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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pierre Gagnon & Renee Roger r

1370. Pierre Gagnon & 1371. Renee Roger

1572 Pierre born in St. Antoine de Tourouvre, Alencon, Orne, France; s/o 2740. Barnabe Gagnon & 2741. Francoise Crest.

1580 Renee born in Alencon, Orne, France; d/o 2742. Gervais Roger & 2743. Marion Aubert.

1597 Pierre married Renee in Tourouvre, Alencon, Orne, France.
They moved to the area known as La Gagnonniere just outside Tourouvre. Pierre and Renee were tenants of his father and mother: Barnabe and Francoise, who in 12/28/1565 had bought the farm from Renee’s parents: Gervais & Marion.

12/16/1630, Pierre signed for the death of his brother Olivier.
Pierre died in La Gagnonniere, Tourouvre, Perche, France.

1633, in a notarial act, Renee Roger was called the widow of Pierre Gagnon.

1635, Renee’s children traveled to New France, except for Noelle who had married and stayed in France.

1643, Renee traveled to New France to be with her children.

9/3/1647 in Quebec, Renee Roger, a resident of Nouvelle France, witnessed the marriage contract of her son Mathurin. Her son Pierre and daughter Marguerite also attended.

9/30/1647 in Quebec, Renee celebrated the wedding of her son Mathurin at his home with his brothers Jean and Pierre.

(S) Historical Book, Dumaine, Tourouvre and its Memories. (S) Jette, P451.

Family notes:
• The towns of Tourovre and Ventrouze were in the small province of Perche, just south of Normandy. The village of La Gagnonniere was in the forest of Perche between Tourovre and Ventrouze.
• Pierre Jr and his two brothers, Mathurin and Jean came to New France at a time when the colony offered wealth only to those who worked hard. After building a house for the Governor, they settle “on the Beaupre shore”, between Chateau-Richer and Sainte-Anne. In the winter, the three men preferred to live in Québec where they forgot about farming and became merchants.
• Through their various marriages, the first Gagnons and their descendants contributed to the establishment of the Doyon, Bacon and Gravel families in Québec.

Children of Pierre and Renee:

i. Marguerite Gagnon, born 10/5/1598 in France.
2/3/1624 in France, Marguerite married Eloi Tavernier, s/o Thomas & Julienne Jouy.
1635, Marguerite traveled from France to Canada with her family.
1/5/1644, they were in Quebec, where their daughter, Marguerite married Mace Gravel.
4/19/1651 in Quebec, Marguerite the godmother to her granddaughter Marguerite Gravel.
Eloi died – identified as deceased at Marguerite’s burial.
12/7/1677 in Chateau-Richer, Marguerite died; priest Fillon performing the burial the next day.
Marguerite Tavernier, born 1626 at Saint-Malo, France.
5/1/1644 in Quebec, she married Masse Gravelle dit Brindeliere. He was a business partner with her uncles.
1/12/1697 in Chateau-Richer, she died.
Marie Tavernier, born 1632 at Saint-Malo, France.
5/2/1647 in Quebec, she married Gilles Bacon, s/o Etienne.
2/2/1700 in Quebec at Hotel Dieu, she died.

ii. Noelle Gagnon ( 685), born 8/31/1601.

iii. Louis Gagnon, born 1/15/1604 in Tourouvre, Perche, France.
Louis apparently remained/died in France.

