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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bond 4240 Hamby-Reade

4240. Edward Hamby & 4241. Elizabeth Reade [England]

1556, Edward born in co. Lincoln, England; s/o 8480. John Hamby & 8481. Jane Pickering.
1557, Elizabeth born in Wrangel, England, heir & d/o 8482. Francis Reade.
~1587, Edward married his 2nd cousin Elizabeth. [Edward’s aunt Agnes Hamby was Elizabeth’s Grandmother.]
Edward, of “Auford” and “Tathwell”.
6/13/1593, “Counterpart of bargain and sale of a moiety of houses in Wrangle, Friskney etc. John and Anne Hatcher, Edward Hamby of Alford and William Rodley of Yarborough. Consideration £230 by Hamby and £60 by Rodley.” (S) UK National Archives, Holywell, 72/17.
11/16/1601, Elizabeth, age 45, died in Tathwell.
7/16/1617, Edward, Gentleman, wrote his will in Maltby Le Marsh. (S) Records of the Perogative Court of Cantebury. [“Maltby next Louth” – Louth the primary home of the Hamby & Reade families.]
12/8/1617, Edward died.
12/12/1617, Edward buried at St. Giles Church, Cripplegate, London, England.
(S) Le Neve’s pedigrees of the knights made by King Charles II, Peter Le Neve, 1873, P221. (S) Lincoln Pedigrees, Maddison & Larken, 1903, P448. (See CD)

Children of Edward and Elizabeth: [not all children listed.]

i. Francis Hamby, baptized 3/23/1588 in Tathwell.
1592, Francis, heir, is age 4.
Francis married Ursula Garrard, d/o John, Lord Mayor of London.
1627, Francis executor of his brother Edward’s will.
10/14/1633, Francis married 2nd Magdalen Leeds, d/o Sir John, Knt.
9/30/1639, Francis died at Tathwell.
Sir John Hamby, born 1636 at Tathwell.
He married Elizabeth Porter, heir of Richard of Lamberhurst, co. Kent.
2/26/1688, he was Knighted.
7/13/1675, he was buried at Tathwell.

ii. John Hamby, baptized 11/26/1590 in Tathwell.

iii. Richard Hamby ( 2120), baptized 9/21/1592 in England.

iv. William Hamby, baptized 11/25/1593 in Tathwell.
4/21/1621, William named in his brother Edward’s will.
1649, William of “West Ashby”.

v. Edward Hamby, baptized 8/12/1596 in Tathwell.
4/21/1621, Edward wrote his will.
Bef. 3/14/1626, Edward died. (S) Will proved.
[There is a memorial to Edward in Tathwell Church.]

vi. Elaine Hamby, baptized 1594 in Tathwell.
8/16/1613, Elaine married Timothy Kent, clerk, Donington-on-Bain.

vii. Magdalen Hamby, baptized 2/3/1599 in Tathwell.
4/21/1621, Magdalen named in her brother Edward’s will.
8/20/1624, Magdalen married Richard Reynolds of Manby.