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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cox 2078

2078. Christopher Banks [Eng]

7/2/1598, Christopher born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England; s/o 4156. Christofer Bankes & 4157. Alice Foxe.
Christopher of the “Old London Company” [aka Virginia Company.]
Christopher gave his daughter, Katherine, one of the earliest English Coaches to be used in the Colonies. It held six individuals, three on a seat opposite one another, two others on two stools that faced the doors. The body was hung high on huge springs and was entered by steps. The lining was cream colored cloth. It had plated silver trimmings with cords and tassels. There were seats for the driver and footman in front, and place for a covered trunk in the rear. It was handed down in the family for over 100 years.

Child of Christopher and ?:

i. Katherine Banks ( 1039), born 1627 in Northamptonshire, England.

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