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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bond 7430 & 7431

7430. Roger Walters & 7431. Elinor ? [VA]

[Possibly s/o Roger Walters of St. Mary Steps, Exeter, England; who died about 1649. This Roger’s son Richard was apprenticed in 1649, and again in 1654 “until the age of 24”.]
1/1633, “Roger Walter” left England for MD on the Ark, a ship chartered by Lord Baltimore. (S) History of MD, Scharf, 1879, P66.
1653, Roger patented 1000 acres in Northumberland Co. (S) VA Co. Rcds., Crozier, 1909, P113.
7/15/1657, Roger applied for a patent for transporting persons including Joice Covington – on the Aquacondec River called West Branch of Potomeck. (S) C&P.
12/29/1669, Roger wrote his will: Wife Ellinor executrix. Bequest of a calf “To Dorothy, now wife of Jno Alloway”, and a bequest to “… Elinor wife of John Yates.” [His daughters.] “… son Roger Walters and Francis the wife of Wm Smythe equally to be divided between them.” “… dau Sarah land betw John Jones and Jno. Wood adj. land Mrs. Eliz Nutt.” “To Jno Jones son of Hugh Jones, taylor, land where sd Hugh now lives.”
Bef. 1/20/1670, Roger died. (S) Will probated.

Children of Roger and Elinor:

i. Jeane Walters, born ? in England.
Jeane married Hugh Jones.
Bef. 12/3/1679, Hugh died. “"Petition of Jeane Jones Relict of Hugh Jones, decd, Com. of Adm.
William Smith & Tho. Gill, bond on it.”
Children: [Births in St. Stephen’s Parish Reg.]
Jno Jones, born 4/13/1662 in VA.
[The next surviving child was born in 1671, so John is the only one mentioned in his grandfather’s will. A record of 2/10/1707 – “Walters, Roger. Grandfather of Jno Jones formerly left him 100 acres in St. S. Parish.”]
Roger Jones, born 2/14/1671 in VA.
Elinor Jones, born 8/12/1674 in VA.
Mary Jones, born 8/3/1676 in VA.
Eliz. Jones, born 2/15/167? in VA.

ii. Roger Walters, born ?.
[He died without issue.]

iii. Francis Walters, born ?.
Francis married William Smythe.
12/3/1679, William mentioned in petition of Francis’ sister Jeane.
2/14/1682, Francis and Wm sold Thomas Berry 300 acres left to her by her father.

iv. Dorothy Walters ( 3715), born ~1650 in VA.

v. Elinor Walters, born ?.
Elinor married John Yeates.
~1683 John died.
William Yeates, born 1664.
11/5/1684, William Yeats, age 20, “volluntarily enters himselfe as an apprentice with his Uncell, Jno. Alloway”. (S) Old Rappahannock Co., Order Bk 1683-5, P48.

vi. Sarah Walters, born ?.

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