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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cox 1218 Brown

1218. Peter Brown & 1219. Elizabeth ? [Eng, CT]

~1610 Peter born in England.
~1612 Elizabeth born in England.
1637, Peter sailed from London on the ship Hector, as a member of the Company of Governor Theophilus Eaton and Rev. John Davenport. This company was partly from the City of London, where Rev. Davenport had been a celebrated minister, and partly from the counties of York, Hertford, Kent, Surry and Sussex.
6/26/1637, Peter arrived at Boston.
1637—1638, Peter 1st married Elizabeth ?.
3/30/1638 Peter, with the other colonists, sailed from Boston and settled New Haven, CT.
6/1639, Peter signed the compact of the government of the New Haven Colony. [Peter was not a planter, so he did not sign on June 4th, but later with about 50 other members of the colony].
1641, Peter, a baker, is living in New Haven. (S) See Family notes.
~1647 Peter sold out of the New Haven compact and moved to Stamford, CT.
9/21/1657 Elizabeth died in Stamford.
7/25/1658 Peter married 2nd Unity, widow of Clement Buxton.
8/19/1658, Peter wrote his will
8/22/1658 Peter died in Stamford, CT. [Unity remarried 3/9/1659.] His will presented 8/19/1658.
11/29/1658, Elizabeth and son Thomas attested to the inventory of the estate.
(S) The Families of Old Fairfield, V1, Jacobus, 1930.

Family notes:
• Bolton, in his History of Westchester Co., NY; and Baird in his History of the Town of Rye, NY, states incorrectly that Thomas Brown of Concord, MA, settled in Rye. An examination of the Descendants of Thomas Brown of Concord, published in 1901 by Goodwin Brown, shows that Thomas Brown of Concord was never in Westchester County, NY, nor were any of his children.
• 1641 Brockett map [See CD Misc Graphics No.1218], Three Centuries of New Haven, 1638-1938, by Rollin G. Osterweis, 1953. Peter is at the tip of the lower left peninsula.
• The Browne and Purdy families both had members living in CT and Rye NY.
• Francis Brown of Stamford was likely Peter’s brother. Living there at the same time as Peter, he was Deputy of Stamford to the CT legislature 5/1665, 5/1667, 10/1668 and 5/1669. An apprentice of Henry Wolcott, he bought his freedom in 1649. 12/17/1657, at Stamford, he married 2nd Martha Chapman, widow of John Chapman. He moved to Rye and wrote his will in 1686.

Children of Peter and Elizabeth:

i. Thomas Brown, born 1638 in New Haven, CT.
11/29/1658, Thomas witnessed his father’s inventory.
1660, Thomas, age 22, testified in behalf of Francis Brown of Stamford.
1665, Thomas & Hackaliah moved to Rye, NY.
1678, Thomas mentioned in court by his sister Elizabeth after the death of her husband.
1683, Thomas “conveyed” to his brother Deliverance, both of Rye.
~1694, Thomas died in Rye, NY.

ii. Hachaliah Brown, born ~1640 in New Haven, CT.
Hackaliah married Mary Holt, d/o John Holt of Stamford.
1665, Thomas & Hachaliah moved to Rye, NY.
12/8/1666, Hachaliah bought from John Coe “one half of a 12th lot” of the town of Rye. (S) Hist. of Westchester Co., Bolton, 1905, P133.
5/1670, Hachaliah “propounded for freeman of Conn. Colony.”
1678, Hackaliah mentioned in court by his sister Elizabeth after the death of her husband.
11/28/1680, Hackaliah one of several sent to purchase land from the Indians.
1683, inhabitants of Rye: Hachaliah Brown, John Brondig, John Purdy, Francis Purdy, Deliverance Brown, Daniel Brondig, Peter Brown, Joseph Purdy.
6/27/1693, John Brondig, Hachaliah Brown, and others appointed a committee to procure a minister for the church. (S) Hist. of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Co. of Westchester, from Its Foundation, Bolton, 1855, P135.
10/2/1697, Hachaliah participated in the inventory of the estate of John Brundish2434iii.
1720 Hachaliah died in Rye, NY.
Peter Brown, born ?.
Thomas Brown, born ?.
Mary Brown, born ?.
Benjamin Brown, born ?.
Anne Brown, born ~1681.
She married her 1st cousin Daniel Purdy, s/o Joseph1216iii.
Hackaliah Brown, born ?.

iii. Mercy Brown, baptized 4/6/1645 in New Haven, CT.

iv. Elizabeth Brown ( 609), baptized 8/1/1647 in New Haven, CT.

v. Ebenezer Brown, born ~1653 in Stamford, CT.
8/21/1658 Ebenezer died as a child.

vi. Deliverance Brown, born ~1656 in Stamford, CT.
Bef. 1678, Deliverance 2nd married Mary Purdy1216iv, sister of Elizabeth’s husband.
1678, Deliverance owned land in Greenwich, CT and Rye, NY.
5/2/1678, living in Rye, Deliverance Browne, John Purdy, Francis Purdy and Joseph Purdy all sold their land in Fairfield to Moses Dimon.
1683, Thomas “conveyed” to his brother Deliverance, both of Rye.
1683, inhabitants of Rye: Hachaliah Brown, John Brondig, John Purdy, Francis Purdy, Deliverance Brown, Daniel Brondig, Peter Brown, Joseph Purdy.
2/28/1695, Deliverance chosen as a vestry-man for Bedford. (S) Hist. of Westchester Co., Bolton, 1905, V1, P59.
5/1697, Deliverance the Deputy for Rye to CT Legislature.
10/1697, Deliverance appointed to make delivery on the estate of John Brundish2434iii.
1698, Deliverance a Justice for Rye.
~1727 Deliverance died.
Deliverance Brown, born ?.
Samuel Brown, born ?.
Zebediah Brown, born ?.
Rachel Brown, born ?.
She married Benjamin Mead.
Johnathan Brown, born ~1706.
Proprietor of NY and Boston Stage Line.
He married Deborah Mead, d/o Samuel.
6/15/1768 he died in Hartford, CT.