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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cox 4272 & 4273

4272. Robert Montague & 4273. Margaret Cotton [Eng]

~1505, Robert born in County of Buckingham, Parish of Burnham, England, s/o 8544. ? Montague.
~1510, Margaret born in Warville Berks, England, d/o 8546. Roger Cotton.
1522, Robert listed with his extended family. “The Hamlett of Boveney in ye parishe of Burnham.”: Wm. Mountegue, land worth £1 6s. 8d.; Wm. Mountague senior, land worth 13s. 7d.; Wm. Mountegue, land worth 3s.; John Mountegue, goods worth £2; Agnes Mountegue, goods worth £3; John Mountague, land worth 1s. and goods worth £13 6s. 8d.; and Rob. Mountague, goods worth £3 6s. 8d. (S) Certificate of Musters for Buckinghamshire, 1522.
1524, Names of taxpayers: Robert Mountague paid £1 on wages [this was the most common amount paid in the parish], John Mountague paid £9 on goods. (S) Subsidy Roll for the County of Buckingham, 1524.
Robert held property in the hamlet of Boveney, in the village of Burnham, and in the parish of Dorney.
1550, a daughter of Richard and Margaret married.
3/21/1550, “Robert Montague of Boveney” witnessed the will of his brother William.
2/9/1573, Cippenham manor court roll: “To this Court came Robert Mountagewe and Received from the Lord (of the manor) one virgate of land (about 30 acres) called (?) Bouveis, formerly in the tenure of William Ingby, to the said Robert Mountagewe and William Mountagewe his son and to Robert Mountagewe son of the same William for the term of their lives, Rendering therefore anually (?) fourteen Shillings (faded), And the aforesaid Robert Mountagewe gave to the Lord for a fine £10 and did fealty and they were admitted tenants thereof.” “Robert Mountagewe de Boveney begged permission to lease all his customary lands which he held of the Lord by Copy of Court Roll in Boveney and Dorney to William Montagewe his son, and this was Granted.” “Robert Mountagewe of Boveney received from the Lord one virgate of land called (?) Boll—and one Close called (?) Mollyns Buttes, lying in Dorney and Boveney, to the said Robert Mountagewe and William Mountagewe his son and to Robert Mountagewe, son of the same William, for the terms of their lives, Rendering Annually to the Lord, eighteen shillings and sixpence, And the aforesaid Robert Mountagewe gave to the Lord for a fine £10 and did fealty and they were admitted tenants thereof.”
Bef. 9/1/1575 Margaret died – not mentioned in Robert’s will.
9/7/1575, Robert left a will at Boveny, Buckingham, England; dictated the will to his friend Walter Dalye.
1/1576, Robert died in Boveny – will proved 5/18/1576.
(S) 1634 Visitation of Buckingham County. (S) Buckingham Parish Registers, Marriages; Thomas Phillimore, editor, 1909.

Children of Robert and Margaret:

i. Katheren Montague, born ~1530 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.
6/8/1550 at Dorney, Katheren married John Golding. [He was called Goldwin on the marriage record but in her second marriage she was called Golding as were her children in her father’s will.]
11/18/1654 at Dorney, Katheren married Roger Lutman.
Children of John:
Elizabeth Golding, born ? in England.
Ann Golding, born ? in England.
Katheren Golding, born ? in England.
Jane Golding, born ? in England.
Children of Roger:
Johan Lutman, born ? in England.

ii. ? Montague, born ~1533 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.
~1553, she married ? Hore.
Children: [named in their grandfather’s will]
Robert Hore, born ? in England.
Roger Hore, born ? in England.
Thomas Hore, born ? in England.
Margaret Hore, born ? in England.

iii. William Montague ( 2136), born ~1536 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.

iv. Agnes Montague, born ~1539 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.
2/2/1560 at Dorney, Agnes married Richard Garman.
Margaret Garman, born ? in England.
Edyth Garman, born ? in England.
Elizabeth Garman, born ? in England.
Edward Garman, born ? in England.
Richard Garman, born ? in England.

v. Johan Montague, born ~1542 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.
~1562, Johan married John Look.
Roger Look, born ? in England.
Johan Look, born ? in England.

vi. Laurence Montague, born ~1545 in Boveney, Berkshire, England.
1572–1580, Laurence the Vicar of Dorney.
5/30/1575 at Dorney, Laurence married Johanna Rackley.
12/17/1580, Laurence died.
Richard Montague, baptized 11/18/1575 in Dorney, England.
Educated at Eton & Cambridge.
1628, he was named the Bishop of Chichester.
1638, he was transferred to the See of Norwich.
He was chaplain to King James I. In one of his controversies he wrote a book “Appello Caesarem,” for which he was summoned before the House of Commons. He was censured by the Speaker and was obliged to give bail of £2000. His books were ordered to be burned by the common hangman. His bail bond was signed by the Duke of Buckingham and his sister. Though prosecuted by parliament, the King remained his friend and patron and continued to advance him to higher preferments.
4/13/1641, he died “of ague”; buried in Norwich Cathedral.
William Montague, baptized 3/2/1578 in Dorney, England.
Bef. 1634 he died – not in the Visitation of 1634.

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