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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Robert Windley & Elizabeth Rasher

7450. Robert Windley & 7451. Elizabeth Rasher [England, VA]

~1580, Robert born in Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England.
~1588, Elizabeth born in Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England.
[Lenton in the 1590s was an independent community. An indication of its separation from Nottingham can be found in court records, which show that when plague was raging within Nottingham and no court cases could be heard, Lenton appears to have been unaffected. Lenton was a medium sized village. At an archiepiscopal visit¬ation in 1603, the number of adult parishioners was estimated at 313. ]
5/5/1592, Thomas Sturton of Sturton had made pregnant a young woman, Dorothy Stile, a servant in his house. On finding out, Dorothy claimed that Mr. Sturton had sent her to stay at the house of one Robert Windley in Lenton and that Mistress Sturton had given her 30 shillings and sent a further 20 shillings to Dorothy’s mother to appease her. Robert testified: “'about one years sithens, Dorothie Stile ... came with childe alone to this respondent’s hous in Lenton, whom he, in respect that she is his wieves kinswoman, received and harboured till she was delivered there, and that in the meantime he had nothing for her keeping, neither did any person come to him in her favour nor to his wief as he believeth.” (S) Lenton Times, Issue 24, 1983.
7/9/1608, Robert of Lenton, Webster, married Elizabeth of same, in Lenton, Nottinghamshire. (S) Nottinghamshire: - Abstracts of Marriage Licenses, Archdeaconry Court, 1577-1700.
Bef. 1646, Robert immigrated to VA. [Shaftsbury a precint of old Albarmarle Co. It was on the VA-NC border.]

Children of Robert and Elizabeth:

i. Elizabeth Windley ( 3725), born Bef. 1627 in England.

ii. Robert Windley Jr., born ~1630 in England.
Robert immigrated to VA with his family.
2/25/1660, Robert Windley granted 500 acres in Northampton Co., VA.
They moved to NC, bringing with them their grandchildren John & Elizabeth Eason.
3/29/1680, Robert “Winly” 280 acres “English measure in Shaftsbury precinct, joining Matacommack Creeque, a branch issuing out of sd. Creek, Edward Smithick.” ( 1862 and Eizabeth’s son). (S) NC PB1, P146.
7/31/1688, Robert wrote his will in Albemarle Co., NC,: Son and Executor: William. Daughter: Lidia. Other legatees: John Perry, George Perry, John and Elizabeth Eaton. Witnesses: Edward and Elizabeth Smithwick. [Apparently did not die from the disease that caused him to write his will. Albemarle dissolved in 1739.] John and Elizabeth Eason are related [apparently through a sister that died in England.]
1/1/1694, George Piercy joining Robert Winley and Edward Smithwick. (S) NC PB1, P65.
William Windley, born ? in NC.
9/9/1716, Tobias Knight joining William Winley. (S) NC PB2, P345.
Lidia Windley, born ? in NC.

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