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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bond 1856 & 1857

1856. James Coward & 1857. Mary Alloway [England, VA]

Aft. 1668, James born in Wells, Somerset, England, s/o 3712. William Cowherd & 3713. Lady Mohun.
1670, Mary born in Virginia, d/o 3714. John Alloway & 3715. Dorothy Walters.
Mary 1st married Hezekiah/Zekiah Coolidge.
John Alloway, Sr. and wife Dorothy deed tract of land on Totusky Creek to Hezekiah Collidge of VA. Totsusky Creek runs into the Rappahannock River. (S) DB7, P50.
James immigrated to VA with passage paid by William Colston. [4/4/1688 William Colston granted certificate for importation of 36 persons to VA, including James Coward. “William Colston”, will of 1676, is found multiple times in records of Wells & Bristol. His son is likely the one traveling to VA.]
Hezekiah died.
Bef. 1/12/1687, James witnessed a deed of [future wife] Mary Collidge, recorded on this date. (S) Rapp. Co., B7, P423. “Know all men by these presents that I, Mary Collidge, for the great love and motherly affection I have and bear unto my two children, Phillip and Mary Collidge and for diverse other considerations, me therounto moving, have and make over unto the said Phillip and Mary Collidge five head of cattle”. /M/ by Mary Collidge. Witness: William Colston, Isaac Wright, James Coward. [Note: William Colston is the person who paid for James’ passage.]
2/2/1687, James married Mary in Rappahannock Co., VA. [They likely married soon after Hezekiah died, which was common in those days for a widow with children.]
James Coward given administration of the estate of Hezekiah Collidge.
1692, Rapp. Co. divided into Richmond Co. [north of river] and Essex Co. [south of river].
7/1706, James appointed Undersheriff of Richmond Co.
10/6/1708, James petitioned the Court and was granted permission to operate an ordinary [Inn] at his home near Totusky Ferry.
~1710, Mary died in Richmond Co.
Bef. 5/28/1717, James died in Richmond Co., VA. (S) Son William “heir”.
(S) Coward-Cowart Chronicles, Volume 1, by Robert J. Robinson, Quitman, GA.

Family notes:
• A “William Coward” came to America from England. He was granted a large tract of land in the Albemarle Sound area of NC, but which in the latter 1600’s, was considered a part of the colony of VA. The property became a part of Chowan County, and then in 1722 Bertie County when it was formed. The large plantation there was operated by Sir William Cowart until his death April 5, 1705. This William is also a possibility for the “Coward/Cowart” lineage; and is at least likely related.

Children of Hezekiah and Mary:

i. Phillip Coolidge, born bef. 1687.

ii. Mary Coolidge, born bef. 1687.

Children of James and Mary:

i. William Coward ( 928), born 12/1687 in VA.

ii. James Coward, born aft 1687.

iii. Benjamin Coward, born aft 1687.

iv. Thomas Coward, born aft 1687.