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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sir William Steed & Cicely Culpeper

4882. Sir William Steed & 4883. Cicely Culpeper [England]

7/3/1558, William christened in Harrietsham, Maidstone, co. Kent, England, s/o 9764. William Steed & 9765. Joan Pordage. [Birth year based on 1579 acquisition of property.]
9/27/1574, William heir to his father.
~1565, Cicely born in at Wigsell, Salehurst, co. Sussex, England, d/o 9766. John Culpeper & 9767. Elizabeth Sedley.
1579, Sir Warham St. Leger of Ulcombe alienated the moiety [part of an inheritance] of the Manor of Harrietsham to William. [Generally and exchange of property.]
6/11/1586, William “of Haretsham Milit.”, married Cicely. “William Steed, gent., and Secilia Colepyr, spr., of city of London, dau. of John Colepyr of Wiggessell co. Sussex, gent. The bridegroom was the eldest son, by her first marriage, of the second wife of the bride’s uncle, Francis.” (S) Harl. Pub., XXV, P150.
1587, William started construction of Stede Hill manor at a cost of more than £2000.
11/1588, William received a grant of arms.
5/20/1590, William left “my best gelding except such gelding as his mother shall reserve for herself” by his step-father Francis Culpeper.
3/23/1598, William left “goods and chattels” in the will of his mother, and named executor.
10/20/1590, “John Colepeper of Wigsell, Salehurst esq to John Kenward of Tudely Kent gent £100, second payment mentioned in deed of 20 Oct 1590 W: William Stede, Cecily Stede.”
1600, William and Sir Wm Sands appointed to make a survey fo the Faversham Oyster Fishery grounds.
10/22/1602, “My nephew William Steede of Steede Hill Esq.” mentioned in the will of Cicely’s uncle Thomas Culpeper.
5/3/1603, “General session of the peace held at Maidstone on Tuesday after the close of Easter, 3rd May, 1603, before Thomas Fludd, and John Leveson, knights, Michael Barneham, Lawrence Washington, Zacharia Scott, Samuel Boys, and William Steed, esquires, and others.”
1603-04, William knighted.
1604, Silver plate donated to St. John the Baptist Church, Harrietsham, by Sir William Stede, Knight, and his wife Cicley Culpeper.
9/13/1604, “William Batherst of Headcorn, …, with other unknown disturbers of the peace to the number of seven, riotiously broke into and entered the close of John Harrys of Headcorn, labourer, in Headcorn and took away fish from the fish pond of the said John there and also about 8 p. m. assaulted John and wounded him. Each fined 12d. by Sir Edward Filmer and Sir William Steed, two justices at Leeds on the 13 Sept. 1604. Signatures of the two justices.”
9/27/1605, William presented Wm. Wilcocke to the church of St. Margaret, Wichling.
11/27/1605, Counterpart settlement (assignment of a lease in trust): John Fowle of Sandhurst in Kent, esq, to William Stede of Harrietsham, kt, Thomas Culpeper of Greeneway Covert, esq, Justinian Champeneis of Gray's Inn, esq, John Culpeper of London, esq and Alexander Culpeper of London, esq A watermill, buildings, watercourses, floodgates, ponds, dams and fishings belonging to it, in Bodiam According to the trusts in a deed of the same day between the parties concerning JF's land in Sandhurst [the settlement on JF's marriage with WS's daughter Cicely].
5/28/1610, “Conveyance of £100: “Thomas Culpeper of Greenway Court … John Culpeper … to John Fowle … W: William Stede, George Sedley, Thomas Culpeper …”
10/1/1610, John Fowle [of ...] in Kent, esq, to George Hoveden, one of the prebendaries of Christ Church, Canterbury The messuage, barn and 65a called Gyles his Tenement in Guestling, purchased from William Stede of Harrietsham in Kent, kt, of which: 1 Two pieces called Giles Crofts (W: land of the heirs of James Hobson, late Philip Stokes, called Harwards; S: late James Hobson; N, E: a lane to Eastmarsh) 2 One piece (S, E, W: a lane to Lidham Hill; N: Snapes, part of the premises) 3 Two pieces (N: the common fleet; W: marsh called Calves Marling, late James Hobson; S: land called Snapes; E: marsh of the rectory of [?Guestling] 4 Pieces called Burax and Snape (N: lane from Lidham Hill to Calves Marling; S: land late Thomas ...lies; E: land called Arnolds) 5 Piece of meadow or freshmarsh, late saltmarsh, now enclosed (N: marsh of Robert...; W:... Lidham) Warranty against the dower of JF's wife Cicily W: William Stede, … (S) UK National Archives.
1612, “Sir William Steed of Steed-hill, in Harrietsham” Sheriff. (S) Sheriffs of Kent.
1/1614, “lease 99 and 2000 years by William Steede of Harrietsham in Kent, kt, Thomas Culpeper of... in Kent, esq and John Culpeper of Astwood in Worcestershire, esq, to Robert Fisher and John Barber of Aylesford in Kent, gents, Jan 1614.”
10/5/1614, “Plaintiff: Jn Steede Harrietsham Thos Steede Lenham; legs; Defendant: Wm Brickenden gent, Tenterden exor; Document: Lib; CASE: Test (Wm Steede, Tenterden).” [Jn & Thos are Wm’s sons.]
8/1/1615, William arranged for his son “Sir John Stede” to marry.
1/20/1620, William wrote his will. (S) UK National Archives. [Cicely named in will.]
3/12/1620, Sir William buried at Harrietsham.
7/6/1622, Cecilia buried at Harrietsham.
(S) UK National Archives. (S) 1619 Visitation of Kent, “Steede”. (S) Harrietsham & St. John Church Archives. (S) Stede Hill, Goodall, 1949.

