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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cox 514 & 515

514. William Baugh Jr & 515. Jane Hatcher [Eng, VA]

~1632, William born in England; s/o 1028. William Baugh Sr.
By 1638, William immigrated to VA with his father who counted him as a headright in his land patent.
~1640, Jane born in Henrico Co., VA; d/o 1030. William Hatcher. [Note that Jane left items in her will to “my sister Hatcher”.]
7/11/1655 William attended a meeting at Charles City Co., VA.
~1658 in Henrico Co., VA, William married Jane. (S) AP&P, 1956, P101.
10/20/1665, property of Mr. Xtopher Branch: … “lying above the house of Mr. Wm. Baugh” … (S) C&P, 1934, PB5, P549.
~1666 William Baugh died in VA.
Jane married 2nd William Branch, born ~1625, s/o Xtopher Branch and Mary Addie.
1676 William Branch died in Henrico Co., VA.
8/1678, a list of cattle belonging to Priscilla and Mary, orphans of Wm Baugh deceased. (S) Wm & Mary Q, 2ndS, V11, No3, P223.
Jane married 3rd Abel Gower in Henrico Co., VA.
6/1679, “Able Gower” – 7 tithables in Henrico Co.
1688, Able Gower died in VA; will dated 8/5/1688, probated 6/1/1689. (S) Henrico Co. WB5, P61.
10/1688, Jane gave a deposition in which she stated her age as 48 years. (S) Henrico Co. Records, Vol. 1688–97, P25.
12/7/1709 Jane wrote her will.
1/5/1710 Jane’s will probated. (S) Henrico Co. Records, Vol. 1710–1714, P35.

Family notes:
• 8/1678 Orphans’ Court records of Henrico Co., VA gave an account of cattle belonging to sisters Mary and Priscilla, “orphans of William Baugh, deceased”.
• The will of Jane Gower: “grandson William Cox and my daughter Mary Cox, all my outlands; granddaughters, Obedience Turpin and Priscilla Wilkinson, to be equally divided between them, the land I now live on called the great Stone; grandson William Farrar, feather bed, boulster, pillow, blanket, rug and pair sheets; granddaughter Mary Womack, four silver spoons; granddaughter Obedience Turpin, four silver spoons; granddaughter Martha Wilkerson, chest of drawers, oval tabel, diaper table cloth, one dozen napkins; to Priscilla farrar, bed, boulster, blanket, rug; to John Spike, bed he lies on with furniture thereto belonging; to William Womack, two breeding sows; daughter Mary Cox, all stock except 2 cows; granddaughter Priscilla Farrar, silver porringer; my sister Hatcher, damask gown and petticoat; grandson Abell Farrar, iron pot, silver tumbler, tabel standin gin the chamber, two pewter dishes; granddaughter Priscilla Farrar, iron pot, table with drawer in it, pewter dish; grandson William Farrar, 2 pewter dishes, my biggest tumbler, silver; granddaughter Judith Womack, box iron and heaters; daughter Mrs. Mary Cox, residue of estate and she named executrix.”

Children of William Baugh and Jane:

i. Priscilla Baugh, born ~1661.
6/1679, “William Farrar” – 2 tithables in Henrico Co.
1681, Priscilla gifted 577 acres on the Appomattox River by her grandfather William Sr1028.
1682, Priscilla, d/o “William Baugh Jr. of Henrico Co.”, married William Farrar. (S) AP&P, 1956, P169.
1685 William a Justice & Sheriff of Henrico. Co.
Bef. 12/1/1709 Priscilla died – she is not mentioned in her mother’s will.
William Farrar Jr. Named in her grandmother Jane’s will.
Pricisilla Farrar. Named in her grandmother Jane’s will.
She married ? Wilkinson.
Abell Farrar. Named in her grandmother Jane’s will.

ii. Mary Baugh ( 257), born ~1662.

Children of William Branch and Jane:

iii. Sarah Branch, born ~1665.

iv. William Branch II, born ~1665.
~1678 William died.

v. Martha Branch, born ~1665.
[“Mary”, recorded in her husband’s will is an error, her name was “Martha” as recorded in her grandfather’s will of 1678.]
Mary 1st married Thomas Jefferson, s/o Samuel Jefferson.
4/1/1701, Mary 2nd married Joseph Mattox.

vi. John Branch, born ~1665.
John married Martha Jones.
4/1688 John died.
Pricisilla Branch. Named in her grandmother Jane’s will.
She 1st married Edward Skerme.
2/2/1700 she 2nd married Joseph Wilkinson.
Obedience “Ovid” Branch. Named in her grandmother Jane’s will.
11/24/1696 she married John Cocke, s/o Richard1032iii. (S) St. John’s Church Record.
~1701 she married Alexander Trent.
1707 in Charles Parish, York Co., she married Thomas Turpin.
6/17/1745 she wrote her will in Goochland Co., VA.

Child of Abel Gower and Jane:

vii. Tabitha Gower, born ~1677.
(S) 1688-89 Orphan Court Book, No. 4, P2.

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