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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Edmond Cartwright & Anna Cranmer

9762. Edmond Cartwright & 9763. Anna Cranmer   

~1495, Anna born in Aslacton, Norfolk, England, d/o 19526. Thomas Cranmer & 19527. Agnes Hatfield.

5/27/1501, Anna mentioned in the will of her father.

Edmund “of Ossington in com. Nottingham’ [Ossington is near Lenton & Newark]; “the younger son of a family of minor gentry”. He was “raised to wealth by the favour of his wife’s brother the Archbishop who gave him a beneficial lease of the manors of West Malling, East Malling, Ewell, and Parrock, and the site of the Malling Nunnery in Kent.”

Bef. 1/8/1539-40, Edmund married Anna. Archbishop Cranmer leased to “Edmund and Anna” for 80 years the rectory of St. Nicholas Thanet.

Edmund married 2nd Agnes Andrewes, d/o Richard [based on] – Ossington manor: “At the suppresion of the monasteries, Henry VIII gave it to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, who by licence from the same king alienated it to Richard Andrews, gent, from whom it passed to Edmund Cartwright, gent.” (S) White’s Directory, Ossington, 1853.

9/8/1553, Will of Edmond Cartwright Gentleman Offington, Sussex, proved 8/30/1554. (S) UKNA. Edmond Cartwright of Ossington, Notts, Gent: To be buried in Ossiugton Church. To my wife Agnes, .£40 a year out of my manors of West Mailing, East Mailing, Ewell, and Parrock, and elsewhere in Kent. My said wife Agnes to enjoy my manor of Ossington, Notts, for life, with remainder to Hugh Cartwright my son and his heirs male ; remainder to my son George Cartwright in tail male; remainder to my son Edmond in tail male; remainder to my son Thomas in tail male ; remainder to my son Peter in tail male ; remainder to my son John in tail male; remainder to my own right heirs. To my son Hugh my lease of the late dissolved monastery of West Mailing. Kent, &c., with remainder to my five younger sons successively, and also .£20 in money. To my five younger sons 14 marks each at 23, and also sundry articles of plate. To my daughter Peckham, a gilt glass cup for a remembrance; and to each of Mr. Peckham's children and hers, 20s. To my daughter Anne ,£(K), and sundry plate, if she marry with the consent of my Executors. To my brother George, 20*. and a gown. To my cousin Edmond Cartwright of Norwell, a gown; and to his brother George, a gelding. To Sir Ralph Bacon, my priest, 20*. To my cousin llichard Petynger of Retford, £5. 0s. Sd., which he borrowed of my wife and me. My lands and tenements in East Mailing to be sold. Residue of my personal estate to my wife Agnes and my son Hugh, whom I appoint my executors; Harold Rosell gent, and my nephew Nicholas Petynger to be overseers of my Will.  Will proved 30 Aug. 1554, in C.P.C., by the son Hugh Cartwright, the widow Agnes renouncing.

7/21/1554, Edmund died; buried at Ossington Church were his tomb displays the arms of Cartwright impaling Cranmer and Aslacton.

8/18/1556, Agnes died. [Having given birth to 6 sons and 2 daughters.]

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Family notes:

·         Anne the sister of Thomas Cranmer of Aslockton, Archbishop of Cantebury - burned at the stake.

Children of Edmond and Anne:

i. Anna Cartwright (4881), born ~1540 in England.

“uxor pr’ma” – “By his first wife”. (S) Visitation of Kent in 1619.