Family notes:
• William’s will: In the Name of God Amen. The one & twentyth day of January, … of our Lord God 1620. I Sir William Stede of Harietsham in the county of Kent, Knightm as being ? of body, but of perfect remebrance, I thank God … my body is to be buried in the parish church of Harietsham … I will unto my much beloved wife Cicely Stede, all her apparell, jewels, … son John, … 101. per annum, to be paid out of lands in Sandhurst, for binding out yearly the children of the poorest people in this parish, Harrietsham, and Milton by Sittingborne …
• 1831, Harrietsham, a parish in the hundred of Eyhorne, lathe of Aylesford, county of Kent, 7½ miles (E. by S.) from Maidstone, containing 707 inhabitants.
• The Culpeper Manor of Greenway Court is located about halfway between the churches of Hollingbourne and Harrietsham. Several of the Hollingbourne Culpepers were baptized at the church at Harrietsham, and there were several marriages between Culpeper and Stede families.

Children of William and Cicely: [Not all listed.]

i. Cicely Stede, baptized 11/12/1587 at Hollingbourne.
Cicely married John Fowle.
1605, see her father William.
1610, see her father William.
Bef. 5/11/1621, Cicely died. (S) “… death of Cicely Fowle without male issue and of her father William Stede … confirm the manor to JF for life in tail male, remainder in tail female, in consideration of which he covenants, in accordance with the settlement of 1605, within 100 days to settle property worth £120 a year on himself for life, remainder to Elizabeth Fowle and Mary Fowle, his daughters by Cicely Stede. … JF is not bound to honour the condition since the death of William Stede to whom it was made, but does so for his love and affection for his daughters.”
Elizabeth Fowle, born ?.
Mary Fowle, born ?.

ii. Elizabeth Steed ( 2441), born ~1590 in Harrietsham, England.

iii. John Stede, Knt., born 1591 in England. [Heir]
8/1/1615, John’s marriage arranged by his father to Elizabeth Crowmer, hier & d/o James.
9/17/1615, John married Elizabeth.
2/8/1618, Elizabeth buried at Harrietsham.
John married 2nd Hester ?.
6/22/1622, John buried at Harrietsham.
7/10/1622, “Will of Sir John Steede of Harrietsham, Kent.” Probated. (S) UK National Archives.
4/2/1636, Hester buried at Harrietsham.
Cecilia Steed, baptized 8/5/1617 in Harrietsham.
4/24/1633, she married William Sandys of Fladbury, co. Worcester.

iv. William Stede, baptized 12/2/1593 in Harrietsham.
12/17/1632, William married Hester Sandys.
1637, Dr. William Stede, LL.D. presented a 1629 London Hall Mark flagon of silver as an addition to the silver plate of St. John’s.
Aft. 1671, William died.
Sir Edwin Stede, baptized 5/4/1639 in Harrietsham.
Bef. 1672 he married Cecilia Clarke, d/o William, s/o John No. 2240.
7/19/1695, he died.

v. Thomas Steede, born ~1600 in Harrietsham.
Thomas married Elizabeth Videan de Molish, d/o Thomas.
William Steede, born 1621 in England. (S) Visitation of Kent, 1619.

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