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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yeoman William Stede & Joan Pordage

9764. Yeoman William Stede & 9765. Joan Pordage   

~1512, William born in co. Kent, England, s/o 19528. John Stede.

1538, Joan born in Rodmersham, co. Kent., England, d/o 19530. John Pordage.

By 1552, William “Steede” married Joan.

1559, “William Stede of Harrieshan alias Harrettesham co. Kent yeoman” came under a general Royal pardon of a great number of people in co. Kent.

9/26/1574, William buried in the Stede Chapel at Harrietsham, co. Kent.

1574, Joan married 2nd Francis Culpeper of Greenway Court, uncle of son William’s future bride. [Rodmersham is near Sittingbourne a few miles north of Greenway Court.]

5/20/1590, Francis wrote his will naming his “son-in-law” William Steede.

1591, Francis, age 53, died.

3/23/1598, Joan, age 60, died at Hollingbourne, co. Kent.; age 60; buried 4/7/1598 in the south chancel of Rodmersham church.

5/9/1598, Joan’s will probated in co. Kent. Joan’s will abstract: My goods and chattels to my welbeloved son Wm. Steede of Harrietsham Esq to pay my debts. He is executor. £100 to purchase land for the poor in Harrietsham and Hollingbourne. To my son [son in law] William Covert. Executor to have 10 rings made for the following: To my sonne Wm. Covert and his wife: 2. To my sonne (i.e. son in law) Richard Colepeper and his wife: 2. To my sonne Thomas Colepeper: 1. To my sonne Edward Patriche and to my daughter Susanna: 2. To my sonne Walter Colepeper: 1. To my sonne Steed to retain 1 for himself and to deliver 1 other to my daughter his wife. Residue to my son Thomas Colepeper when 24. As to Greenway Court I give it as I am empowered by my husband's will to my son Thomas for a period of 2 years after my decease.

(S) Stede Hill, Goodall, 1949. (S) 1619 Visitation of Kent.

Children of William and Joan: [Only 4 survived to maturity.]

i. William Steed (4882), christened 7/3/1553 in Harrietsham, England.

(S) 1619 Visitation of Kent, “Steede”. [Oldest surviving son.]

ii. Elizabeth Stede, christened 9/1/1563 in Harrietsham, co. Kent..

Elizabeth married William Covert of Ledes Abbey, co. Kent.

1598, William made extensive repairs to the Ledes Abbey.

1609, William and Elizabeth sold the priory of Leeds to Sir William Meredith. They then purchased the estate of Vinters in Boxley.

1614, Elizabeth died, buried in Boxley church.

iii. Jane Stede, born 1565-68.

5/17/1589, “Jane Steede, Spr. Of the City of London” married Richard Culpeper of Newton Longville, co. Bucks.

Child: William Culpeper, born ?. 1630, he died.

iv. Susannah Stede, born 1565-68.

5/20/1590, Susannah’s step-father Francis left her 100 marks in his will.

Susannah married Edward Partridge.

4/1603, Susannah died, buried in the Stede Chapel at Harrietsham church.

[A small brass plaque to the family is on the south wall.]

Children of Francis and Joan:

i. Sir Thomas Culpeper, born ~1575.

[Not yet age 24 in 1598.]

Thomas married Elizabeth Cheney, d/o John, of Guestling.

1/27/1661, Thomas buried at Hollingbourne.

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