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Friday, April 2, 2010

Bond 636 & 637

636. John Tyson & 637. Susannika ? [England, VA]

1635, “Jan Mattison” born in Wales, England.
[Possibly: Yorkshire: 1648 – John Mattison v James Watkin; 1649 – Thomas Metcalfe v Sir Arthur Ingram knight and John Mattison; 1652, Will of John Mattison Yeoman York.]
1658, John married Susannika.
1664, “Jan Mathiason” in Northampton Co., VA. (S) Tithables list.
1675, “John Mathiason” in Northampton Co., VA. (S) Tithables list.
1676, “John Mattison” in Northampton Co., VA. (S) Tithables list.
1677, “John Tyson” in Northampton Co., VA. (S) Tithables list.
3/27/1679, “John Tyson and Susannika his wife and Matthias Tyson their son” bought 100 acres of land in Northampton Co. from William Andrews.
3/1/1681, John wrote his will in Northampton Co.: In the Name of God Amen I, John Mattice of the County of Northampton in Virginia a Planter Being very sick and weak of body but in perfect memory Do make this my last Will and Testament as followeth - I do bequeath my Soul to God who gave it hoping through the mercies of my Blessed Saviour to Inherit Everlasting Life My body to the Earth to ? Decent and Christian like burial - And for what Estate in this world it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I do bequeath as followeth My just debts being paid- I give to my Dearly Beloved Wife Susanna Tice all my goods and chattle so long as she remains a widow But in case she do marry then shall my goods and chattle be equally divided between my Three children Mathias Tice and Anne Tice and Katherin Tice and in confidence of these presence and to all intents and purposes In witness hereof I have - I have sett my hand and Seal this first day of March One Thousand Six Hundred Eighty One. (S) Northampton Co. Order Book & Wills XV (No12) 1683-1689, P15.
Bef. 8/28/1683, John died in Northampton Co., VA. (S) Will probated. “The Said day the last Will and Testament of John Mattison Decd was proved in open Court by the Corporal Oath of Charles Lorks.”
Susannika married 2nd Robert Hamilton.
2/2/1703, son Mathias sold 300 acres in VA for 4,000 pounds of tobacco to Robert Hamilton, his stepfather.

Children of John and Susannika:

i. Mathias Tyson ( 318), born 1660.

ii. Anne Tyson, born 1665.

iii. Katherine Tyson, born 1668.