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Saturday, April 17, 2010

16962 Richard Pickering

16962. Richard Pickering 

7/4/1521, “Household: Of Alan Jefferson, Darcy's servant, for animals received from Richard Pickering, keeper of Rothwell Haigh.” (S) UKNA. [Rothwell Haigh is in West Yorkshire near Lincolnshire – home of Jane’s husband.]
1521-22, “Memorandum as to cattle bought by Richard Pykering.” (S) UKNA.
1527, “Memorandum [from Richard Pickering] on trespasses in Rothwell Haigh.” (S) UKNA.
1547, “Richard Pyckering” resident in Lincoln. (S) UKNA.

Children of Richard and ?:

i. Jane Pickering (8481), born 1528 in England.