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Monday, April 5, 2010

Nicholas Fisseau & Marianne Legare

986. Nicholas Fisseau & 987. Marianne Legare [Fra, MS]

~1700 Nicolas born in St Denis, Paris, France.
~1704 Marianne born in St. Antoine, Paris, France, d/o 1974. Antoine Barthelemy Legare & 1975. ? Laprairie. (S) SLC, M1, P49.
Tickets from France had been purchased at 125 pounds each.
5/4/1722 in New Orleans, LA, Nicolas married Marianne. Marianne had a dowery of 300 pounds. “On May 4, 1722, after the publication of two banns between Nicolas Fiso, native of Paris, the parish of St Denis and Marianne Legare, native of Paris, the parish of St Antoine, and not having found any impediment, I, the undersigned, certify the two united together by the sacrament of marriage wit the ordinary ceremonies of the Church in the presence of Antoine Barthelemy Legare, father of the girl, Francois Herinane, Jean Villars, Jean Christophe, Jean Phillippe Laprairie, uncle of the girl, who made a mark only, declaring that they could not write to sign, with the exception of Francois Herinane who signed with me.” /s/ Darguevans, Curate. (S) SLC, MB-A, P49.
1/1/1726 Census of the colony of Louisiana. At New Orleans on Rue Royalle, Nicolas Fisseau, wife, 2 children. (S) Census Tables 1699–1732.
They built a house on stilts, the land received by grant.
10/30/1730 in N.O., Nicolas attended the wedding of Marie Josephe Tara187.
1731 Census of New Orleans, “Nicholas Fizeau”.
10/15/1731 in N.O., Nicolas the godfather to Nicolas Bourgeois187i.
~1733 Nicolas died intestate. Nicolas had 3 slaves at his death, an adult male, an adult female, and a male child. Pierre de Lorme, to become Marianne’s 2nd husband, and whom Nicolas owed 50 pounds, paid for the funeral expenses – 20 pounds, and pallbearers – 10 pounds.
Marianne continued to live in the family home in New Orleans.
1744, The white population of New Orleans as recorded in French documents was 800, not including 200 soldiers and the women and children. (S) History of Louisiana, Charles Gayarre, 1852.
By 1748 in New Orleans, Marianne 2nd married Pierre DeLorme, and for a time they continued to live at the home in New Orleans.
5/21/1748 Marianne sued by daughter Francoise to divide the estate of Nicolas.
5/22/1748, Pierre de Lorme, “of New Orleans”, was served with papers to appear before the Superior Council.
6/1/1748, the law suit was finalized in the Superior Council of LA. The Council ordered all property sold and the net returns divided among the heirs.
They eventually moved to the MS coast.
(S) Fayard Family, Brother Jerome Lepre, MS State Archives. (S) See No.492 Family notes.

Children of Nicholas and Marianne:

i. Anne Marie Fisseau, born 1725.
10/16/1728 Anne Marie died at 3 years old. (S) First Families of LA by Conrad, V2, P120.

ii. Marie Louise Fisseau dit DeLorme, born 1/11/1727 at Fort St. Jean Baptiste, Natchitoches.
1750 in the SLC in New Orleans, she married Jean Baptiste Christian Ladner160i.
Children: see Jean. [Note: Natchitoches LA founded in 1716.]

iii. Marie Francoise Fisseau ( 493), born 1/1728. (S) First Families of LA by Conrad.

iv. Anne Nicole Fisseau, born 3/1731. (S) SLC, BB1, P70;
9/17/1731 Anne Nicole died at 6 months old. (S) SLC, FB1, P70.

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