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Friday, April 9, 2010

John Wyatt

2442. John Wyatt/Wiatt [England]

1561, John born in England, s/o 4884. Ralph Wyat.
1581, John entered Christ Church College, Oxford, “aged 20, born Worcester, pleb.”. [Likely referencing the county, not the city.]
1599–1603, John Wyatt deposed. (S) UK National Archives, Deposition Book Ep/1/11/9.
8/4/1633, Letter from John Wiatt to Henry Sherfield - legal matters. (S) UK National Archives.

Family notes:
• The Wyatt Coat of Arms is described in the Visitation of Worcestor in 1569, but there is no “Wyatt” family pedigree. Margaret Sandis is mentioned as wife of Francis Wyatt of com. Kent.
• The family was known to be related to Sir Francis Wiatt, Governor of VA in 1621.
• 12/15/1638, John Wiatt, Clerk of Priston, Somerset wrote his will. (S) UK National Archives. His will [hard to read] mentions Gilbert grandchildren, sons John, William and Jeremy? – who is administrator.

Children of John and ?:

i. John Wyatt, born ~1600 in England.
1612, John presented to the rectory of St. Martins, Worcester, by William Warmistry [likely the father of the husband of Cecill.]
[John apparently died young leaving no other record.]

ii. Cecill Wyatt, born ?.
Cecill married William W Warmistry of Worcester.
1628–1640, William a magistrate of Worcester. (S) Calendar of the Quarter Sessions, Worcestershire, 1978.
Bef. 3/5/1650, William and Cecill had died.
3/5/1650 in Worcester, Cecill left a will naming Dudley as administrator. (S) UK National Archives.

iii. Elizabeth Wyatt, born ?.
In England, Elizabeth married VA emigrant Christopher Garlington.
9/18/1650, Christopher a grantee [likely by Dudley] of the Northern Neck of VA.
1658, they moved to Northumberland Co., where Christopher was a substantial tobacco planter.

iv. Hannah Wyatt ( 1221), born ~1605 in England.

v. Sir Dudley Wyatt, born 1609 in Worcester City, England.
5/7/1624, Dudley entered Christ Church College, Oxford, as “son of John Wyat … age 16, born Worcester City.” (S) Foster.
4/25/1628, Dudley Wyatt, Scholar of Trinity College. (S) Oliver Cromwell’s Letters and Speeches, Publ. 1861, P300.
1631, Dudley received his B.A. for Trinity. (S) Oliver Cromwell’s …, Publ. 1861, P300.
10/4/1633, Dudley a Fellow of Trinity. (S) Oliver Cromwell’s …, Publ. 1861, P300.
[Worcester was a stronghold for Royalist forces during the Civil War.]
By 1645, Dudley “vanishes from the Bursar’s Books”. (S) Oliver Cromwell’s …, Publ. 1861, P300.
5/1646, ‘Deare Charles–having researved a letter from the King I hav dispacht this berear, Dudley Wiatt to you, with the copie of the letter, by which you may see the King’s command to you and to me.’ [Letter from the Queen in France asking that her son the Prince come to her.] (S) The King in Exile, Scott, 1905, P9. [Sir Dudley Wyatt, a Royalist, appears several times during the first civil war carrying confidential dispatches between King Charles II and the Queen when the latter was in Paris, France. It was in consideration of this service that he was knighted.]
3/5/1649, “'Sir Dudley Wyat, Knight, next of kin of dec.’ had administration c.t.a. of the goods of Cecill Warmistry of City of Worcester, widow of William W. late of same, esq.”
By 9/18/1649, Dudley had committed as a junior proprietor of the Northern Neck charter of 6 million acres in VA granted to Dudley, Hopton, Culpepper (2), Berkeley, Morton and Jermyn by King Charles II while he was in exile in France. The grant covered all the lands within the heads of the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers. The owners were to possess in this domain all the privileges and rights of any court baron in England; they could sell, rent or otherwise convey the lands.
12/2/1649, Charles Wheler wrote a letter to Dudley seeking to dissuade him from going to VA. [Dudley’s sisters was already there married to his business partners. In 1676, 2 of Charles Wheeler’s sons traveled to VA on board the ship Bristol as soldiers to suppress Bacon’s rebellion.]
Dudley travelled to America.
3/29/1650, Dudley wrote his will recorded in the secretary’s office, James City, VA, in which he leaves legacy to Mrs. Hannah Clark.
Bef 9/25/1651, Dudley died; sister Hannah executrix of estate.