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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anthony Godwyn & Elizabeth Maye

9920. Anthony Godwyn & 9921. Elizabeth Maye

~1563 Anthony born in Wookey, Somerset, England, s/o 19840. William Godwyn & 19841 Christian Burges.
~1565 Elizabeth born in Somerset, England, d/o 19842. Robert Maye & 19843. Dorothy Malet
1579 Anthony married 1st Joan Goad at Wookey. (S) The History of the Parish and Manor of Wookey.
10/1/1582, Richard Godwyn of Wells sold to his brother Anthony of Wookey for 300 pounds land in tenure of Margery Godwyn of Wells, and widow Christian Drew, mother of said Richard.
1588 at Wookey, Anthony married 2nd Elizabeth Maye.
Anthony was heir to the Rectory in Wookey, but fell out of grace and did not receive the property. He left Wookey and moved to London.
11/20/1609 Anthony wrote his will. (S) 26 Wingfield, Brown 1-4. In his will he wrote, “I have manifold troubles and suits of law. I am indebted for the payment of same to my brother-in-law, John Maye, Esq.” He mentions his son Robert who inherited the Rectory lease. He gave “ten pounds out of the Rectory to my son William Godwyn, whom I heartily pray unto God to convert and make an honest man. … My daughters Christian Hewes and Alice Parfait 40 s. each for a ring. Residue to wife Elizabeth. Brother-in-law John Maye and Nicholas Wykes overseers.” (S) UKNA. (S) Abstracts of Somersetshire wills etc: …, Brown & Crisp, 1890.
Bef. 3/8/1610, Anthony died in London, buried in S. Clement Dane’s Church. (S) Will proved.
Aft. 3/8/1610 Elizabeth died. (S) Mentioned in Anthony’s will.
(S) Virginia Historical Genealogies by John Boddie, 1954. (S) 1623 Visitation of Somersetshire.

Family notes:
• An Anthony Godwyn as well as a Robert Godwyn are listed numerous times in the Calendar of Chancel Proceedings of Somersetshire – but the exact dates are unclear. (S) Somersetshire Parishes: A Handbook of Historical Reference to All Places in the County, Humphreys, 1905.
• It may noted that this pedigree differs from others published. The confusion comes from mixing up Anthony (9920) with Anthony, s/o Thomas (9920iv). When the chronology as specified and the information in the will of Anthony (9920) are combined, the error is easily eliminated.

Children of Anthony and Joan: (S) Holmes.

i. William Godwyn, born 1581.
1609, In his father’s will he is left only 40s. to buy a ring with; and a fervent wish that God might convert him and make him an honest man.
1643, “Lessees: William Godwyn, Margery Godwyn (his wife), John Godwyn (their son).” (S) UKNA.

ii. Christian Godwyn, born 1582.
Bef 1611 Christian married Edward Hewisch [or Huisch], a notary of Wells.
1/12/1611 Christian “Huisch” mentioned in the will of Nicholas married to her Aunt Isabel.
Bef 6/14/1624 Edward died. (S) Will proved on this date.
Christian married Adrian Bower.
9/15/1635 Christian died. She is buried in the Chancel of Brightwell Church. The following inscription is on her tomb: “Here rest the body of Christian, d/o Anthony Godwyn of Wokey, in the County of Somerset, Gent., first the wife of Edward Hiuish, of Wells, in the County of Somerset, Gent. Afterwards the wife of Adrian Bower, of the same, Gent. She died September, the XV. MDCXXXV.”
Anthony Hewisch.
1616, received M. A. at Magdalen Hall, Oxford.
He became the head master at the Royce School in Abingdon, succeeding his Uncle Thomas.

iii. Alice Godwyn, born 1584.
Alice married Edward Parfait of Pilton, Somerset.

iv. Thomas Godwin, born 1587.
5/7/1602 at 15 years old Thomas entered Magdalen College, Oxford.
9/23/1608 Thomas was appointed head master of the Royce School in Abingdon, Berkshire.
1/12/1611 Thomas mentioned as a “cousin” in the will of Nicholas married to his Aunt Isabel.
~1611 Thomas 1st married Frances Tesdale.
1616 Thomas appointed Chaplain to the Bishop of Bath and Wells.
1624, Thomas was named “First Fellow” of Pembroke College.
1626 Thomas appointed Rector of Brightwell Berks on the presentation of the Bishop of Bath and Wells. (S) Preston’s St. Nicholas, Abingdon, PP333-335.
Aft. 1626 Frances was buried near the west end of St. Helen’s Church, Abingdon. The following inscription [no longer visible] was on her gravestone: “Here lyeth Frances, The wife of Tho. Godwin, Rector of Brightwell, She died the 11th MDCX… in the 21st year of age.”
Thomas 2nd married widow Phillippe Bourne [Adams], d/o Gilbert Bourne.
11/18/1636 Thomas received his D. D.
3/20/1643 Thomas died and was buried in Brightwell Church.
Anthony Godwyn, baptized 8/16/1612. (S) Reg. of St. Nicholas, Abingdon.
Alice Godwyn, baptized 6/10/1616. (S) Reg. of St. Nicholas, Abingdon.

Children of Anthony and Elizabeth:

v. Robert Godwyn (4960), born 1589 in Somerset, England.

vi. John Godwyn, born 1590.
1594 John died.

vii. Joan Godwyn, born 1592.
1594 Joan died.

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