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Saturday, April 10, 2010

John Malthous & Anne ?

4274. John Malthous & 4275. Anne ? [Eng]

~1484, John born in England.
1/1506, “John Malthous, a relative newcomer to the community who had recently married one of Northallerton’s longtime brewers entered an action of debt on behalf of his wife, against Robert Founder whose wife likewise brewed. John claimed that the previouse December Robert’s wife had purchased five bushels of malted barley worth 3s, 9d. from his wife to be paid for on Christmas day, but she did not deliver the sum owed. The subsequent pleadings make clear that Robert’s wife had used that barley for three brewings, done apparently at Mistress Malthous’ house and using her equipment.” (S) Working Women in English Society, 1300-1620, by MacIntosh, 2005, P151.
Aft. 1538, Anne died.
1558, John died. [Many records indicate this death to be that of son John. The 1560 survey record indicates the father, not the son had died this year.]

Children of John and Anne:

i. John Malthous, born 1532 in Bynfield, Berks, England.
1549, John married Margaret Bullock of Aberfelde, Berks.
1560–61, a survey of lands of John Malthus of Binfield, Berks was conducted. (S) Berkshire Record Office, 9 Coley Avenue, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 6AF.
Bef. 1578, John died leaving his brother as heir.

ii. Margaret Malthaus ( 2137), born ~1536 in Bynfield, Berks, England.

iii. Richard Malthaus, born ~1538 in Bynfield, Berks, England.
1/27/1578, “Mr. Richard Malthus, late of Lyons Inne, son and heir of John Malthus of Bynffield, Berks, specially, fine, 4l. Bound with Mr. Thomas Noke.” (S) Middle Temple Records, by Hopwood, 1904, P223.

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