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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cox 2076 & 2077

2076. Joseph Royall Sr & 2077. Angeline ? [Eng]

~1555 Joseph born in London, England; s/o 4152. John Royall.
Joseph came from a large family. He served as an apprentice to a leather worker, and eventually started a factory producing shoes for the armies of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I. (S) Leatherworks Guild files, London, England.
Joseph 1st married ?.
Joseph 2nd married Angeline.
1615, Joseph and Angeline died of the Black Plague. (S) St. Martin’s Church Records.
Joseph’s will: he left property to “my two daughters” who were not named.

Children of Joseph and Angeline:

i. William Royall, born 1580 in London, England.
William married Mary Burke.

ii. Roger Royall, born ~1582 in London, England.
Roger married Sibell ?.
3/22/1621, Roger killed at Charles City in the Indian massacre. (S) History of the Virginia Company of London, 1869.

iii. Henry Royall, born 1584 in London, England.
8/15/1637, Henry named in the patent of his brother Joseph as a person Joseph had transported to the colonies.

iv. John Royall, born 1586 in London, England.

v. Joseph Royall ( 1038), born 1602 in London, England.

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