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Monday, April 5, 2010

William Robart Coxe & Elizabeth Jane Hutchins

1024. William Robart Coxe & 1025. Elizabeth Jane Hutchins [Eng, VA]

1597, William born in Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, England.
1601, Elizabeth born in England; d/o 2050. Robert Hutchins and 2051. Mary Farley.
6/10/1610, William arrived in Virginia on the ship ‘Godspeed’ one of 3 ships in VA’s “Founding Fleet”. William, 12 years old, was in the party of Thomas West, Third Lord De La Warr. Thomas West was believed to be William’s sister’s brother-in-law [Thomas’ brother Robert was married to William’s relative Elizabeth].
2/16/1623-4 muster, William was listed as William Coxe, age 26, at “Elizabeth Cittie”. He was the only male survivor from the Godspeed. The census was taken to see show the “living and the dead” from the Indian massacre of 3/22/1621. He is listed in the Thomas Bouldinge muster – their provisions: a house, 1 pallizado, 10 barrels of corn, 600 ct. of fish, 3 “peeces” of arms, 1 armor, 1 coate of male, 3 swords, 6 lb of powder, 200 lb of lead. (S) AP&P, 1956, P59.
9/10/1628 William as an “ancient planter”, i.e., one who had been in the colony before April 1616, the time of departure of Sir Thomas Dale, was granted a ten year lease for 100 acres, in the precincts of Elizabeth City, bounded on the south by the James river. (S) 17th Century Colonial Ancestors, P62. Landowner.
William & Elizabeth apparently returned to England.
~1633 they arrived back in VA. [Elizabeth’s brother Issac’s headright was claimed by Captain Thomas Osborne in 1637.]
1636, William left the “Strawberry Bank” community and moved up the James River to land in Henrico Co. near Alice Edloe [probably his sister].
11/29/1636 William received a deed for 150 acres in Henrico Co. for transporting three persons to the colony. [Alice Edloe recorded her patents the same day.] The land was on the east side of “The Great Swamp”.
1637, Mathew Edlow Jr claimed headrights due his father for transporting 24 persons to the colony including William Cox and his wife Elizabeth. [Mathew was the steps/o Alice Edloe.] Headrights are difficult to relate to arrival because they were bought and sold as commodities until a claim was made.
8/15/1637, William assigned lands from 1636 to Robert Craddock, the father of his son John’s 1st wife. He also assigned lands to John Davis who would marry his granddaughter Mary Burton. (S) PB1, P519.
10/29/1637 William received a deed for 150 acres for transporting of persons to the colony.
3/29/1638 William and brother-in-law Issac Hutchins obtained land near “Lilley Valley”.
9/1/1642 William and brother-in-law Issac Hutchins obtained 250 acres near Peter Lee. [Across the James River near the mouth of Falling Creek.]
1642, William Warren made a claim of headright for the passage of Elizabeth Hutchins. [In 1633 Warren was a neighbor of both Robert Hutchins and William Coxe.]
1642, William recorded as the owner of the “Ancient Planter” lands on Strawberry Bank.
9/28/1643, Hugh Thomas’ land adjoined land of William Cox in Charles River Co.
1646, William represented the Varina community as a Burgess.
Bef. 1656, William died in Henrico Co., VA. (S) 12/14/1656 land patent requested for “orphans of William Coxe”.
Elizabeth 2nd married William Elam.
By 1665 Elizabeth died. (S) Son Thomas’ 1665 land record.
2/18/1688, William Elam wrote his will, naming his son-in-law [married to his daughter Mary] as John Coxe.
(S) Coxe Chronicles, Our Immigrant Ancestors and Their Ports of Entry, by Simeon Oliver Coxe, Sr.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

i. Thomas Cox, born ~1619 in VA.
5/6/1665, Thomas mentioned in records as having sold land to John Knowles, part of the land on Fallen Creek belonging to the orphans of William Coxe.
3/6/1666, Thomas mentioned in Edward Trate’s deed. (S) Records of Colonial Gloucester Co., VA, Mason, 1946, P76.
1677, Thomas was a member of the Burgess representing Henrico Co.
William Cox.

ii. John Farley Cox Sr ( 512), born ~1620.

iii. Elizabeth Cox, born ~1622 in VA.
~1652 Elizabeth married John Burton.
3/22/1665 Elizabeth and John received 600 acres from her brother John [probably as part of the settlement of their mother’s estate.]
Mary Burton, born 1654 in VA.
She married John Davis.
[He named the land acquired from Mary’s grandfather William Coxe “Longfield”.]

iv. Mary Catherine Cox, born ~1623 in VA.