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Friday, April 2, 2010

Bond 928

928. William Coward [VA, NC]

12/1687, William born in North Farnham Parish, VA; s/o 1856. James Coward & 1857. Mary Alloway.
By 1717, William’s father died in VA.
1717, William Coward of North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA “as son and heir of James Coward” sold lands there and went to Chowan Precinct, NC.
4/1/1717, William witnessed a deed of William Tanner, Chowan prct., NC. (S) DB1, P534.
4/15/1718, William Coward purchased from Joseph Jossop 200 acres of land next to James Blount. (S) Chowan, DB1, P564.
1720, William served on jury duty in Chowan prct.
3/30/1721, William served on grand jury duty in Chowan prct. on 3 cases.
7/21/1722 & 8/8/1722, William served on a grand jurys in Chowan prct., Albermarle Co. (S) Journal of NC Gen., V–XII, No.1, P1628.
9/21/1721, William bought 150 acres of land in Chowan from Richard Willson; adjoining his own plantation. (S) DB–C, P175.
12/4/1724, John Harloe sold to William, a “cooper”, 600 acres formerly of Chowan Prct. [now Bertie] for £60, lying on the north side of Morrattock River. (S) Bertie Co., DB-A, P418.
10/9/1725, John Harloe conveyed to William 600 acres of land on Moratock Creek, joined land of … Martin Griffin, on branch of Roquish Creek, in Bertie Co.
Bef. 2/9/1729, William died. The inventory of his estate included Cooper’s tools. [A cooper was one who made or repaired wooden casks or tubs.]
[2/9/1729, John Coward sold 100 Acres adjoining Martin Griffin [the son], land that had been sold to William Coward, deceased. (S) DB-C, P175.]

Children of William and ?:

ii. John Coward ( 464), born ~1704 in VA.
[2/12/1755, Richard Johnson … conveyed 100 acres of land … “being part of a patent to John Harlowe and sold by Harlowe to William Coward and by Coward’s son and heir to Joseph White …." This deed confirms that John was son and heir of William Coward.]

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