iv. Mathurin Gagnon, born 10/22/1606 in La Gagnonniere, France.
1635, Mathurin traveled from France to Canada with his 2 younger brothers.
1640–1646 the brothers owned a shop at Saint Charles of Cape Tourmente.
1643, Mathurin, the only one of the brothers that could write, made a buying trip back to France.
5/1/1644 in Quebec, Mathurin attended the wedding of his niece Marguerite Tavernier.
5/2/1647 in Quebec, Mathurin attended the wedding of his niece Marie Tavernier.
9/30/1647, 41 year old Mathurin married 13-year-old Francoise Godeau, born 1634. This couple supplies New France with the greatest number of Gagnons. When their 14th child was baptized in 1674, Mathurin had just celebrated his 68th birthday.
2/6/1649 in Quebec, they buried an unnamed child baptized on 2/2/1649.
8/14/1651 Mathurin, with his brothers, purchase land and build a house at Place de la Basse-Ville.
10/6/1658, the brothers purchased a shop on rue Saint-Pierre in the lower town of Québec. It was 60 by 24 feet.
2/2/1660, Mathurin and brother Jean confirmed in Chateau-Richer. Multiple nephews and neices were also confirmed.
1666 Census of Montmorency, Mathurin 58, Francoise 30, Marie 16, Mathurin 12, Francoise 7, Marguerite 3, Jacques 1, 2 servants.
10/9/1668, the brothers sold their business to Pierre Pellerin.
1681 Census of Montmorency, Mathurin 75, Francoise 47, Mathurin 27, Vincent 22, Marguerite 17, Jacques 15, Jean 12, Pierre 9, Joseph 7.
1/29/1689, a resident of La Visitation, Françoise the godmother of her granddaughter Charlotte Gagnon, d/o Mathurin.
4/20/1690 at Chateau-Richer, Mathurin died, 20 years after Jean, and 9 years before Pierre.
9/15/1696 at Chateau-Richer, Francoise died.
Marie Madeleine Gagnon, born 6/26/1650 in Quebec.
11/18/1663 in Chateau-Richer, she married Jean Picard.
9/22/1680 in Quebec, she died.
Mathurin Gagnon, born 8/23/1653 in Quebec.
10/28/1686 in Chateau-Richer, he married Charlotte Cochon.
Francoise Gagnon, born 12/15/1655 in Quebec.
2/21/1672 in Chateau-Richer she married Louis Prevost, s/o Martin.
5/30/1680 in Beauport, she died.
Vincent Gagnon, born 8/27/1658 in Quebec.
10/12/1694 in Chateau-Richer, he married Marie Anne Pontife.
11/26/1708 in Chateau-Richer he died.
Marie Gagnon, born 1/23/1662 in Chateau-Richer.
2/10/1662, an infant, she died.
Marguerite Gagnon, born 5/9/1663 in Chateau-Richer.
2/10/1686 in Chateau-Richer, she married Vital Caron.
Jacques Gagnon, born 4/1/1665 in Chateau-Richer.
11/18/1687 in Chateau-Richer, age 22 he died.
Flavien Gagnon, born 8/28/1666 in Chateau-Richer.
2/9/1679 in Chateau-Richer, age 13 he died.
Jean Gagnon, born 3/26/1669 in Chateau-Richer.
Pierre Gagnon, born 9/3/1672 in Chateau-Richer.
2/28/1696 in Chateau-Richer, he married Helene Cloutier.
6/25/1744 in Chateau-Richer, he died.
Joseph Gagnon, born 3/23/1674 in Chateau-Richer.
1/26/1699 in Chateau-Richer, he married Marie Cloutier.
12/11/1745 in Ste-Famille I.O., he died.

v. Jean Gagnon (3672), born 8/13/1610 in La Gagnonniere, France.

vi. Pierre Gagnon II, born 2/14/1612 in La Ventrouze, France.
1602–1635, Pierre Gagnon Jr. is listed as one of Champlain’s members.
1635, traveled from France to Canada with his family.
7/3/1640, Pierre Gagnon obtained a piece of land in Chateau-Richer with six and a half arpents of frontage. This act mentioned that Jean Cauchon junior was his immediate neighbor.
1640–1646 the brothers owned a shop at Saint Charles of Cape Tourmente.
9/14/1642 in Québec, Pierre married Vincente Desvarieux, an 18 year old from Normandy.
8/14/1651 Pierre, with his brothers, purchase land and build a house at Place de la Basse-Ville.
10/6/1658 he purchased a store with his brothers.
8/10/1659, at Quebec, Msgr. de Laval administered the sacrament of Confirmation to Pierre, age 42.
1667 Census of Montmorency, Pierre 52, Vincente 45, Jean 23, Pierre 21, Pierre Paul 18, Joseph 15, Marie 12, Raphael 9, Noel 7, 4 servants.
1/2/1695 in Chateau-Richer, Vincente died; buried the next day.
4/17/1699 in Chateau-Richer, Pierre died; buried the next day.
Children :
Anne Gagnon, born 6/25/1643 in Quebec.
Jean Gagnon, born 5/3/1644 in Quebec.
11/6/1667 in Québec, he married Marguerite Racine.
10/27/1699 in Chateau-Richer, he died.
Pierre Gagnon, born 1646 in Quebec.
1669 in Chateau-Richer, he married Barbe Fortin.
8/10/1687 in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, he died.
Jeanne Gagnon, born 8/3/1648 in Quebec.
9/6/1648, an infant, she died.
Pierre Paul Gagnon, born 9/5/1649 in Quebec.
2/2/1660 in Chateau-Richer, he was confirmed.
4/6/1711 in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, he died.
Joseph Gagnon, born 12/27/1651 in Quebec.
4/28/1680 in Chateau-Richer, he died.
Rene Gagnon, born 9/18/1653 in Quebec.
10/7/1653, an infant, he died.
Marie Madeleine Gagnon, born 2/10/1655 in Quebec.
3/22/1677, age 22, she died.
Raphael Gagnon, born 4/4/1658 in Quebec.
10/1/1671, age 13, he died.
Noel Gagnon, born 2/10/1660 in Quebec.
7/8/1683 in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, he married Genevieve Marie Fortin.
11/25/1708 in Chateau-Richer, he died.