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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thomas Symcockes & Alice Sutton

29700. Thomas Symcockes & 29701. Alice Sutton

1559, Thomas born in England, s/o 59400. Christopher Symcockes & 59401. Joan Pettie .

~1565, Alice born in England, d/o 59402. Sir William Sutton.
Thomas married 1st Anne Waste and/or Alice Handerberie. [At least one son by 1587 settlement in which Alice is identified as “Handerberie”. Other sources say "Anne Waste”]
6/1578, Thomas, of Somerset, gentleman, age 18, received a B.A. degree from Lincoln College at the University of Oxford.
9/15/1582, Thomas married Margaret Jessup of Worksop, Notts.
1586, Thomas a “barrister at law” of the Middle Temple.
12/29/1605, Thomas married 2nd Alice. (S) 1587 Settlement of Thomas’ father, and Alice still living after death of Thomas.
1587, “1] Christopher Symcockes of Butleigh and son and heir Thomas. … [see Christopher for complete citation.]
12/29/1605, Thomas married Alice Sutton.
11/25/1613, “Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh” named a member of a Commission of Peace. (S) Somerset Record Society, V23, P-XXIII.
1/1616, Thomas listed as a member of the Quarterly Session at Wells before James Ley, knight.
1617, “1] Sir Richard Grobham kt and John Howe 2] Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh Bargain and sale of Whitley hundred.” [Butleigh & Whitley are in co. Somerset.]
1619, “1] James Hodges and Richard Halswell 2] Christopher and Thomas Symcockes Exemplification of a fine (1587) settling Butleigh manor and advowson.”
10/23/1619, Thomas died at Aram, Noots.
1624, Alice erected a monument to Thomas in Butleigh Church at a cost of £32. 12. 2.
Bef. 1637, Alice married Thomas Powlett. “1] Thomas Powlett of Melplash, Dors and wife Alice 2] Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh son of Alice, and Christopher Coward of Cutterne Mills Assignment of Moorhouse messuage, Butleigh.”
1649, Alice Powlet and Thomas Symcockes with Thomas Abbot of Butleigh – bond for quiet possession of land exchange in Butleigh East field.
Thomas Powlett died.
1653, “1] Thomas Symcockes and wife Dorothy, his mother Alice, widow of Thomas Pawlett 2] Mary Butcher 3] John Webb of St. Martin in the Fields Grant in fee of Butleigh manor and advowson, and Whitley hundred, with attached schedule of leases. Consideration £8.”
1653, 1] John Webb 2] Thomas Symcockes and wife Dorothy, Alice Pawlett Fine on Butleigh manor and Whitley hundred.” [Thomas sold Butleigh manor to John.]
1654-55, “1] Alice Powlet and Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh 2] Robert Meller of little Bredy Demise for 4,000 years of a messuage late Dyer Symcockes and 61a and Hutchings (8a) in Butleigh.”
By 2/14/1657, Alice died. (S) Will probated.
(S) UKNA. (S) The Midland antiquary, ed. by W.F. Carter, Volumes 1-2, P42.

Family notes:
• Alice Pawlett of Butleigh in the County of Somersett widdow being sick and weake of body but of good and perfect memorie Upon the seaventh day of August in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred fiftie and sixe made this her nuncupative will in manner and forme followinge: Imprimis Shee gave unto the parish church of Butleigh twenty shillings. Item shee gave unto Hester Pawlett her daughter-in-law One hundred pounds to be paid by her executors. Item shee gave unto her servant maides twenty shillings a peece Item shee gave unto her daughter Symcocke the choice of anie jewell she had Item the next choice of all her jewells she gave unto Mary Symcockes the oldest daughter of her sonne Thomas Symcockes Item the third choice of her jewells she gave unto her god daughter Dorothy Symcockes Item shee gave her wedding ringe to her grandchild Thomas Symcocks All the rest of her goods chattles creditts not given and bequeathed her debst paid her funeralls discharged she gave and bequeathed unto Thomas Symcockes her only sonne whom she made her full and whole executor of this her last will and testament. I do acknowledge this to be the last will and testament of Alice Pawlett my mother deceased Tho: Symcocks.
• In the North Isle of Butleigh church: “Thomas Symcocks esquire sonne and heir of Xtofer Symcocks of this place & County esquier, a learned counsellor at the lawes, a justice of the peace both of the Counties of Nottingham and Somerset, and sincere in true religion. Married Alice Sutton the eldest daughter of Sir William Sutton of Aram in the said County of Nottingham Knight, and hadde only issue by her Thomas Symcocks his hopefull sonne and after he had lived with her 14 years in godly amytye he died at Aram aforesaid the 23 Oct 1619 aged 60 years where he was buried by his own direction. In deserved memory of whom and for his posterity his respectful wife erected this monument AD 1624.”

Child of Thomas and Alice:

i. Thomas Symcockes (14850), christened 4/28/1616 in England.