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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cox 4112 Baugh-Crooker

4112. Rowland Baugh & 4113. Mary/Margery Crooker [Eng]

~1550, Rowland born in Twining, England, s/o 8224. Edward Baugh & 8225. Margaret Stratford.

~1550, Mary born in Hooknorton, Oxon, England, d/o 8226. John Crooker & 8227. Isabel Skynner.

8/25/1569 Rowland named in his father Edward’s will.

“Margery” married 1st Henry Stratford of Farmcote, com. Gloc.

“Margery” then married 2nd Rowland Baughe of Twining. (S) 1566 Visitation of Oxford.

5/15/1589 Rowland’s mother Margaret wrote her will naming him the eldest of her children and “Mary” as his wife.

(S) The Visitation of the County of Oxford, Publications of the Harleian Society, 1871. (S) The Visitation of Gloucestershire, 1623; Edited by Sir John Maclean, F.S.A. and W.C. Heane, M.R.C.S. Eng., Publ. London, 1885, R929.06 qH28 1885 v.21. (S) The Visitation of Worchestshire, 1634; Edited by A.T. Butler, M.C., F.S.A, Republished London, 1938, R929.06 qH28 1938 v.90.

Children of Rowland and Mary:

i. Edward Baugh, born ~? in England.
Edward, Esq. of Twining, married Constance Folliott, d/o Thomas of Pyrton, Co. Worc. And his wife Elizabeth Ligon, d/o William.
5/15/1589 Edward named in his grandmother Margaret’s will.
Mary Baugh, born ? in England.
Alice Baugh, born ? in England.

ii. Margarett Baugh, born ~? in England.
Margarett married Thomas Grimsditch of Chestershire.

iii. Mary Baugh, born ? in England.
Mary married Anthony Nashe of Warwick.
5/15/1589 Mary named in her grandmother Margaret’s will.
Thomas Nashe, born ? . [Sometimes incorrectly identified as husband of Mary].
He was the 1st husband of Shakespeare’s granddaughter Elizabeth Hall [Lady Bernard]. (S) Shakspeareana Genealogica: Part I. Identification of the Dramatis Personæ in Shakespeare’s …, 1869.

iv. Alice Baugh, born ~? in England.
Alice married Richard Wheeler of Worstershire.
5/15/1589 Alice named in her grandmother Margaret’s will.

v. Rowland Baugh, born ~? in England.
Rowland, of Melcomb, married Judith Allison of London, d/o Richard.
They lived in Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire.
(S) 1634, listed in the Visitation of Oxon.
Richard Baugh, born ~? in England.
Mary Baugh, born ~? in England.
Elizabeth Baugh, born ~? in England.
Sarah Baugh, born ~? in England.
Anne Baugh, born ~? in England.
Rowland Baugh, born ~? in England.
Edward Baugh, born ~? in England.

vi. Thomas Baugh, born ~? in England.
Thomas married Dorothy Gower, d/o John of Worster.

vii. Stephen Baugh, born ~? in England.
Stephen died on a voyage with Sir Frances Drake.

viii. John Baugh, born ~? in England.
John married Elenor Copley of Bredon, Worster, d/o John.
Thomas Baugh.
Thomas emigrated to Virginia on the Ship Supply.
1624 he lived in West Sherlow, VA.
Sometimes listed as a brother to William1028, but was actually a 1st cousin.
William Baugh.

ix. William Baugh I ( 2056), born ~1590 in England.

x. Richard Baugh, born ~? in England.
Richard married Dorothy Gower of Woodhall.