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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cox 518 & 519

518. Richard Perrin & 519. Katherine Royall [VA]

~1630 Richard born in ?.
~1650 Katherine born in VA d/o 1038. Joseph Royall & 1039 Katherine Banks.
7/15/1657, Richard mentioned in a patent of Thomas Osborne. (S) C&P, 1934, PB4, P352.
Richard married Katherine. (S) AP&P, 1956, P285.
3/1672, Richard patented 740 acres in Henrico Co. (S) VA Co. Rcds., VI, B6, P445.
10/10/1686, Katherin “Perrin” and her daughter Sarah Perrin mentioned in the will of Katherine’s mother Katherine1039.
12/1691, Richard gave 265 acres to “Thomas Farrar and Katherine his wife (my daughter) and to my grandson Perrin Farrar, their son.” (S) Henrico Co. Will & Deed Book, 1688–1697, P259.
3/16/1694 Richard wrote his will. in Henrico Co.; named wife, Katherine, and daughters Katherine Farrar, Mary Napier, and Sarah Perrin, and several grandchildren. (S) Henrico Co. Will & Deed Book, 1688–1697, PP559–561.
By 4/1695 Richard died. (S) Will probated.

Children of Richard and Katherine:

i. Katherine Perrin, born ~1670.
1686, Katherine married Thomas Farrar. (S) Annals & Hist. of Henrico Parish, Moore, 1904.
1701, Thomas patented 126 acres on Cornelius Creek in Henrico Co.
~1723, Thomas patented 800 acres in Henrico Co. (S) PB11, P87.
2/5/1727, Thomas sold 550 acres to Thomas Randolph.
They moved to St. James Parish [later Goochland Co.]
2/20/1738, they gifted their son Joseph with 400 acres on Tuckahoe Cr. (S) Goochland Co., DB3, P182.
2/28/1740, Thomas wrote his will naming Katherine and all of the children except William.
Bef. 6/15/1742 Thomas died. (S) Will recorded.
(S) AP&P, 1956, P170.
William Farrar.
He married Martha ?.
Bef. 2/6/1715 he died. (S) Inventory presented by wife Martha.
Joseph Farrar.
He married Mary Woodson.
8/19/1740 he was appointed a Lt. of the Militia.
8/4/1749 he wrote his will. (S) DB6, P28.
By 11/21/1749 he died. (S) Will recorded.
John Farrar.
10/24/1764 he wrote his will naming 8 children.
Perrin Farrar.
Died unmarried. (S) His land sold by his parents and siblings.
Martha Farrar.
Mary Farrar.
Sarah Farrar.
Catherine Farrar.
She married John Barnet.
10/7/1755 John wrote his will naming Catherine and 9 children.

ii. Richard Perrin, born ~1671.
6/1679, “Richard Perrin” – 3 tithables in Henrico Co.
10/10/1686 Richard named in his grandmother Katherine Banks’ will.
Bef. 3/1694 Richard [probably] died – not named in his father’s will.

iii. Sarah Perrin ( 259), born 10/10/1672 in New Kent Distr., VA.

iv. Mary Perrin, born ~1674.
10/1689, Mary married Robert Napier, s/o Patrick Napier and Elizabeth Booth.
1704 Robert paid Quit Rents on 100 acres in King William Co.
10/1704 Robert patented an additonal 300 acres.
Booth Napier, born 10/1/1692 in VA. (S) St. Peter’s Parish Reg.
By 10/1729 he married Sarah ?.
2/10/1773 he wrote his will naming his wife.
1780 he died.
Frances Napier, born 2/5/1694 in VA. (S) St. Peter’s Parish Reg.
She married Benjamin Woodson.
They moved to Fluvanna Co.
Robert Napier, born 9/16/1697 in VA. (S) St. Peter’s Parish Reg.
By 1/5/1743 he married Mary ?.
12/9/1755 he wrote his will naming Mary and 5 children.
Bef. 5/12/1763 he died. (S) Will recorded.
Katherine Napier, born 10/12/1700 in VA. (S) St. Peter’s Parish Reg.
Elizabeth Napier, born 10/25/1704 in VA. (S) St. Peter’s Parish Reg.
Patrick Napier, born 2/1/1713 in VA. (S) St. Peter’s Parish Reg.
8/23/1774 he died.
Rene Napier, born ? in VA. (S) St. Peter’s Parish Reg.
He married Winifred Chapman.
10/30/1750 he wrote his will naming Wene and 5 children.

v. Thomas Perrin, born 1674.
(S) AP&P, 1956, P356.

vi. Anne Perrin, born ~1676.
4/19/1695, Anne married Thomas East. (S) Annals & Hist. of Henrico Parish, Moore, 1904.
[Anne not named in her father’s will.]

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