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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bond 4960 & 4961

4960. Robert Godwyn & 4961. Elizabeth Smythes [England]

1589 Robert born in Somerset, England; s/o 9920. Anthony Godwyn & 9921. Elizabeth Maye.
6/22/1595, Elizabeth baptized in Wrington, England; d/o 9922. John Smythes & 9923. Joan Biccombe/Dorington. (S) Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, Vol.IV., 1905, P279. [Joan “of” Dorington is the same person as Joan Bicccombe.]
[1596–1616, Godwyn v. Smythe: Somerset. (S) UK National Archives.]
1610, when his father died Robert was still under age. [He turned 21 that year.]
1613, Robert, age 24, married Elizabeth. (S) The History of the Parish and Manor of Wookey. [Wookey is 2 miles west of the town of Wells, Somerset.]
1/1618, “Whereas Robert Godwyn, gent., doth refuse to pay the tithing rate of Wookey (of which place he holdeth the parsonage, as his father before him), and hath not shown any good cause to excuse or acquit himself : Ordered that he shall henceforth pay the said rate until he can show good cause to the contrary.” (S) Quarter Session Records for the County of Somerset, Habin, 1907, P223.
1623, Robert signed the pedigree. Robert’s coat of arms was the same as that of “Godwyn’s Bower” .
5/1626, daughter Elizabeth Godwyn married to Robert Godwyn mentioned in the will of her father John Smythes.
1628, the lease on the Rectory House Robert received as successor of his father was renewed: “by Mr. William Prowse, on the lives of Robert and his wife, Elizabeth, and their sons, Joseph and Edward.”
5/2/1638, Elizabeth mentioned in the will of Joan Dorington, as well as her children Edward, Elizabeth, Ana, Joane and Thomas.
1641, Robert paid a tax of 2 pounds “as a recusant”. (S) Holmes, P150.
1649, William Ceely v Robert Godwyn, Edward Huish, Alexander Jett and Mary Bisse widow: Huntspill, Somerset. (S) UK National Archives. [Note: Mary Bisse is Elizabeth’s sister.]
1/8/1660, Robert named as Edwin’s father in Edwin’s will.
10/31/1661, Robert wrote his will in Wookey, Somerset, Gent. He stated he was old and infirm.
Bef. 7/26/1664, Robert died. He had apparently made a trust before his death. (S) Will proved.
(S) 1623 Visitation of Somersetshire, The Harleian Society, V11, Publ. 1876, P41. (S) The History of the Parish and Manor of Wookey.

Family notes:
• In his will John Smithies ( 9922) speaks of his son-in-law Robert as “A man not conformable to the laws of the Church of England”.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth:

i. Joseph Godwyn, born 1615 in Somerset, England.
(S) Visitations of 1623.
Joseph married Susan Walrond.
~1659 Joseph sold his brother Edwin some property near Highbridge.
1/8/1660 Joseph named as Edwin’s brother in Edwin’s will.
10/31/1661 Joseph mentioned in his father’s will. [The only relative mentioned].
1664 Joseph inherited the Rectory lease at Wookey.
1668 Joseph died. (S) Will proven.
Joseph Godwyn, born 1649.
He married Eleanor Huks. [They had 12 children.]
1725 he died.
Henry Godwyn, born 1651.

ii. Edwin Godwyn, born 1616 in Somerset, England. Aka “Edward” and “Edmond”.
(S) Visitations of 1623.
Edwin married Elizabeth ?. (S) Edwin’s will.
5/2/1638 Edwin mentioned in the will of Joan Dorington.
1/8/1660 “Edwin of Wraxall, Somerset, gent.” made his will.
Bef 5/6/1661 Edwin died. (S) Will proven. The will stated that his wife and child Elizabeth should have the tenement “lately purchased of his brother, Joseph Godwin”, near Highbudge.
Elizabeth Godwyn, born bef. 1638. (S) Edwin’s will.

iii. Mary Godwyn, born 1617 in Somerset, England.
(S) Visitations of 1623.
Bef. 1638 Mary died. (S) Not mentioned in the will of Joan Dorington.

iv. Elizabeth Godwyn, born 1618–23 in Somerset, England.
(S) Visitations of 1623.
5/2/1638 Elizabeth mentioned in the will of Joan Dorington.

v. Anna Godwyn, born 1624–25 in Somerset, England.
5/2/1638 Anna mentioned in the will of Joan Dorington.

vi. Joane Godwyn, born 1626–27 in Somerset, England.
5/2/1638 Joane mentioned in the will of Joan Dorington.

vii. Thomas Godwyn Sr ( 2480), born 1628–29 in Somerset Co., England.

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