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Friday, April 2, 2010

Bond 632 Hardee-O'Dyer

632. John Nobel Worthington Hardee & 633 Charlotte “Charity” O’Dyer [England, NC]

~1638, John born in Pembroke, Dyfed, Wales, England; s/o 1264. Anthony Hardee I.
~1640, Charity born in England, d/o 1266. Gabrielle O’Dyer & 1267. Mary ?.
Bef. 5/17/1660, Charlotte became a ward of Henry Vincent after the death of her father.
10/7/1664, John married Charity in England.
They moved to Dorchestershire.
They traveled to Virginia.
10/4/1672, “John Hardie & Charlotte Odger, dau Gavriel Odger” mentioned in court records.
11/19/1673, Jno Hardy and wife Charrity - to Isaack Allerton … now by death of my sister Mary Butler late wife of Nathaniel Butler - devolving Charrity now wife of Hardy, daughter of Gabrielle Odger as heirs to her sister Mary Butler.
They moved to NC.
10/7/1695, John and his wife Charity proved “Rights of Importation” for themselves and 5 children. [This could be for coming from England or VA.]
1704, John granted 640 acres along Salmon Creek in Chowan Co. [future Bertie Co.], NC. His “manor plantation” was located near the current village of Colerain, Bertie Co., NC, on the Chowan River.
1710–1711, John sheriff of Chowan Co.
1711, John a member of the House of Burgesses.
1712, John named an appraiser of the estate of Edward Hyde.
8/30/1714, John Edwards ( 934) 150 acres in Chowan prct. “on ye W. side of Kesiah River, joining John Hardy … and ye meander of ye River. (S) NC PB1, P242.
1716–1719, Governor Charles Eden appointed John Hardy, Esquire, as an Assistant Justice to Christopher Gale, Chief Justice.
4/28/1716, John Edwards Sr ( 934) of Chowan Prect and Dorcas his wife to … on the west side of Kesiah River joining John Hardy and the river …
11/15/1716, John Hardy, Esq. ordered with 2 others to divide up Henry King’s ( 304) estate. (S) NC Exec. Council Minutes.
8/1/1717, Mr. John Hardy ordered to take depositions for the Council. (S) NC Exec. Council Minutes.
11/11/1718, John presented evidence to the NC Exec. Council at the court house.

Children of John and Charity:

i. John Hardee, born 10/7/1665 in Pembroke, Dyfed, Wales, England.
1716, John owned property in the Chowan prct. of NC along Salmon Creek with his father.
1/19/1719, possibly this John wrote his will in NC. [This lineage is questionable. John’s will names brothers, daughters, and a wife Rebecca. This John names no sons – and the brothers names do not match any listed in the genealogies.] Bef. 3/16/1719 John died; will probated

ii. Joseph Hardee, born ~1669 in Pembroke, Dyfed, Wales, England.

iii. Thomas Hardee, born ~1671 in Pembroke, Dyfed, Wales, England.

iv. Anthony Hardee II ( 316), born 1/7/1675.