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Friday, April 30, 2010

Bond 59418 Champernon-Norris

59418. Sir Arthur Champernon & 59419. Mary Norris {Bond}

1524, Arthur born in Dartington, com. Devon, England, 2nd s/o 118836. Sir Philip Champernon & 118837. Catherine Carew.

~1527, Mary born in England, 118838. Sir Henry Norris & 118839. Mary Fiennes.

~1543, Mary 1st married Sr George Carew [His 2nd.]

1545, Sir George died in the sinking of the Royal Navy flagship “Mary Rose” at the battle of Solent.

1546, Arthur married Mary.

1546, Arthur knighted by Edward IV after serving in France.

12/20/1546, “Counterpart lease for 60 years. 1 Sir Arthur Champernowne. 2 Sir Richard Edgecombe. Farm and grange at Maristow and the house and lands there, including a close at Blaxton.”

5/4/1549, “Bargain and sale. 1 Sir Arthur Champernowne. 2 John Stacye of Bere Ferrers, yeoman …”.

1549, Arthur helped suppress the rebellion against the English-language Bible.

11/6/1552, “By letters patent under the great seal …, Edward VI leased to Arthur Champernon, kt, the rectory of Ugborough, Devonshire, etc., …”

1554, Arthur, through exchange with Thomas Aylworth, Lord of Dartington, his mansion house at Polsoe, Exeter, for the Dartington estate.

1562, “Bargain and sale … 1 Sir Arthur Champernon of Dartington, knight. 2 Vincent Calmady … The site of Plympton Priory, … “.

1559-60, Arthur Sheriff of Devon. (S) Justices of the Peace in Mid-Tudor Devon, Zmarzly, 2007.

1567, “Letters Patent grating the rectory of Broadclyst to Arthur Champernowne, knight, for 21 years at an annual rent of £47-3-6.” (S) Devon Record Office.

1567-68, “Defeasance of a bond by Sir John Perrott of Castle Carew, and Sir Arthur Champernowne of Dartington, co. Devon, knights and Robert Hopton of London, esquire, for the payment of £100, to George Harvye the elder …”.

1568, Arthur organized the interception of the Spanish treasure fleet taking money to the Netherlands. Arthur delivered 64 boxes weighting about 8 tonnes to the Tower, estimated worth of 2 million Royales.

1572, “’The discourse of Ireland.’ Only the fifth part inhabited by Englishmen. More chargeable than profitable. Waste ground offered by the Queen to ‘Sir A. C. V. G.’ [In the margin: ‘Sir Arthur Champernon, Sir Humphrey Gilbert.’] and others …”. (S) Lambeth Palace Library.

1575, Arthur Vice-Admiral of the West. (S) Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth.

4/1/1578, Arthur died.

(S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P192. (S) UKNA. (S) Chapters from the Agrarian History of England and Wales, 1990, P116. (S) John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, P455.

Child of Arthur and Mary:

i. Elizabeth Champernon (29709), born ~1560 in England.