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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chamberlain Richard Reade & Agnes Hamby

16964. Chamberlain Richard Reade & 16965. Agnes Hamby  

~1480, Richard born in England, s/o 33928. John Reade & 33929. Margaret ?.

1512, Agnes born in Alford, England; d/o 16960. George Hamby & 33931. Margaret Greene.

1513, Richard mentioned in connection with the Corpus Christi Guild. [Established at York in 1408, the principal object appears to have been to promote the decorous observance of the religious festival of Corpus Christi.]

Richard “of Wrangle”, merchant of the Staple of Calais. [Apparently a wealthy merchant – most men associated with this title were successful enough to be involved in international trade. Wrangle is a parish in Lincolnshire, near Boston on the east coast.]

1514 & 1515, Richard, chamberlain of the Corpus Christi Guild.

1523, Richard “assessed to the subsidy” of Wrangle.

~1526, Richard married Agnes.

1528, Richard erected a monument to the memory of his parents in Wrangle church.

1529-32, “John Tyrrell, esquire, … : Petition for the examination of John Marshall, Richard Reade and other witnesses …” (S) UKNA.

1531, Agnes admitted into the Corpus Christi Guild.

1535, Richard rented the land belonging to the Abbey of Waltham and to the Rectory of Wrangle.

4/10/1537, Richard wrote his will; “to be buried in the Quire of Wrangle”, and named his son John heir.

4/19/1537, Agnes wrote her will.

Bef. 5/5/1537, Richard died.

Bef. 5/8/1537, Agnes died in England.

(S) Lincoln Pedigrees, Maddison & Larken, 1903, P815.

Children of Richard and Agnes:

i. John Reade, born ? in England.

John, heir, married Katherine Copledyke, d/o Sir John.

ii. Thomas Reade, born ? in England.

1538-44, “Thomas Reade of Bellington, gentleman, v. John Davye and Geoffrey Reade, clerk, executors of Richard Reade of Wrangle, gentleman.: Tenement in Leake late of the said Richard, father of the said Thomas and Geoffrey.” (S) UKNA.

iv. Frances Reade (8482), born ~1530 in England.

[4th son]