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Friday, April 2, 2010

Jacques LeRoy & Suzanne Duchene

670. Jacques LeRoy & 671. Suzanne Duchene [Fra, AL]

~1665 Jacques born in Harve de Grace, France. (S) 1700 census.
~1670 Suzanne born in France.
Jacques married Suzanne in France. (S) Love’s Legacy, P39.
12/1699 Census of Fort Maurepas, Jaques, carpenter, from the vessel Morin. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
5/25/1700 Census of Biloxi, Petty Officer Jaques, native of Harve de Grace, carpenter. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
9/13/1715 in France, Suzanne signed at the baptism of Marie Vinconnau179. (S) No. 358 Family notes.
3/17/1719, Suzanne arranged for transportation with her daughter to LA as a member of “The Toussaint Party” which consisted of Marie Vinconnau and her mother Catherine Toussaint. (S) MCH&GS, V23, #3, P77.
3/21/1719, they set sail on the Dauphine, and in company with the ship St Louis, both of which carried colonists, prisoners [to become colonists], and soldiers.
6/26/1719 the ship arrived at Pensacola. The ship off loaded supplies and then sailed to New Orleans. The colonists were sent to Dauphin Island.

Children of Jacques and Suzanne:

i. Elizabeth “Isabel” Roy ( 335), born ~1685 in St. Sauveur Parish, La Rochelle, France.

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