh the mouth of Indian Cr.” for the transportation of 12 persons including himself, Mary his wife, and William Underwood his son. (S) C&P, 1934, PB2, P191.
1652 William a Burgess for Rappahannock Co.
1656, William a Justice. [He is listed in an acknowledgement of Joseph Crowshaw. (S) Records of Colonial Gloucester Co., VA, Mason, 1946, P110.]
12/8/1656, appoints “Mr. William Underwood” to administer the estate of James Williamson deceased, whereby Underwood is designated as “uncle of his orphans on the mother’s side.” (S) Lancaster Co., 1654-1702, P308.
9/10/1658, Mr. Wm. Underwood patented of 882 acres in Rappahannock Co. for the transportation of 18 persons. On the same date and in the same county he patented 2784 acres, some of it for transportation of 28 persons. (S) C&P, 1934, PB4, P384.
Bef. 3/11/1662 William died. (S) Patent of his son William on this date.
Maj William Underwood Sr, born ~1630 in VA.
3/11/1662, “William Underwood, sonn & heire if Coll. Wm. Underwood”, patented 2561.5 acres in Rappahannock Co. (S) C&P, 1934, PB4, P429. [Partly a renewal of 1650 patent.]
William married Jane ?.
2/3/1684, William, his son William Jr, and Jane Underwood witnessed the will of John Barrow of Rappahannock Co. (S) V6, P220.
7/19/1717 William wrote his will. (S) Wills of Richmond Co., VA, 1699-1800, P37. [All children are mentioned in his will – girls by married name.]
8/1717 William died. 9/4/1717 his estate was inventoried.
Children: John Underwood. 6/28/1719 he married Elizabeth Slaughter, d/o Francis, 2nd husband of his aunt.

ii. Elizabeth Underwood ( 539), born ~1630.

iii. Sarah Underwood, born ~1632.
Sarah married Col. William Pierce, s/o Capt. William Pierce.
Aft. 1702, Sarah died in Westmoreland Co., VA.
Ann Pierce, born ? in VA.
Elizabeth Pierce, born ? in VA.
Mary Pierce, born ? in VA.
Margaret Pierce, born ? in VA.
John Pierce, born ? in VA.
Sarah Pierce, born ? in VA.

iv. Margaret Underwood, born ~1634.
1660, Margaret married Humphrey Booth Sr.
Bef. 1685 Humphrey died.
Catherine Booth, born ? in VA.
She married Robert Brooke.
Grace Booth, born ? in VA.
Bef. 1685, she died.
Humphery Booth Jr, born ? in VA.

v. Ann Underwood, born ? in VA.
Ann married James Williamson.
Bef. 12/8/1656, Ann died in Lancaster Co., VA.
Margaret Williamson, born ? in VA.
She married William Ball Jr.
Mary Williamson, born ? in VA.
She married John Rosier.
William Williamson, born ? in VA. [Died as a child.]

vi. Mary Underwood, born ~1636.
Bef. 1653, Mary married Col. Moore Fauntleroy, died bef. 1666.
William Fauntleroy, born ? in VA.
Elizabeth Fauntleroy, born ? in VA.

Children of John and Margaret:

vii. Capt. John Upton Jr., born aft. 1636 in VA.

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