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Monday, April 26, 2010

Thomas Pitt of Bristol & Joayne ?

39744. Thomas Pitt & 39745. Joayne ? {Bond}

~1527, Thomas born in England, s/o 79488. William Pitt & 79489. Helena de Haviland.

1573-4, Item paid to mr Randall hassall, to Thomas pyttes & John hort for red cloth for the pike mens Gasskyns. (S) Bristol, Mark Pilkinton, 1997, P88.

11/28/1575, Thomas “Pitte” a merchant for the ship Grasshopper, a 26 ton ship of Bristol captained by John Durban heading for La Rochelle, France. Thomas was shipping 2 “fother” of lead and 10 “wey” of “Coal, Smith”. Thomas signed the book “Thomas Pitt”. (S) Bristol Port Book, Overseas Outwards, 1575-6.

8/29/1576, Thomas Pitt a merchant for the ship Thobie, a 100 ton ship out of Bristol captained by Robert Davies heading for San Lucar de Barrameda, Spain. Thomas was shipping 27 pieces of “Cloth of Assize, Newbery Kersey.” (S) Bristol Port Book, Overseas Outwards, 1575-6.

4/12/1577, Thomas Pytt of “the cytee of Bristoll” an overseer in the will of Edward Porter, draper. (S) Notes on the Wills in the Great Orphan Book and Book of Wills in the Council House at Bristol, P220.

6/22/1578, Bargain and sale, “ … William Hopkins, William Prewett, Thomas Pytt citizens of Bristol and parishioners of St.Nicholas Consideration: 20 marks Chapel with appurtenances commonly known as Knappes Chapel or St.John the Evangelist Chapel …”. (S) UKNA.

Thomas was a part owner with other merchants of Bristol of the ship Mary Fortune, a privateer ship.

Child of Thomas and Joayne:

i. Thomas Pitt (19872), born ~1550 in England.