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Monday, April 26, 2010

Vice-Marshall Walter Culpeper & Anne Aucher

39064. Vice-Marshall Walter Culpeper & 39065. Anne Aucher    

~1460, Walter born in Kent, England, 2nd s/o 78128. John Colepeper & 78129. Agnes Gainsford

~1475, Anne born in Lossenham, Kent, England, heiress & d/o 78130. Harry Aucher & 78131. Elizabeth Guildford.

Walter of Wigsell in Salehurst, co. Sussex; Calais, France; and in right of his wife of Losenham in Newenden, co. Kent. [Calais was one of the few remaining English strongholds on the continent.]

1480, Walter’s father died. Walter was left the lands in co. Kent, a manor 'holden by Knights service of the Lord of the Castle of Hastings,” consisting of some 600 acres of plough and pasture, with as much more of wood and heath, in the Sussex parish of Salehurst; lying close under the southwestern border of Kent, not far from Bayhall and Bedgebury. Wigsell was not yet a place of residence. Its original value lay in the supply of charcoal which its forest cover provided for iron smelting.

10/1508, Walter, as under marshall of Calais, France, present at the treaty for the marriage of Mary, daughter of Henry VII to the Duke of Burgundy, afterwards emperor Charles V.

4/1509, Sir Gilbert Talbot, Deputy, …, Treasurer, …, Lieutenant of the Castle, …, Comptroller, …, Walter Culpeper, … Commission to receive from Louis XII. 25,000 francs in crowns of gold at Calais, on 1 May, 1509, in conformity with the treaty of 3 Nov. 1492, between Hen. VII. and Charles VIII., confirmed by Louis under ecclesiastical censures. (S) CCRs.

7/1509, Walter assigned a Crown tenement in Fisherstrete and an annuity of £20 out of the revenues of Calais.

5/1/1510, Walter Culpeper, vice-marshal, of Calais. (S) CCRs.

11/1511, Walter, squire of the Body to King Henry VIII, was granted also the post of bailiff of the Scavage of Calais and the Isle of Colne (S) L. & P. Henry VIII, i, 47, 94, 298.

8/1513, Walter, supporting the King’s invasion of France, commander of the garrison of Calais. The chronicler Hall records that a captain of Boulogue [French] made a night foray on Calais arriving with a thousand men. Some of these foragers approached so near the walls of Calais as to raise the alarm, whereupon: “about five of the clocke in the morning the gate of Calis, called Bullongue gate, was opened, and by permission of the deputie one Culpeper, the under marshall, with two hundred archers under a banner of Saint George, issued forth, and set so fiercelie on that finallie the Frenchmen were discomfited and four and twentie of them slaine, besides twelve score that were made prisoners.” (S) Holinshed iii, P580.

9/14/1514, Walter wrote his will: I Walter Colepepir onder m'shall of the town of Calays. To be byried in the Resurreccon Chapell within Saint Nicholas Churche, … I wyll that Anne my wyff haue all my lands lying within the Shyre of Kent and Sussex, or in any other place within the Realme of England during hir lyff and after hir decesse to remayne to the heires of my body lawfully begotten after the course of the comen lawe of Ynglond and laudable customes of the seyd Shyres of Kent and Sussex where the land lyeth. … To my cosyn Otewell Gaynesford my blak damask cote. To my cosyn George Gaynesford my damask cote of white and grene. To my cosyn Lewes Clyfford my crossebowe and wenlasse and my gune wth her apparel. To Henry Tetle my bowe case of tymbre and one sheff of arowes. My galberdyne of scarlet bordered with veluet to my sone Thomas. To my daughter Elizabeth Welford my grete lewte and oon dosyn of fyne dyaper napkins. To my brodyr Alexander Colepepyr my white harnesse complete. Residue to Anne Colepepyr my wyff to se me honestly byried, and to se Anthony and Willm our sonnys founde to schole. She is to be executrix. Wrytyn wt myn own hand. ….

By 4/28/1516, Walter died, burial request was Calais. (S) Will proved at Lambith by his wife Anne.

9/4/1532, Anne wrote her will. [Abstract] If I happen to dye at Canterbury then I wyll my body to be buryed at the frears there, and yf I happen to dye at Cranbroke then I wyll my body to be buryed at the frears of Lossenham besyde my ffather there buryed. To Wyllm my sone my weddynge rynge and all my platte except my lyttle lowe salt wt the couer and vj my best sponys which I wylle to my daughtr Anne Tooke. To my sone Wyllm Colepeper all my stoke at Lossenham. To every of the children of Elysabeth my daughter xls. She mentions Francis, Anne, Constance, Katheryn and Mary the children of Thomas Wylford, my goddaughters. To my daughter Culepeper ij of my best gownes. Executor and residuary legatee my son Wyllm. All my manors and lands in Newenden Rowynden and Biddenden to certain trustees to hold them to the use of my sone Wyllm and his heirs--in default to the right heirs of Harry Ager, Esq., my father."

(S) 1619 Visitation of Kent. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P249. (S) The Chronicle of Calais, Camden Society, No.35, P6.

Family note:

·         The Baptismal Font at St. Mary the Virgin’s Rolvenden Church has the “Culpeper” arms on one side and the “Guildford” arms on the other.

Children of Walter and Anne:

i. Elizabeth Culpepper (19523), born ~1495 in England.

ii. William Culpeper (19532), born ~1509 in England. [3rd son & heir]