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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bond 1220 Clarke-Wyatt

1220. John Clarke & 1221. Hannah Wyatt [England, VA]

~1605, Hannah born in England, d/o 2442. John Wyat.
1613, John born in Wrotham, co. Kent, England; s/o 2440. Sir John Clarke & 2441. Elizabeth Steed. [The evidence for this relationship is purely circumstantial; but is logical, there is plenty of evidence, and there is no evidence to the contrary.]
Aft. 1633, John was known to have lived at Middle Plantation [Williamsburg], VA.
~1636, John married Hannah. [Hannah, coming from a very weathy family, would only have married a Cavalier of equal background.]
1645, John wrote his will in York Co., VA.
4/23/1646, Edward Wyatt, s/o Haute Wyatt, was the administrator of the Estate.
3/29/1650, “Mrs. Hannah Clark” a legacy and executrix in the will of her brother Sir Dudley Wyatt.
1650, “Mr Wiatt” represented Hannah Clarke, as the executrix of Sir Dudley Wyatt, and devises land [300 acres] near the “Middle Plantation” to her. The same year, she deeded the same land to Dr. Jeremiah Harrison, Gent., of the same place.
5/18/1652, “An order for setting a difference about some land seated by Sir Dudley Wyatt in his life time, belonging to …, in behalf of Mrs Ann Clarke, exx of Sr Dudley Wyatt.” (S) Recds of York Co.
1652, “Mrs. Clarke” patented lands near Williamsburg adjoining the lands of Col. Philip Honiwood, who came with Sir Thomas Lunsford, and the lands of Joseph Croshaw, whose daugher Unity had married John West, nephew of Lord Delaware.
[1663, "Edward Wyat, gentleman" patented John Clarke’s land at “Middle Plantation,” as an escheat (not a legal heir), and subsequently, with his wife Jane, sold it in 1667 to George Poindexter and Otho Thorpe, of Middle Plantation. But the General Court decided 22 March, 1675 that the property belonged to John Clarke of Wrotham, in England. (S) York Co., General Court, and Land Records.]
[1681, to "John Langston" for 1300 acres in New Kent, being the land formerly granted to Hannah Clark.]
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Child of John and Hannah:

i. John Clarke ( 610), born ~1635 in VA.