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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bond 4872 & 4873

4872. Richard Cary & 4873. Christiana Dennys [England]

1515, Richard born in Bristol, England, s/o 9744. William Cary & 9745. Joan Herle.
~1525, Christiana, born in Devon, England, d/o 9746. John Dennys & 9747. Dorothy Moncke.
1540, Richard, of Ladford, married Christian.
1555, Richard Sheriff of Devonshire. [Sir Thomas Dennys was Sheriff before Richard, Sir Robert Denny’s was Sheriff in 1557 – both likely related to Christian. A “Sir Thomas Denny” was also a Virginia Company member.]
1560, Christian died.
Richard married 2nd Joan Haltes, sister of Robert Haltes, Chamberlain of Bristol.
Richard “the elder of the City of Bristol, merchant.”
11/28/1567, “Exemplification of a Recovery. Robert Cary, Esq. … . George Cary, Esq., tenant.
Robert Cary, Richard Cary, vouchees. John Howell, common vouchee. Manors of Cokyngton and Shylston alias Chylston with appurtenances, viz. 50 messuages, 20 tofts, 1 windmill, 2 water mills, 1 dovehouse, 50 gardens, 1,500a. land, 80a. meadow, 300a. pasture, 160a. wood, 40a. furze and heath and 20s. rents in Cockyngton and Chylston.” (S) UK National Archives.
11/4/1570, Richard wrote his will. (S) UK National Archives.
6/17/1571, Richard died, buried at St. Nicholas Church, Bristol.
(S) NEG&HR, 1895, P401. (S) Some Prominent Virginia Families, Bellet, 1907, P59. (S) 1564 Visitation of Devon. (S) 1620 Visitation of Devon.

Children of Richard and Christiana: [9 children]

i. Richard Cary, baptized 8/18/1542 at St. Nicholas Church, England.
6/14/1591, Richard died; buried at St. Nicholas.

vii. William Cary ( 2436), baptized 10/3/1550 in England.

Children of Richard and Joan: [6 children]

xv. Christopher Cary, born 1568 in Bristol, England.
1612, Christopher Sheriff of Bristol. [His brother William was Mayor in 1611.]

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