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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bond 1872 Barfield-Loadman

1872. John Barfield & 1873. Jane Loadman [England, NC]

~1635 John born in London, England. Aka “Jon Barefiled”.
~1645, Jane born in ?, d/o 3746. James Loadman & 3747. Jeane ?.
Nansamond Co., VA, John married Jane.
4/12/1653, Robert Brasseur received the headright of 1200 acres on the Nansemond River in Nansemond Co., VA, for transporting 24 persons, including a Jon. Barefeild. (S) C&P, P244.
10/30/1662, John Barefield patented 150 acres on the “S. branch of the Nacimond Riv.” for the transportation of 3 persons. (S) C&P, 1934, P479.
10/8/1672, John Barefeild received 450 acres in Nansemond Co., VA by Somerton Swamp for transporting 9 persons, two of whom were negroes and hence probably his slaves. This grant bordered an area that later became Bertie Co., NC.

Family notes:
• Quaker records of the Sumerton area indicate that a Robert Brasseur, of Virginia, was a Quaker. This may be the same Robert Brasseur who brought Jon Barfield to America. John may have been a Quaker. James Loadman is also known to be a Quaker.

Children of John and Jane:

i. John Barfield, born ?.
1704 Rent Rolls of VA: John Barefield, 300 acres.
10/8/1722, Richard Barfield witnessed a deed of John. (S) Bertie Co., DB-A, P38.
5/1738, Robert Warren and wife, Hannah, to … on Horse Swamp adj. John Barfield.

ii. William Barfield, born ?.
Aft. 1712, William, “the Quaker”, died.

iii. Richard Barfield I ( 936), born ~1665 in VA.
11/14/1694, Richard mentioned in his maternal uncle’s will.

iv. Jane Barfield, born ?.
11/14/1694, Jane mentioned in her maternal uncle’s will.