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Monday, April 26, 2010

Richard Biccombe of Somerset & Joan Beaumont

39692. Richard Biccombe & 39693. Joan Beaumont

1474, Richard born in Somerset, England, s/o 79384. Robert Biccombe & 79385. Joan Bere.

~1480, Joan born in High Hampton, Co. Devon, England.

1503, Richard married Joan.

10/1/1506, Geo: Soeke Esqr. And John Sop Gent: granted ye said Mannor to ye said Robert [Biccombe] for his life without impeachment of waste and after his decease to Richard Biccombe and Joan his wife … (S) Note and Queries for Somerset and Dorset, V5-6, P 54.

11/1515, Rob. Bykcombe, Rich. Bykcombe & Elizabeth dau. of Rob. def. Fine on 2 messuages and 4 carucates of land in Nettlecombe and Rowdon and the advowson of Nettlecombe. (S) Somerset Archive and Record Service; Trevelyan Papers.

11/1523, age 49 and more in his fathers IPM, Richard died in England, 7 months after his father.

4/1524, Joan bought son Hugh’s wardship and marriage, and the wardship of lands in Broomfield, Timberscombe, and elsewhere, from Andrew Lutrell; with a proviso that in case he should die under age, she should have the wardship and marriage of his brother, Robert, and so from heir to heir.

(S) Historical Notes on Some Somerset Manors Formerly Connected with the Honour of Dunster, Sir H. C. Maxwell Lytle, 1931, P292.

Children of Richard and Joan:

i. Hugh Biccombe (19846), born 1504 in Somerset, England.

ii. Robert Biccombe, born ~1506 in Somerset, England.