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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bond 4884 Wyat

4884. Ralph Wyat [England]

!1520, Ralph born in England. [From family connections and evidence of family status with the Royal Court, likely a s/o Sir Thomas Wyatt, s/o Sir Henry Wyatt of co. Kent; or an unknown child of Sir Henry who likely had many undocumented children given his status in Court, and only documented marriage around age 45.]
1570, Ralph, “high bailiff of the city of Worcester”, purchased Cudley manor, in the parish of St. Martin from Sir John Hubaud.
1572, Ralph died; “a worthy magistrate, who maintained the honour of his city.”
(S) The Heraldy of Worcestershire, Grazebrook, 1873, P655.

Family notes:
• William Wyatt’s Arms (1558-1632) on a memorial in St Albans Church, Worcester: “Or on a fesse Gules between three boars head couped Sable, as many mullets Argent” with the motto “Endure and Hope”. Mullets instead of Lions or pheons are rare in Wyatt arms, though Roger Twysden in his roll dated 1578 does give Wyatt of Kent exactly similar arms as those borne by Wyatt of Worcester. “The same arms were borne by the Wyatts of Stapleton, co. Gloucester, … on the tomb of John Wyatt … in Stapleton Church.” It is also know that relative Haute Wyatt, “left issue in Virginia”.

Children of Ralph and ?:

i. William Wiatt, born 1558 in England.
1572, William heir to his father.
1585, William, Deputy to the Bishop of Worcester. (S) UK National Archives.
1588, “Petition to the lord Treasurer by the bishop of Worcester, that William Wyat, son of Ralph Wyat, deceased, late alderman of Wurcetour and under collector of clerical tenths in his diocese, may be called to account and order taken for the bishop's indemnity.” (S) UK Natl. Archives, SP46/35/fo13.
1608, Recognizance before … Yoeman Edward Wyatt … of the City of Worcester for the … for keeping the peace towards William Wiate. (S) UK National Archives.
1632, William died in England.
Frances Wyatt, only daughter and heir, born ?.
She married Richard Wyatt. [Likely a cousin.]
1635, they sold Cudley manor to Sir Robert Berkeley.

ii. John Wiatt/Wyatt ( 2441), born 1561 in England.