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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

John Culpeper Esq. & Elizabeth Sedley

9766. John Culpeper Esq. & 9767. Elizabeth Sedley   

1531, John born in Wigsell, Salehurst, co. Sussex, England, s/o 19532. William Culpeper & 19533. Cicely Dingley Barrett.

[While there are multiple John’s of this generation, this John is distinguishable, and unlike his younger brothers, was not sent to Winchester for his education.]

~1534, Elizabeth born in Southfleet, co. Kent, England, d/o 19534. William Sedley & 19535. Anne Grove.

1553, John admitted to the “Inner Temple”.

11/28/1553, Elizabeth’s father William in his will: “to Elizabeth Sydley my daughter all my lands, etc., in Frensbury, in Kent,” with a bequest of money and plate and the injunction “to my daughter Elizabeth, she to marry at her pleasure, by the counsel of her aunt, my sister …”.

~1555, John married Elizabeth.

1558–1592, John’s activities recorded in acts of “Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council” as an active Justice of the Peace.

1559, John’s father William wrote his will: “John Culpeper my eldest son, …”.

John of Wigsell in Salehurst, Losenham in Newenden, … married Elizabeth.

5/14/1574, Elizabeth mentioned in the will of her brother Nicholas referring to her as “my sister Elizabeth Culpeper;”.

3/29/1581, Elizabeth named in the will of her brother John, “to my natural sister, Elizabeth Colepepir, wife of the said Mr. John CoIepepir, to make her a ring, ten shillings.”

1589, John made a settlement of his estate in lieu of a will. (S) Inquest of death of his son John.

10/20/1590, “John Colepeper of Wigsell, Salehurst esq to John Kenward of Tudely Kent gent £100, second payment mentioned in deed of 20 Oct 1590 W: William Stede, Cecily Stede.”

11/27/1605, “John Fowle …, to William Stede …, John Culpeper of London, esq and  … A watermill, buildings, watercourses, floodgates, ponds, dams and fishings belonging to it, in Bodiam.”

5/28/1610, Conveyance of £100: “Thomas Culpeper of Greenway Court [in Hollingbourne], Kent, esq and his wife Elizabeth, John Culpeper of the Middle Temple, London, esq, and Alexander Culpeper of  Kent, esq, to John Fowle of Sandhurst in Kent, esq Land and wood (25a) called Milldowne in Bexhill (N: highway from Sidley Green to Ninfield) Thomas Peeter of Westfield, yeoman, attorney to deliver seisin W: William Stede, George Sedley, Thomas Culpeper, …”

10/20/1612, John, age 82, died at Salehurst, buried the next day.

1614, son “John” died leaving Alexander as heir. [son Thomas died 1613, William died 1587.]

5/16/1618, buried in Salehurst, “Eliza, relict Johannes Culpeper, armiger”, co. Sussex.

(S) 1619 Visitation of Kent.  (S) Proprietors of the Northern Neck, Harrison.  (S) UKNA. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P250.

Children of John and Elizabeth: [4 sons]

i. John Culpeper, born ~1565 in Harrietsham, England.

John 1st married Ursula Woodstock, widow of Solomon Pordage, d/o Ralph.

1609-1625, John a member of the Virginia Company.

6/2/1612, Ursula buried at Feckenham, Worc.

12/18/1635, John buried at Hollingbourne, co. Kent.

Children: [2 sons, 2 daughters] Thomas Culpeper, born ~1602 in England. He died ~1652 in VA.

ii. Cicely Culpeper (4883), born ~1565 in Harrietsham, England.

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